[Udta Punjab] Censorship and Piracy: Hypocrisy of the millennials

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Udta Punjab is leaked online before its release. I will be a hypocrite if I will start shouting anti-piracy slogan but the pre-release leak of a movie like this is an extortion. [Updated on 18/06/2016 2:20am The sarcastic description in reference to download link is removed now]

5 Biggest Movie Flops of 2017

By Anamika S | 1.2k |

Though 2017 went well in general, there were some major flops too. Here is a list of some major films that couldn't do well at the box office. Blade Runner and mummy expected a huge box office return but didn't turn out to be so.

10 War Based Movies That Will Leave You Soul Numb

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War is generally considered to be an intense business. Every war movie becomes a lesson in itself. The hatred between people, the agony and lost lives that are shown in these movies is a pointer that teaches us what war does to people. From a distance, a war might seem like a noble fight for freedom. On the frontlines, it is a different story altogether. Here is a list of 10 movies that give us greater insight into wars.

Padmavat vs Padman: Why Bhansali chose to stomp on Akshay Kumar's dream film?

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“All that I have to say has already crossed your mind” ----Professor Moriarty
“Then possibly my answer has crossed yours”--Sherlock Holmes

11 Korean Movies That Will Give You Nightmares

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Korean horror movies are quite popular. Why? Because they scare the hell out of you. Here s a list of 11 such movies that you should definitely watch if you haven't yet.

Female Directors Who Changed The Face of Hollywood

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Cinema is predominantly a man’s space, especially direction. Here is a list of 6 directors who struggled but came out to be the best that Hollywood has seen.

Big Bang of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Marvel Studios recently grossed $13 Billion after the release of Thor: Ragnarok but can you imagine it was almost bankrupt just under 3 decades back?

MMR X-RAY EP02: 5 Reasons Why DCEU faltered both critically and commercially!

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With just $3.7 Billion in 5 films, with exception of Wonder Woman , why is the DC Universe failing so miserably both critically and commercially?


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On 29th November 2017, the trailer of Avengers: Infinity War was released by Marvel Studios. Infinity war is the most awaited film of the decade. The Marvel Cinematic Universe started 10 years ago with Iron Man. It took 10 years to assemble our favorite superheroes into a single film. The cast of Infinity war has a total of 32 main characters. Here are something that you might have missed in the trailer.

Top 10 Most Profitable Bollywood Ventures - You Will Be Surprised To Know Which One Holds The Top Slot

By Sambit Gupta | 4.7k |

Here, in this space, we are going to list down those Bollywood movies which took the Box-Office by storm. Many movies get a humongous start, but not every film manages to earn profits. So, here we go.