Why do so many Netflix shows have pointless sex scenes?

By Lenora | 10.2k |

Apart from a breathtaking storyline and mesmerizing actors, showing off some skin is another attribute that people turn to, to decide whether a series is worth their time or not. Although these scenes seem necessary for the story to unfold, there are a lot of times they are not needed. Here are some of the instances when they weren't.

1. Spartacus

From the first episode itself, this show has always believed in showing off skin. Apparently, the only way to grab your man's attention is nudity. There are instances when a man has to leave for war, but mind you, he has his priorities straight. You guessed it right - sex! The show may be interesting but probably these scenes are what people binge watch it for.

2. Altered Carbon

Sci-Fi and sex scenes are a great combination, especially if it includes a genetically enhanced sleeve that helps you get laid. It beings from the end of the 2nd episode and eventually continues throughout the series. It sure did gain a fair amount of viewers but was so much of nudity really necessary?

3. Orange Is the New Black

Well, this one has some girl on girl action no one could afford to miss. Anybody who has never watched this series and wishes to should be warned beforehand about the raunchy and graphic scenes in it. Having them in order to unfold the storyline is acceptable but placing them right where they aren't needed is sometimes pointless. Definitely, a female prison is not where you hesitate at all for when you're in search of pleasure.

4. Marvel's Jessica Jones

All those Marvel fans who were eagerly waiting for the episodes of Jessica Jones were definitely not disappointed when they got to witness the sex scenes in them. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones have managed to keep their viewers glued, thanks to their intimate scenes. Every love story is incomplete without some graphic visual proof of their love but too much of it sometimes ruins the experience.

5. How to Get Away with Murder

While the students are busy solving murders, they also make it a point to indulge themselves in some X-rated activities. And it's not just the students, the professor has a fair share of sex scenes for herself too. Also, the lead injured herself during one of these scenes from being pushed too hard against the wall. Commitment and a lot of sex is definitely something you should watch this series for.
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