Did Thanos Kill You in Avengers: Infinity War? Find Out Here

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The Act of Balancing the Universe

Sure, you're walking around, grabbing a coffee from Starbucks, paying your bills, feeding the cat. You think you're alive. But maybe you bit the dust -- or at least turned into dust -- when Thanos rebalanced the world after acquiring all the infinity stones in the new movie Avengers: Infinity War . How would you know?

Take your dilemma on over to didthanoskillyou to get the definitive answer. The website will either save you to fight another day or dispatch you "for the good of the universe."

All You Need To Know About ALTBalaji's Next Web Series: Gandii Baat

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After producing hit original shows like Bose: Dead/Alive and Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat, ALTBalaji is all set to flabbergast us with their boldest and darkest show yet, Gandi Baat.

Amol Parashar: A Success Story

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Is he Chitwan? Is he Kunal? Is he that guy from that advertisement I've seen?
Yes. He is all that and much more. He is Amol Parashar.

Bengali Web-Show Buffet: What's On The Menu?

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As soon as the OTT platforms started hitting sixes with the Indian audience, the contents online became as diverse as the regional cuisines available in this country.
Bengali artists brought their A-game too and now we have a full course buffet of Bengali web shows to feast on.
Bon Apatite!

Top Historical Battles That Truly Deserve A Film

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After the huge success of Padmaavat and the announcement of a movie based on the Third Battle of Panipat, here is a list of movies based on historic Indian battles that we need to watch in movie theaters:

Journey Of Sumeet Vyas In The Digital World And Eventually To Bollywood

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If you have witnessed the evolution of digital entertainment in India, you must have come across the name, Sumeet Vyas He writes, acts and directs moving pictures. Sumeet Vyas has been a part of this industry for more than a decade and his journey to a well deserving popularity is beyond just 'COOL'!

The Timeliners Flames Season 1 Review And Season 2 Release Information

By Viraj Yadav | 1.8k |

With the conclusion of season 1 of The Timeliner's newest entry Flames, the web series has struck quite a chord with it's audience and now everyone is eagerly waiting for it's season 2. So let's dive into what goes in season 1 and when can we expect season 2.

Bengali Movies of 2018 That You Should Be Excited About!

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The Bengali film industry has been creating buzz for decades. It has given us geniuses like Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak and Rituparno Ghosh. Bengali movies have crossed borders and oceans and their praises have been sung in foreign film festivals.
Here's a look at few of the Bengali movies you can't miss in 2018.

Rise of Indian Content on Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hotstar

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With the influence of millennials everywhere, the daily soap entertainment industry was not far behind to be caught by it. Gone are the days when cringy saas-bahu drama was the only content available in Indian digital market. Now inspired by the outside world of character and story driven content, the Digital scene in India has changed. With the changes occurring in watching habits of young India, big OTT players, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HotStar, are shuffling their playlists with their original Indian content. So here's a list of some of the best and upcoming Indian content from big OTT players

Top Hollywood Blockbusters You Dare Miss This Summer

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With summer right around the corner, every big studio is getting ready to release their tentpole movie. As the latest trend is going on Every studio is trying to build their own franchise. So this summer is going to be loaded with lots of sequels, remakes and adaptations. With many movies fated to cross the $1Bn mark, this summer is going to be a big one. So with lots of release dates and many releases worth experiencing, it is easy for any person to lose track and miss your favourite movie. But don't worry we've got you back. that's why here's a list of all the major flicks that are going to release this summer. So get your popcorns ready and grab on to your cinema's seats cause this summer is going to be one hell of a ride.