Top 10 Most Profitable Bollywood Ventures - You Will Be Surprised To Know Which One Holds The Top Slot

By Sambit Gupta | 4.8k |

Here, in this space, we are going to list down those Bollywood movies which took the Box-Office by storm. Many movies get a humongous start, but not every film manages to earn profits. So, here we go.

Movies Awaiting Us In 2018 Apart From Superheroes and Sequels

By Anamika S | 1.2k |

We had earlier in a listicle, already discussed on the wonderful movies waiting for us ahead. However, if you had noticed there was a lot of superhero and sequels on that list. For those who are looking for feature-length drama, here is a list of such movies awaiting you in the coming days.

10 War Based Movies That Will Leave You Soul Numb

By Anamika S | 1.5k |

War is generally considered to be an intense business. Every war movie becomes a lesson in itself. The hatred between people, the agony and lost lives that are shown in these movies is a pointer that teaches us what war does to people. From a distance, a war might seem like a noble fight for freedom. On the frontlines, it is a different story altogether. Here is a list of 10 movies that give us greater insight into wars.

5 Biggest Movie Flops of 2017

By Anamika S | 1.2k |

Though 2017 went well in general, there were some major flops too. Here is a list of some major films that couldn't do well at the box office. Blade Runner and mummy expected a huge box office return but didn't turn out to be so.

Padmavat vs Padman: Why Bhansali chose to stomp on Akshay Kumar's dream film?

By mangoman | 1.2k |

“All that I have to say has already crossed your mind” ----Professor Moriarty
“Then possibly my answer has crossed yours”--Sherlock Holmes

11 Korean Movies That Will Give You Nightmares

By Anamika S | 1.4k |

Korean horror movies are quite popular. Why? Because they scare the hell out of you. Here s a list of 11 such movies that you should definitely watch if you haven't yet.

Female Directors Who Changed The Face of Hollywood

By Anamika S | 1.2k |

Cinema is predominantly a man’s space, especially direction. Here is a list of 6 directors who struggled but came out to be the best that Hollywood has seen.

Big Bang of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

By Shalaj Gupta | 1.3k |

Marvel Studios recently grossed $13 Billion after the release of Thor: Ragnarok but can you imagine it was almost bankrupt just under 3 decades back?

MMR X-RAY EP02: 5 Reasons Why DCEU faltered both critically and commercially!

By Shalaj Gupta | 1.3k |

With just $3.7 Billion in 5 films, with exception of Wonder Woman , why is the DC Universe failing so miserably both critically and commercially?