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      Using the power of television, Dr. Phil McGraw presents compelling stories about real people with a variety of emotional and behavioral problems, stripping away the shame and embarrassment that too often keep people from seeking help. Its a show that is suppose to help people with their problems and to find a solution on live TV .
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    • 176. "Is My Nigerian Boyfriend Scamming Me?"

      28 May '20
      Sixty-four-year-old Josie says she met the love of her life, Victor, on Facebook. Even though he’s Nigerian, 30 years younger, and she’s never physically met him, she insists it’s true love. She’s purchased a ticket to Nigeria and hopes to marry Victor, but her older sister, Carmen, her best friend, Angela, and her 19-year-old son, Anthony, say Josie is acting like a teenage fool. They believe Victor is conning Josie into marrying him for a green card. Dr. Phil took cameras to Nigeria
    • 177. Social Media Meltdown: Parenting Gone Wild

      29 May '20
      Three moms say they were livestreaming, or posting videos, for what they thought was just their private audience of social media friends -- but they say their videos have now reached over 100 million views combined. Dr. Phil takes a closer look at the stories behind these viral videos to find out why the women's buttons were pushed. First, Karen, a mother of a now 17-year-old, says she went on her daughter's Snapchat after she found her daughter’s boyfriend hiding in her closet! Then,
    • 178. Fighting to Save Us, But Who is Saving Them?

      01 Jun '20
      Dr. Phil discusses the emotional and psychological toll being placed on our health care workers and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Phil speaks with an ICU nurse who says she is struggling with not being able to save her patients, and admits she is haunted by the faces of those she has lost. Plus, Dr. Phil speaks with the Vice President of the FDNY EMS local 2507 union which represents the over 4,000 uniformed EMTs, paramedics, and fire inspectors of the FDNY. Find out why he
    • 179. Coping With Grief

      02 Jun '20
      America is mourning differently because of the novel coronavirus. Kelly says the virus has broken her family after she lost both her parents and brother to COVID-19 while her husband fought for his life. Hannah lost her father without being able to properly say her last goodbyes and is now sleeping 18 hours a day. Both women are desperate for Dr. Phil’s advice on how to grieve and move forward.
    • 180. America On Fire

      03 Jun '20
      As the country continues to navigate its way through an unprecedented global pandemic and widespread civil unrest following the May 25 death of George Floyd, the unarmed Minneapolis man who lost his life while in police custody, Dr. Phil leads a discussion with prominent members of the Black community analyzing the events of the past week and what may have sparked them. Guests include national civil rights attorney S. Lee Merritt, Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass representing California’s