Gandii Baat Season 3 - Where to Watch Online and Season 3 Release Date

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UPDATE - Get Gandi Baat season 4 details here.
Gandi Baat tops the list when it comes to adult web series. As Ekta Kapoor likes to call it Indian Black Mirror, Gandii Baat Season 1 and Season 2 tell the audience stories from rural India on topics that are not spoken about openly, such as threesomes and BDSM. Season 3 continues to be the same and people are waiting for the release date.

Netflix? Nah! Time for something Indian!

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Indian Series to watch for free, when you get bored of Netflix.

Movies and TV Shows with Throuples - Wait! What is a Throuple?

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Wait, what is a throuple? Well it is basically a three-way relationship and if you're thinking of threesomes, then it is much more than that. It is indeed like a threesome but with much more commitment. A throuple can be defined best as a three way relationship that truly is what it sounds like it is. Throuples should be composed of at least one person that is not the same sex as the other two in the relationship.
Interestingly enough, movies have been applying themes of throuple relationships since quite a long time, some even becoming critically and commercially successful. Here we present movies and TV shows who have applied the themes of throuples successfully becoming cult classics and amassing millions of fans.

Gandii Baat Season 2 - Where to Watch Online and Season 2 Release Date

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Gandii Baat Season 1 tell the audience stories from rural India on topics that are not spoken about openly, such as threesomes and BDSM. Season 2 continues to be the same and people are waiting for the release date.

Gandii Baat Season 6 - Where to Watch Online

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And it seems like fans of Gandi Baat are in for a treat since AltBalaji just announced Gandi Baat season 6. The announcement came recently when the producers unveiled the trailer for Season 6 Gandi Baat on January 16.

Hotstar Watch Party: Turn Movie Watching To A Cherishable Experience

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Are you planning for a movie night? Wait, we have a perfect watch party browser extension that will transform your movie night into a fun-filled bonding experience with your pals. Flickcall, which is a privacy-focused extension to launch the Hotstar watch party, is loaded with excellent features for all.
Despite the fact that there are many such tools on the market, Flickcall is the only one that allows you to make a real-time video call while watching a movie and is compatible with all major OTT platforms. Whether you are eager to watch Money Heist or are intending for WandaVision, Flickcall is there.
So, let us look at the top features that make Flickcall a perfect Hotstar watch party extension. But before we find out the features of the same, let us see why most of the people are confused regarding the working of the Hotstar watch party.

YouTube Watch Party: The Best Way To Bond With Friends

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Texting friends is fun, but watching movies with them is much better. Indeed, nothing beats a movie night with your friends, especially watching classic videos on YouTube and sharing moments of laughter and joy. But what if your friends are located in different cities? Well, in that case, having watch party on YouTube is the best option you have. But unfortunately, YouTube does not offer the watch party option or have one such extension of its own. However, there is a method to continue watching these movies in sync, and it will cost you nothing. All you need to do is to use different extensions available like Flickcall. Flickcall is a completely secure, advanced, and privacy-based extension, which is user-friendly and simple to use.

TVF Pitchers Season 2 Release Date Announced

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We know you have been wondering when season 2 of pitcher wii be made.

Why do so many Netflix shows have pointless sex scenes?

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Apart from a breathtaking storyline and mesmerizing actors, showing off some skin is another attribute that people turn to, to decide whether a series is worth their time or not. Although these scenes seem necessary for the story to unfold, there are a lot of times they are not needed. Here are some of the instances when they weren't.