A Movie That You Will Never See!

By Ashutosh Sharma | 1.9k |

When you first see the title of the blog, you might wonder that there is something different I am about to read. Well, I agree with your thought. You are absolutely right. You are about to read about a film which is going to release on 18 November 2115. Yes, you read it right it is the year "2115" in which this movie is going to release, the next century.

Is Ranveer Singh The Next Big Thing In Bollywood?

By Gauri P Kholkar | 6.2k |

With his spectacular performance in the recently released Bajirao Mastani, he has proved that you don’t need to be a star kid or have a godfather to make it big in Bollywood. All you need is talent and hard work.This heartthrob of millions needs no introduction…He knows how to be in the news, be it his hairdo for the latest project or his bold style statements, be it his uncanny ability to make fun of himself, his ladylove Deepika or the much spoken about Box Office clash between SRK's
Dilwale and his Bajirao Mastani. Right from his debut as Bittoo Sharma in BBB, he managed to grab eyeballs in the world of Bollywood which was then dominated by the Khans and the Kapoors. This one has been challenging Bollywood clinches from the very beginning of his acting career that took off in 2010. A celebrity in making…his journey says it all….

Top Hollywood Blockbusters You Dare Miss This Summer

By Viraj Yadav | 1.2k |

With summer right around the corner, every big studio is getting ready to release their tentpole movie. As the latest trend is going on Every studio is trying to build their own franchise. So this summer is going to be loaded with lots of sequels, remakes and adaptations. With many movies fated to cross the $1Bn mark, this summer is going to be a big one. So with lots of release dates and many releases worth experiencing, it is easy for any person to lose track and miss your favourite movie. But don't worry we've got you back. that's why here's a list of all the major flicks that are going to release this summer. So get your popcorns ready and grab on to your cinema's seats cause this summer is going to be one hell of a ride.

11 Korean Movies That Will Give You Nightmares

By Anamika S | 1.5k |

Korean horror movies are quite popular. Why? Because they scare the hell out of you. Here s a list of 11 such movies that you should definitely watch if you haven't yet.

10 War Based Movies That Will Leave You Soul Numb

By Anamika S | 1.5k |

War is generally considered to be an intense business. Every war movie becomes a lesson in itself. The hatred between people, the agony and lost lives that are shown in these movies is a pointer that teaches us what war does to people. From a distance, a war might seem like a noble fight for freedom. On the frontlines, it is a different story altogether. Here is a list of 10 movies that give us greater insight into wars.

Raees Vs Kaabil - Which One Would Be A Bigger Success & Why?

By Sambit Gupta | 3.3k |

2017 starts with a bang, what with two big films clashing at the Box-Office on the Republic Day extended weekend. Though it would affect both the movies a bit as both are big budget flicks, we always enjoy when there's a neck-to-neck fight between two superstars. So, which one do you think would score bigger at the ticket windows? Well, let's decode here.

7th Episode is Aired Today And We Think Quantico is Here To Stay

By Deepak Nair | 6.4k |

1.Great Ratings

Ever since the start, the show has enjoyed high audience ratings, partly due to high promotion from the network, ABC & partly because well, the show is just good.

You Need Not Be A Fan To Enjoy 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'. Here Is Why.

By Abdul Ahad Naushad | 6.0k |

Jump to find out why. One of the first things I like to do after watching a film, is discuss it with friends or fellow “cinephiles”. The problem with watching a film before nearly half the world’s population, however is that one must refrain from discussing it publicly, for the fear of incurring the wrath of people who hate spoilers. And in the case of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, that’s pretty much everyone I know. But if there’s thing I know for certain after watching the film, it’s that I have a moral obligation to encourage everyone to watch the film, whether they’re a Star Wars fan or not and here’s why-

5 Reasons Why Nothing Can Beat Bollywood

By Deepak Nair | 6.3k |

1. Songs

You don’t find any songs in Hollywood movies, unless it’s a musical & even then, they are just dialogues that are sung. You need Bollywood for that song where the characters are just singing their hearts out as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

5 Characters You Don't Want To Mess With Even In Your Dreams

By Siddhant Sharma | 3.2k |

In a story what engages our interest and empathy are the characters. We learn so much from people who doesn’t exist. We are aware that they are just a fragment of someone’s memory but they appeal to us in such deep levels. Some we love, some we hate, some we literally despise (Professor Umbridge!) but out of them, there are also some who are so badass that you can’t help but imagine standing against (What would I do if I were against Rocky Balboa? I would save my ass and let Apollo Creed do the fighting. Puff!). Here are 5 characters you don't wanna stand against (unless you wanna die).