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      Using the power of television, Dr. Phil McGraw presents compelling stories about real people with a variety of emotional and behavioral problems, stripping away the shame and embarrassment that too often keep people from seeking help. Its a show that is suppose to help people with their problems and to find a solution on live TV .
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    • 101. "A Monster In The Media?”

      10 Feb '20
      Dr. Phil Exclusive: Lovie says on New Year’s Day 2020, a video of her son, Darnell, went viral on the news where he is shown attacking his ex-girlfriend and dragging her back to his vehicle. Lovie says the man in the video is not the son she raised and says if Darnell wasn’t drinking that night, this would have never happened. Darnell says he doesn’t recognize himself in the video and says he wants to apologize to the world for what he has done. Brianna, the sister of the woman in the
    • 102. “My Ex-Husband Blew Our Million Dollar Retirement”

      11 Feb '20
      Robert, a retired professor, says he began dating again as his 40-year marriage to his then-wife, Jeremi, began to unravel three years ago. Now, he says he is currently focused on five women, but he admits he's never met any of them in person. Jeremi says she is furious because first, Robert lost all of their $1 million retirement savings on day trading and now, he's giving money away to these women, who she insists are catfish. Robert admits he may have made some mistakes but says now that he
    • 103. The Truth about Robert’s Top 5 Women is Finally Revealed

      12 Feb '20
      Dr. Phil continues the search to help unravel the puzzle of what’s really going on with Robert and the women he thinks he’s dating online. Now, the investigation goes across the country to various locales to track down and verify information Robert says he’s gotten from his “girlfriends.”
    • 104. The Adoption Imposter: “Catch Me If You Can”

      13 Feb '20
      Multiple families are believed to have been targeted by an adoption imposter who finds couples online and tricks them into believing she has a baby for them, only to disappear days or weeks down the line with no explanation. Dr. Phil meets Amy and Kylie who run an adoption website and say their clients are terrified of becoming victims of this scheme. Dr. Phil also meets Lauren and Julio, who were duped by this imposter, and Kyndra, whose identity was stolen. Will Dr. Phil get to the bottom of
    • 105. The Adoption Imposter Faces Her Victims

      14 Feb '20
      Dr. Phil meets Gabby, the woman who has been victimizing couples across America by promising them a baby to adopt that does not exist. Watch while Gabby comes face to face with some of her victims. Will today be the day that Gabby ends her deceptions? Tune in to find out!
    • 106. A Parent Accused: Is He a Narcissistic and Abusive Father?

      17 Feb '20
      Parents Liz and Jim say their 16-year-old son, Nic, has a serious drug problem that has such a hold on him, they claim he even stole $75,000 in gold from his parents’ safe and spent it all on drugs! But, Liz says she is convinced that her husband is to blame. Liz accuses Jim of being a narcissist and misogynist, whose parenting philosophy is based on intimidation and abuse, and claims that is what drove their son to drugs. Jim denies Liz’s allegations, claiming she has gone to great lengths
    • 107. A Parent Accused: Jim Confronts His Children

      18 Feb '20
      Dr. Phil continues to speak with parents, Liz and Jim, about why each blames the other for their son’s drug addiction. Liz says she blames what she calls Jim’s abusive parenting philosophy for their son retreating to drugs, which Jim vehemently denies. Jim claims his wife has gone to great lengths to paint him as the villain, but says, “Liz is the world’s lousiest parent." Find out what happens when Jim faces his daughter, Chloe, and son, Nic. Will they support their mother’s
    • 108. Losing 400 Lbs., Gaining it All Back and More

      19 Feb '20
      Today, a transformation like you would not believe! At 26 years old, David was 600 pounds. At 31, David started exercising and eating right, and without gastric bypass surgery, David says he went from a dud to a stud losing 400 pounds in two years! However, David has transformed himself again, and now, the 43-year-old weighs 656 pounds. David says something happened to him when he was young, and it could be the reason why he can’t keep the weight off. David’s younger sister, Jen, and David
    • 109. A Teen Missing 399 Days: Was She Being Kept Prisoner?

