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      Using the power of television, Dr. Phil McGraw presents compelling stories about real people with a variety of emotional and behavioral problems, stripping away the shame and embarrassment that too often keep people from seeking help. Its a show that is suppose to help people with their problems and to find a solution on live TV .
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    • 151. Searching for the Cure

      22 Apr '20
      As COVID-19 continues to ravage America, Dr. Phil takes an inside look at the intense search for treatments and a cure. Learn about the latest progress being made on antibody and vaccine testing. How likely is it that we can get a handle on this, and when? Plus, hear from people who are battling the problems Americans are facing that aren't health related -- but are also dire. A CEO of a Texas food bank and Boy Scout are stepping up to the plate.
    • 152. Help! Overindulging Under Quarantine

      23 Apr '20
      Many Americans under stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic are gaining weight, which has become known as “the Covid 19 -19" and the "Quarantine 15.” People are stocking up with enough food for a week or two, or even a month, and posting pictures of cakes, comfort food, and cocktails with #QuarantineLife and #EatingMyFeelings. But as boredom hits, or they walk by the kitchen, eating comfort food to feel good starts and continues until snacks are all gone. How can you manage your
    • 153. Questions Answered

      24 Apr '20
      Dr. Phil answers viewers’ most pressing questions, including how to handle the coronavirus quarantine while managing their marriage, family, and even sobriety. Board Certified Psychiatrist and Medical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services Dr. Charles Sophy, and Life Coach Mike Bayer help Dr. Phil tackle some tough topics to get viewers the answers they need during difficult times.
    • 154. “Our 10-Year-Old Son is Controlling Our Entire Lives”

      27 Apr '20
      Previously recorded in studio before social distancing. Denise and her husband, Jarid, say they are extremely concerned about their 10-year-old son, Zak, who screams, curses, punches and tells family members he wants them to die. Zak was diagnosed with autism two years ago, and they believe his temper tantrums seem to be getting worse. So, Denise and Jarid moved in with Jarid’s parents, Carol and Brad, for extra hands-on help with Zak, but was that the right move? Dr. Phil brings in a team of
    • 155. Parents and Their Gen Z Son Struggle Under One Roof

      28 Apr '20
      As COVID-19 spreads across the country, Gen Zers are forced to move back home. Karen and her husband, Chuck, say they are under tremendous stress since their unmotivated 22-year-old son, Charlie, moved home and now stays up all night to play video games and sleeps past noon. By his own admission, Charlie has been "sleeping more than usual" but believes his parents, especially his mother, needs to stop nagging and acting extra "psycho."
    • 156. Tara’s Troubles

      29 Apr '20
      Previously recorded in studio before social distancing. Tara emailed Dr. Phil saying America needed to hear her story. She claims her husband, Mike, is a sociopath who controls her every move. She says he doesn't want her to succeed as an artist or teacher, and videotapes her constantly to make her look mentally ill or like a drunk. Mike claims Tara is manic, unstable, and might be bipolar. He says she degrades and embarrasses him in front of everyone, but he married for better or for worse.
    • 157. Blended Family Breakdown

      30 Apr '20
      As COVID-19 continues to impact and change our world, so does the way it impacts family dynamics. Dr. Phil meets a blended family of five from Florida, each of whom have been affected by COVID-19 in very different ways. Dr. Phil has a frank and honest conversation with father and husband Tom, who says the media has blown the virus out of proportion, while his wife, Jill, says she is worried Tom may fall ill. Dr. Phil also meets Tom and Jill’s adult children, Grace and Connor, who say living at
    • 158. “Should I Marry My Russian Bride-To-Be?"

      01 May '20
      Being in a long-distance relationship is hard enough for Mark Anthony and his Russian fiancée, Marina. She lives in Russia, and he’s in the United States. To top it off, the coronavirus pandemic is making this couple wonder when they will ever see each other in person again. They had plans to marry this May, but now, Mark Anthony says their relationship is strained because they don’t have the same priorities. He wants to know from Dr. Phil if they are ready to tie the knot. Does Dr. Phil
    • 159. 46-Year-Old Moocher Dad Sleeping in a Bunk Bed

      04 May '20
      Recorded before stay-at-home order. Kelly says she is concerned her father, Shade, allowed her ex-husband, Allen, to move into his home after their divorce. Now, Allen has found his way into Kelly's childhood bedroom, where he has been living for the past 5 ½ years, sleeping at night in a bunk bed and claiming to look for jobs in the daytime. Kelly says she wants her dad to confront Allen and make him get out! Kelly says Allen cannot start being an active father to their two children, Dylan and
    • 160. “Confined with My Ex!”

