Best Star War Merchandise a Star War Fan Can't Resist on This X-Mas

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Whether you're original Star Wars trilogy old-school or a relative newcomer to our galaxy far, far away, here is the list of best Star War merchandise to show your fandom to the world.

Best Shows of Netflix You Can't Dare To Miss

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Netflix's library of the original shows is expanding at an exponential rate. It would be worth if we have some of them in our stock. Recently, the second season of Stranger Things is aired. Some Netflix shows like Mindhunter and Narcos are some of the highest rated shows in the world. We will be giving you a heads up on the latest and most fabulous shows of Netflix.


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On 29th November 2017, the trailer of Avengers: Infinity War was released by Marvel Studios. Infinity war is the most awaited film of the decade. The Marvel Cinematic Universe started 10 years ago with Iron Man. It took 10 years to assemble our favorite superheroes into a single film. The cast of Infinity war has a total of 32 main characters. Here are something that you might have missed in the trailer.

Movies That Will Inspire You To Pack Yourself And Travel Around!

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Travelling is a stress reliever exercise. People took time out of their busy lives to travel to a new place. They meet new people, taste different cuisines, explore the new places. Films do help a lot in exploring a new place. Films act as a catalyst to make the reaction happen for your idea of traveling. Though there are lots of travel based movies but here are my favorites

Best Halloween Movies To Light Up Your Halloween Week!

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The Halloween was on 31st October this year, and some movie buffs are looking for Halloween movies to light up their Halloween week.

Upcoming Biopics in Bollywood You Can't Afford to Miss!

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Bollywood is home to many biopics. We have seen many movies which are directly or indirectly inspired by true events. We have Mary Kom, M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Neerja, Sarbjit and many more.

A Movie That You Will Never See!

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When you first see the title of the blog, you might wonder that there is something different I am about to read. Well, I agree with your thought. You are absolutely right. You are about to read about a film which is going to release on 18 November 2115. Yes, you read it right it is the year "2115" in which this movie is going to release, the next century.

One Man ,Two Roles - In History Of Cinema

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With the release of the latest Judwaa 2 starring Varun Dhawan as he tries to recreate the magic of the Salman Khan starrer blockbuster, we look back at some of the best movies of all time starring people in double roles.

15 Must-Watch Movies from the Past which defined Cinema

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There are movies that endure and endear us over time. For the past decade, there have been movies which entertained us a lot. Movies like The Dark Knight, Gravity, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and many more movies have touched our hearts. But, we do tend to forget the movies from the past which defined their own genre and enriched movie experience to the audience. Here is a list of such 15 Must-watch movies from the past-

Cultural Appropriations and Whitewashing

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Lawrence of Arabia was an iconic movie in cinema history. Beautiful landscapes, Warcries, and Long take of several scenes in the movie. These all factors helped it become one of the iconic movies. But there is still something in the movie which can't be ignored for its blunder. The blunder being casting Alec Guinness as Prince Feisal. How can a White Caucasian male resemble an Arab? This is where white washing comes in.