      20 Feb '20
      Hailey Burns was only 16 years old when she disappeared from her home in North Carolina. After 399 days, she was found, reportedly malnourished and confined behind a gate in the bedroom of a 31-year-old man she met online. The man, Michael Wysolovski, insisted he was helping Hailey, and their BDSM relationship was consensual. In a daytime exclusive, Hailey tells her story. Admitting that she went with Wysolovski willingly, she claims their 399 days together included non-consensual acts, and she
    • 110. A Family of Lawyers Embroiled in a Dangerous Dispute

      21 Feb '20
      Dr. Phil meets a family of lawyers torn apart by a dark accusation. Heather claims to have been raped by her father and alleges that a video of the rape was then sold on the dark web for millions of dollars. Heather’s father, sister Jennifer, and niece Amanda all claim that this is a terrible, damaging lie – one of many told by Heather over the years -- but what is the truth of the matter? Does Heather produce evidence to support her claims? Tune in to find out!
    • 111. “Our Device Addicted Violent Teen Controls the House”

      24 Feb '20
      Kathi says she lives in fear of her 14-year-old son, Nico, who plays video games up to 17 hours a day, has stolen his mom’s credit card and charged thousands to buy tokens for his games, and only went to school six days this year before refusing to attend because he wants to stay at home and game. Kathi says Nico’s violent outbursts are becoming exceedingly dangerous, and when she tries to get Nico to put down his video game controls, he rages, curses, and terrorizes the household. Kathi
    • 112. “My Mooching Mom Has 5 Months to Get a Life”

      25 Feb '20
      Time is of the essence for Cindy. Her daughter, Cheyenne, is a 24-year-old-college student and also her primary caretaker and sole financial supporter. Cheyenne’s boyfriend, Blake, calls Cheyenne Cinderella and wants to propose, but he says he doesn’t want Cindy ruling their future. Cheyenne says she will no longer be able to support her 56-year-old mom in five months when her college loans run out. The clock is ticking for Cheyenne and Cindy to find a way to both stand on their own.
    • 113. “A Blown Inheritance and Threats with a Loaded Gun: Our Mother is Out of Control”

      26 Feb '20
      Siblings Kristle, Kayla, and Patrick all claim their mother Sherry is out of control. They say she’s blown through an inheritance worth over a quarter of a million dollars in the past 11 months by running up $500 bar tabs with her friends and strangers, and buying lavish things, like multiple motorcycles. But that’s not all. These adult children claim Sherry is popping non-prescribed pills and washing them down with rum after work. They claim her behavior has even become violent, including
    • 114. "Doomsday Couple" Found in Hawaii; Family of Missing Children Speak Out

      27 Feb '20
      It's a mystery that has America baffled. An Idaho teenager and her younger brother with special needs vanish and haven't been seen by anyone since late September, 2019. Their mother, Lori Vallow, has been arrested in Hawaii, but isn't cooperating with authorities. Adding to the mystery, four untimely deaths surround Lori and her newest husband, Chad Daybell, yet Lori refuses to say a single word regarding her children’s whereabouts. How could 17-year-old Tylee and 7-year-old JJ have gone
    • 115. Real Life “Pretty Woman” … Not So Pretty Ending!

      28 Feb '20
      Jessica says she believed that once she married her Prince Charming, Jerry, she would never have to work as an escort again. Well, flash forward 27 years later, and Jessica is still keeping men company for money! Her husband, Jerry, says he is just fine with Jessica’s profession, but claims that he and Jessica are on the verge of divorce because Jessica doesn’t trust him and thinks he’s cheating on her! Jessica claims her husband is a lying, uncaring, unsympathetic psychopath, as she has
    • 116. “Drunk and in Denial”

      02 Mar '20
      Three siblings, Ashley, Marena, and Tony, have come together to confront their mother, Traci, who they claim is a raging alcoholic. They accuse Traci of drinking six-to-seven nights a week and refusing to acknowledge or believe she has a drinking problem. Traci’s boyfriend, Jeff, says Traci is absolutely not an alcoholic, she just drinks because she is constantly stressed out by her children! Tony and Marena refuse to allow Traci to see her grandchildren until Traci admits that she has a
    • 117. Extreme Sentencing: Bail Reform

      03 Mar '20
      Dr. Phil investigates a controversial new law known as "bail reform," where judges will no longer have the power to set bail for a long list of misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies. Dr. Phil meets two esteemed judges, Rosemarie Aquilina and Darrell Jordan, who are in strong opposition to each other on this issue. Then, hear from Akeem Browder, whose brother Kalief took his own life after spending three years in a violent jail for a crime he did not commit because he could not afford bail, and a
    • 118. Young Parents at War: Baby at Risk?

