Every Major Indian Show and Movie You Can Watch Online in Streaming Services in October

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Update: Get show details for November here.
With so much content being added now and then, it gets tough to keep in mind about everything new that's coming to streaming services. New and amazing content is being added to streaming giants regularly. Moreover, Indian streaming services are also bringing us new stories keeping on track with the rising audience. Here is a list of every Indian show and movie coming to streaming services in October.

The Foreigner: RGV's Short Film - Dark Erotic Thriller or Creepy

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As Ram Gopal Verma announced few months ago, he has finally released his first short under RGVTalkies named The Foreigner. And from the looks of it, he definitely meant it when he said his content will be full of erotism, horror and thriller as The Foreigner definitely is all of them packed together to quite an extent.

The Defining Moments From Game of Thrones Season 6: A recap

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Game of Thrones just ended another spectacular season with just enough twists and turns and of course deaths, to keep the fans excited for their next season. This season marked the return and departure of many important characters. Let's have a look at some unforgettable moments from this season.
In case you haven't seen this season or the entire Game of Thrones, then you have been warned. Because heavy spoilers ahead.

Every Major Indian Show and Movie You Can Watch Online in Streaming Services in March 2020

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As March enters and summer arrives, streaming giants too start producing more shows and movies for the audience. We have compiled a list of all shows and movies from March which are announced.

How to Watch Prime Video's Paatal Lok Webseries For Free

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Paatal Lok series is about a down and out cop who lands the case of a lifetime when four suspects are nabbed in the assassination attempt of a prime time journalist. The case turns out to be a devious maze where nothing is what it looks like. The pursuit of it leads him to the dark netherworld – the Paatal Lok, and to shocking discoveries in the pasts of the four suspects.

Streaming wars: Upcoming Amazon Prime shows which make it the clear winner against Netflix in India

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Netflix, undoubtedly started the streaming revolution in India with their epic crime saga Sacred Games, but ever since the first season and a few other solid outings such as Delhi Crime, Selection Day and the recent Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega, all their other Indian content can be ranked from mediocre to downright terrible. It seems like Netflix has become the dumping ground for bad and okay-ish material for directors to dump on.
Amazon Prime, on the other hand, has been consistent with its quality of content. Their first Indian original Inside Edge was highly praised and they followed it with more great shows like Laakhon Mein Ek, Mirzapur, The Family Man, Hostel Daze and that's not even the end of the list. With their focus on quality, Prime Video has now become home to some of the finest web-series that India has to offer.
While fans have been waiting for the return of their favorite shows, Prime Video went a step ahead and announced 13 new and returning shows, including 7 brand new shows that they will release over the course of the year.
The 4 returning shows include the latest seasons from Mirzapur, 4 More Shots Please, The Family Man and Breathe. All of them have been well-received by critics and audiences alike. Here is a list of all the new shows announced.

SRK vs Bhansali Round 2: Famous clashes at Indian box office.

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This winter is hot at the box office with two mega budget films : Dilwale and Bajirao Mastaani clashing at the box-office on 18th December. While the Indian film industry hopes for win-win for both the films and an end of an otherwise lukewarm year on a high note, we take a look at the various clashes in recent past and how did things end up:
PS: The last time the winter went hot was in 2007 when we saw Welcome vs TZP but both film were of different genre with a different target audience.

Amol Parashar: A Success Story

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Is he Chitwan? Is he Kunal? Is he that guy from that advertisement I've seen?
Yes. He is all that and much more. He is Amol Parashar.

Rebels with a Cause: The Story of Unfreedom

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One of the first things that sticks out when you watch the trailer are the words "BANNED IN INDIA". Why has it been banned? The film breaks our country's conservative norms and deals with two subjects in particular- Homosexuality and Religious Extremism. This is the story of Raj Amit Kumar's 'Unfreedom'.

A Rohit Shetty Movie Served Hot And Spicy Just In 2hrs...

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He has given us the Golmaal series, Bol Bachchan , Singham , Chennai Express and lately Dilwale. Rohit Shetty sure knows how to deliver blockbusters one after another. Let's discover his magic formula...