      05 May '20
      Dianne says she's stuck living with her ex-husband, Ron, who she calls "The Beast"! Dianne says for the next 60-90 days, not only are they stuck self-isolating together under the same roof, but they're also sharing the same bed! Dianne and Ron both agree that they cannot seem to ever have a civilized conversation without triggering an argument and have turned to Dr. Phil for advice on how to get through this trying time without sending the other over the edge.
    • 161. “Help Me Prove to My Mom She’s Been Love Scammed Out of $250,000”

      06 May '20
      Recorded before stay-at-home order. Norma says she has come out of retirement, after her second husband died, to fund three online boyfriends she’s never met because they told Norma they are all stuck overseas. Norma says these men need her help, and she’s given up her life savings of $250,000 in hopes of meeting them. Her son, Rodney, and daughter-in-law, Cindy, say Norma is being scammed, but Norma says she doesn’t believe it. Are these online loves real? Dr. Phil finds out if any of
    • 162. Norma’s Online Boyfriends: The Truth Behind the Pictures

      07 May '20
      Recorded before stay-at-home order. Today, Dr. Phil finds out so much more about Norma’s online boyfriends. Norma’s number one love, Jeff, claims he bought a ticket home to the U.S. after Norma sent him even more money. Dr. Phil producers call the airlines to see if his name is their database. Dr. Phil producers also head to the Church in Cairo, Egypt where Jeff claims he’s been sleeping for months. Is Jeff telling the truth? Does Jeff make it home to Norma -- or is Norma being scammed? Dr
    • 163. “Feeding My Addiction”

      08 May '20
      Recorded before stay-at-home order. Mike and his fiancée, Ashley, have a beautiful home, a sweet 6-year-old daughter and a baby boy on the way. But, there is a dark secret tearing them apart -- Mike is addicted to opioids. Recently, Ashley was at the courthouse picking up paperwork to evict her fiancé. Today, she even brought the papers with her. Will Mike sign those papers? Also, author Dan Peres shares his new memoir, As Needed for Pain, where he reveals his former addiction to Vicodin after
    • 164. When Being Daddy’s Girl Goes Too Far

      11 May '20
      In part 1 of two episodes, Dr. Phil meets Cheryl, her ex-husband, Dave, and their youngest daughter, Stephanie, who say oldest daughter, Cassie, has been a drug addict and an alcoholic for years and needs an intervention. One source of contention is the allegation that Dave not only did drugs with Cassie but also received money from her that she admittedly earned through prostitution. Dave counters that, despite using drugs with Cassie twice, he did not encourage Cassie to be a prostitute and he
    • 165. Will Cassie Keep Running or Will She Finally Meet Dr. Phil?

      12 May '20
      In part 2, Dr. Phil finally meets 28-year-old Cassie, who admits to being a drug addict since high school and using drugs with her father, Dave, in the past. Cassie ran out of the studio one hour before taping, with staffers chasing her, to buy alcohol. So, is Cassie really ready to be sober?
    • 166. From College Scholarship to Stealing, Smoking and Living in the Car

      13 May '20
      In high school, Karenna was an overachiever. She had a full college scholarship but only went for a week. Her mom, Deena, claims that since Karenna started hanging out with her now former boyfriend, Tommie, last year, she’s been on a downward spiral of smoking weed, lying, stealing, and getting fired from jobs. Deena says her daughter isn’t allowed in her house anymore because she isn’t following the rules and sneaks Tommie inside. Karenna defends Tommie and claims it’s actually her
    • 167. From Hollywood Body Double to Force Feeding Frenzy

