Top 10 Most Profitable Bollywood Ventures - You Will Be Surprised To Know Which One Holds The Top Slot

By Sambit Gupta | 5.4k |

Here, in this space, we are going to list down those Bollywood movies which took the Box-Office by storm. Many movies get a humongous start, but not every film manages to earn profits. So, here we go.

Exciting New Show & Movies Coming to Major Streaming Services (Including Disney+) in April 2020

By Arindom Deka | 1.4k |

Bored of the lockdown? No worries, we have got you covered. As April enters, streaming services are ready to bring out their amazing new shows and movies that you can watch during this lockdown. Here is a list of all Indian shows and movies that will be available on major streaming services in the month of April.

Every Major Indian Show and Movie You Can Watch Online in Streaming Services in December

By Arindom Deka | 1.7k |

As we gear towards the Christmas season, streaming shows continue to give us new and fresh content almost every day. Here is a list of all the TV shows (new and upcoming) and amazing new movies coming to streaming giants this month of December.

TV Shows to Understand the World of Politics

By Priyanshi Mehra | 3.3k |

In the ever changing world and with so much happening around the world, everyone craves to have some knowledge about politics. What's a better way than to learn it through TV shows! Here is a list of the shows you can watch to understand politics:

Best Shows of Netflix You Can't Dare To Miss

By Ashutosh Sharma | 4.0k |

Netflix's library of the original shows is expanding at an exponential rate. It would be worth if we have some of them in our stock. Recently, the second season of Stranger Things is aired. Some Netflix shows like Mindhunter and Narcos are some of the highest rated shows in the world. We will be giving you a heads up on the latest and most fabulous shows of Netflix.

5 Reasons why Joaquin Phoenix will not win an Oscar for his role as the Joker

By Rohon Nag | 1.8k |

Before we begin. Yes, I know Heath Ledger won his Oscar for playing the 'Joker'. However, that was a very different situation. Let me start with…

We Are in the Endgame now - Recapping Major Milestones in MCU

By Rohon Nag | 2.3k |
Read part 2 of this series here.

5 Romantic Web Series of 2019 to Watch with Your Partner on a Cozy Weekend

By Arindom Deka | 1.7k |

With the winter settling in, nothing seems more perfect than settling with your partner under a warm, cozy blanket with a cup of coffee and forgetting about the world outside. Anything else? Maybe a good romantic show to binge upon which will make you chuckle and give you all the feels.
In case you aren't sure about which show will be the perfect idea for your date, we have that covered for you. Here is a list of our favorite 5 romantic web-series of 2019 that will be perfect for your night.

Housefull 4 - What Is Entertaining and What Isn't

By Rohon Nag | 1.7k |

No, unlike almost every other critic I am not going to shit on this film. Pigeons crapping yogurt on Akshay’s face throughout the film did that part beautifully.

2016 Summer Box-Office Predictions

By MMR | 6.1k |

[Updated 25 Apr] The Summer is finally here which only means it's time for the Blockbuster movie seasons. Summer is the time when we get the big Superhero movies, the ones which are highly anticipated and attracts more audiences. Basically this is the money-making season.