Cultural Appropriations and Whitewashing

By Akhil Sai | 1.0k |

Lawrence of Arabia was an iconic movie in cinema history. Beautiful landscapes, Warcries, and Long take of several scenes in the movie. These all factors helped it become one of the iconic movies. But there is still something in the movie which can't be ignored for its blunder. The blunder being casting Alec Guinness as Prince Feisal. How can a White Caucasian male resemble an Arab? This is where white washing comes in.

Fantabulous Q-tiyapa Team is Finally Back

By Ashutosh Sharma | 998 |

The Viral Fever is an online digital entertainment channel. Since its inception, it has become very popular because of the content of their videos. TVF did a very fantastic job with their videos. They uploaded their first video on 14 March 2011, named INGLORIOUS SENIORS : Ragging Qtiyapa (Theatrical Trollers) and has over a million views. They have covered various topics like Indian politics, movies, bachelor's lifestyle, general lifestyle, Common family conversations, social concepts and much more.

15 Must-Watch Movies from the Past which defined Cinema

By Akhil Sai | 1.3k |

There are movies that endure and endear us over time. For the past decade, there have been movies which entertained us a lot. Movies like The Dark Knight, Gravity, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and many more movies have touched our hearts. But, we do tend to forget the movies from the past which defined their own genre and enriched movie experience to the audience. Here is a list of such 15 Must-watch movies from the past-

Why You Should Not Compare Hollywood and Bollywood Box Office Collection.

By Ashutosh Sharma | 991 |

As an Indian, we always feel that our movies don't get similar appreciation from the western audience as they give to American and europian films. The most basic and direct appreciation received by movies is in form of box office collection.

One Man ,Two Roles - In History Of Cinema

By Arindom Deka | 4.5k |

With the release of the latest Judwaa 2 starring Varun Dhawan as he tries to recreate the magic of the Salman Khan starrer blockbuster, we look back at some of the best movies of all time starring people in double roles.

Best web-series' that you can watch for free on Youtube

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Who doesn't like free stuff! Especially when it's all in the same place. Here are the best web-series that you can find in Youtube for free

Most Anticipated Web-Series of Later Half of 2017

By Arindom Deka | 1.2k |

Web-Originals have become our new soaps now. Each day we are getting new ones and that too with huge stars. Here are a few of them to look forward to

RGV Shows Middle Finger to Censor Board With His Web-Series Guns and Thighs:Nudity, Cuss Galore

By mangoman | 6.2k |

Time and again Ram Gopal Verma has tried to put the story of Mumbai Mafia on the silver screen but his hand have been tied by the ever so prude Censor board. But not this time, RGV is back in his original avatar and this time there is no one to stop him form telling the story the way he likes...all arise for Guns and Thighs

TVF Pitchers Season 2 Release Date

By MMR | 9.0k |

We know you have been wondering when season 2 of pitcher wii be made.

Who will win? When the Biggest, Baddest and Boldest collide!

By Mahima Paliwal | 1.2k |

Bollywood – has given us some actors and they have all rocked their individual films. Can you imagine what would happen if these actors starred in movies together.