      14 May '20
      Ten years ago, Suzy claims she developed a “mysterious illness” that leaves her shaking, trembling, convulsing, and having to force-feed herself more than 7,000 calories a day to stop her “attacks”! She says things are so bad that she must always have food on hand, including while she uses the bathroom and shower. What could this mysterious illness possibly be? Could Dr. Phil be the solution to Suzy’s 10-plus-year journey to find answers?
    • 168. Exclusive: Ahmaud Arbery’s Family Speaks Out

      15 May '20
      A case that has caused outrage and grief across the nation: The family of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Georgia man who was killed in February, say he was simply out for an afternoon jog when he was shot and killed by two armed men in a pickup truck. The two men, charged with murder and aggravated assault almost three months after the incident, claim that they believed Arbery was a burglary suspect and they acted in self-defense. Arbery's parents speak out.
    • 169. A “Dr. Phil” Catfish Investigation: “My Mom is Being Scammed”

      18 May '20
      Dr. Phil meets Candice, who says she is 100% convinced her mom, Lois, is being scammed by men online and has tried everything to intervene. Dr. Phil also meets Lois’ younger sister, LouAnn, who says Lois sacrificed her 37-year marriage and retirement savings for fictional online love. Lois admits she has been scammed in the past, but says she is happily engaged to a man she met online. Despite her family’s concerns, Lois says she wants her daughter and sister to accept her fiancé – the
    • 170. A “Dr. Phil” Catfish Investigation: What’s Really Inside Lois’ Safe?

      19 May '20
      Dr. Phil continues to uncover the truth behind Lois’ online relationships. Last year, Lois says she met with an "associate" of one of her former fiancés, "The General," and received something extremely valuable and keeps it in her home safe under lock and key. Today, Dr. Phil opens Lois’ safe. What is inside? Dr. Phil enlists the help of retired U.S. Secret Service Agent Ron Williams to analyze its contents. Dr. Phil also locates another one of Lois’ alleged former fiancés, “Fred Adler
    • 171. A “Dr. Phil” Catfish Investigation: Where is “Paul Shaw”?

      20 May '20
      For the past two days, Dr. Phil has been investigating Lois' online relationships. Yesterday, Dr. Phil opened Lois’ home safe, analyzed her “white money,” and with the help of retired U.S. Secret Service Agent Ron Williams, established the money was fake. Dr. Phil also found the real man in the photos of Lois’ alleged former fiancé, “Fred Adler,” who confirmed he was a victim of having his identity stolen. Today, Dr. Phil takes the search across the world to Nigeria to locate Lois
    • 172. Debt Collectors at the Door; Can These Fighting Spouses Save Their Home?

      21 May '20
      Christy claims that she found out her house was almost in foreclosure because her husband, Earnest, had stopped paying the mortgage. Christy says that was the final straw and claims Earnest did this on purpose to torture her because he knows how much she loves this home. But Earnest says the problem is his wife and claims that she is a hoarder who doesn’t cook, clean, or even parent their daughters -- and the only reason they are losing their home is because she refuses to help out with the
    • 173. Kaylyn Whitaker: Confessions of Her Killer

      25 May '20
      A young woman’s boyfriend tells police she committed suicide. Years later, he walks into a police station and confesses to her murder. Kaylyn Whitaker’s parents speak out in an exclusive interview. They say they knew from the beginning their daughter’s death was not a suicide.
    • 174. Caught Between Two Brittanys

      26 May '20
      Brittany and Jeramie met in high school and have been in an on-and-off relationship for 18 years, which has led to a tumultuous co-parenting relationship. Jeramie also has an off-and-on relationship with an old classmate named Brittney who is currently living in his home. Brittany says she resents Brittney for “playing mom,” to her kids while Jeramie says his girlfriend provides a stable home life that his ex-wife never could.
    • 175. Gun Toting, Pot Smoking, and Only 11 Years Old

      27 May '20
      Bree says she is very concerned about her 11-year-old son, JJ’s, extremely violent behavior, which includes threatening to kill her with a steak knife. But Bree says JJ isn’t just acting out at home; his school was forced to implement a safety plan as a result of the 51 disciplinary infractions he’s incurred in the last three years, as well as a plan to harm another student.Bree says her son recently ran away for three days and he posted photos on social media smoking weed and holding a