      04 Mar '20
      JenaLeigh’s brother, Wade, had a surprise baby with his ex-girlfriend, Margaret. JenaLeigh and her mother, Jeanne, say they are now worried about the baby’s safety because they claim his parents have a physically and verbally abusive relationship. And, to top it off, Wade is being evicted from the home he rents from his uncle, John, who claims Wade has turned it into a disaster. Can Dr. Phil help these young parents at war?
    • 119. “My Son Believes He’s a Cyborg from the Future!”

      05 Mar '20
      Anita says two years ago, after graduating from NYU, her 24-year-old son, Orrin, suddenly announced that he is, and always has been, a mechanized cyborg from the year 2050! Orrin says he’s part of a “collective intelligence” who was sent back in time by “higher beings” to warn humanity of the upcoming apocalypse. In order to spread his message, Orrin says he created a hip hop artist persona to gain followers on social media for his cause. Anita says she believes Orrin is using his
    • 120. An Intense Intervention: “I’m Addicted to Pain Pills, But Not an Addict”

      06 Mar '20
      Nate says he always knew his mom was a bit “off,” but was completely shocked after returning home four years ago to find his 52-year-old mother, Helen, looking like a frail old woman due to an opioid addiction. Nate says he believes his siblings, Demetria and Alex, could be more aggressive in helping their mother get clean. He also points a finger at his Aunt Joni, who he believes is enabling their mother’s addiction. Helen told Dr. Phil producers she wants to get help for her “medical
    • 121. “My Teen Son: Childhood Cancer Survivor To Gang Member”

      09 Mar '20
      Sharon says her 15-year-old son, Gabe, a childhood cancer survivor, has been in trouble with the law since he got arrested at age 12 and is now hanging out with alleged gang members. Gabe’s dad, Jason, claims his wife sinks to Gabe’s level and doesn’t understand Gabe is who he is and can’t be forced to change. Gabe’s older brother, Jadian, says his parents allow Gabe to manipulate them. Sharon’s best friend, Rosalie, says both Sharon and Jason blame Gabe’s cancer for his behavioral
    • 122. 14 Years Old, Out of Control and Desperate for Love

      10 Mar '20
      Heather claims her 14-year-old son, Jason, is completely out of control, runs away, refuses to go to school, steals, attacks police officers, and has even punched her in the face. Even worse, she claims he recently was involved in a shooting that led to her eviction! Heather’s sister, Amber, claims her sister is a terrible parent who ignored Jason his entire life. She says she believes Jason’s bad behavior is a desperate cry for love and attention. Can Dr. Phil turn this dysfunctional family
    • 123. Exclusive: Man Accused of Murdering Wife Freed After Friend Confesses

      11 Mar '20
      A brutal murder: Tracey Harris, a wife and young mother, was found naked, drowned, and possibly strangled in a river in 1990. The case went cold for over 20 years, before Harris’ husband, Carl, was arrested. But right before his murder trial, somebody very close to him confessed. Today, Carl speaks out in an exclusive interview. Plus, a shocking reunion. Will Carl’s daughter forgive him after believing he murdered her mother?
    • 124. “My Ex Put Cameras at My House to Prove I’m a Horrible Mom”

      12 Mar '20
      Jason says his 16-year-old daughter refuses to talk to him because he is a disciplinarian, while his ex-wife, Tina, refuses to be a parent. He says their daughter is so entitled, she runs the house – and Tina has allowed it. Tina says her relationship with Jason has always been dysfunctional and toxic, and they constantly fight and argue. She says Jason has even put up seven cameras around the outside of her house to watch her and her daughter and listen to their conversations. Jason’s mom,
    • 125. Black Eye and Busted Lip: Daughter Confronts Dad on Stage

      13 Mar '20
      Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Jason, who says his 16-year-old daughter won’t talk to him, and his ex-wife, Tina, refuses to be a parent. Their daughter claims Jason has followed her and tried to fight her friend. She says she’s ready to confront her dad on Dr. Phil’s stage about how she ended up with a black eye and busted lip during an argument with him. Jason adamantly denies hurting his daughter. Tina claims Jason and his mother, Patricia, make the situation worse by always