The Foreigner: RGV's Short Film - Dark Erotic Thriller or Creepy

By mangoman | 2.3k |

As Ram Gopal Verma announced few months ago, he has finally released his first short under RGVTalkies named The Foreigner. And from the looks of it, he definitely meant it when he said his content will be full of erotism, horror and thriller as The Foreigner definitely is all of them packed together to quite an extent.

Top 5 Women-Centric Bollywood Movies of 2017

By Anamika S | 1.2k |

2017, had been a good year for Bollywood. Of the movies that got acclaimed around were some women-centric movies too. The changing phase of Bollywood is clearly visible through these movies. Lets look at some of those.

2018: Looking Ahead To All The Superhero Action

By Shalaj Gupta | 1.2k |

With 6 Live Action Superhero releases and their success, 2018 sees the release of 2 more with a total of 8 Live Action Movies comprising 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Fox X-Men Universe each and 1 from the Sony Spiderman Verse and DC Cinematic Assembly each.

2017: Looking Back To All The Superhero Action Movies

By Shalaj Gupta | 1.2k |

With just a few days until new year, lets look back to all the Live Action Superhero films of 2017. With 6 releases in 2017 and all of them earning at least $600 million, it is safe to say that it has been a great year for the genre. Infact 4 in the top 10 highest grossing movies are live action superhero movies In terms of content, 4 of the movies released this year are among the top 10 superhero movies of all time(5 if you count The Lego Batman Movie but it is not a live action film).

Movies You Need To Watch If You're Bored Of Marvel And DC

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As Marvel (with Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fox X-Men Universe and Sony’s Spiderverse) and DC (with its DC Cinematic Assembly) dominates the Box Office, here are 5 recent less talked about Non-Marvel-DC movies.

Movie Franchises That Everyone Should Watch

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Movies nowadays are more of the franchises they belong to than the actors or the performances. The direction, the CGI and most importantly the characters, determine the success of the movie. Here are the best and most popular Movie Franchises around.

5 Heart-Warming Movies For Girls Movie Night

By Anamika S | 1.2k |

Movie night with your fellow girls is obviously fun. Here we suggest you five more movies- some light hearted, some intense- that will make your movie night even better.

The Astonishing reason Why Bhansali is daring to Clash with King Khan: Clash Theory Explained

By mangoman | 7.8k |

“All that I have to say has already crossed your mind” ----Professor Moriarty
“Then possibly my answer has crossed yours”--Sherlock Holmes

As we all would have realized by now, two mega budget films are releasing this weekend. The stakes are very high for both the films and pressure to deliver is mounting. With pandits from the industry already forecasting the outcomes and some even suggesting that one or the other should have moved their films, one wonders why both films are releasing on the same day when there are quite a many good windows available in near future. Well, competitive dynamics or Game theory explains.

Best of Hollywood 2017

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2017 is over and its the time to celebrate the finest movies that made their way to the multiplex and the art house. The list looks at the best hollywood films of 2017

Road Movies That You Shouldn't Miss

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Who is there who doesn’t like a road movie? Road movies are exciting because of the very idea of it- things unraveling during a travel. Here is a list of some of the best road movies that one shall not miss.