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      Using the power of television, Dr. Phil McGraw presents compelling stories about real people with a variety of emotional and behavioral problems, stripping away the shame and embarrassment that too often keep people from seeking help. Its a show that is suppose to help people with their problems and to find a solution on live TV .
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    • 26. From Star Cheerleader to Juvenile Delinquent

      14 Oct '19
      Sixteen-year-old Savannah insists she is just like every other teen her age, smoking marijuana, skipping school, partying with her friends, and even sexting. But Savannah’s mother, Tami, claims her daughter is so out of control, she’s been suspended from school 40 times and parties with gang members, and Tami says she has run out of options to help her. In fact, Tami says in order to keep Savannah safe, she was forced to ship her daughter off to her grandma and grandpa’s house where they
    • 27. Explosive Anger and Addiction

      15 Oct '19
      Kris says her 28- year-old son, Justin, is on the “fast track to the morgue”! She claims her son is a rageaholic, who has been arrested more than 10 times and has received multiple drunk driving offenses -- including recently. Furthermore, Kris claims her son is abusive to his girlfriend, Hanna, and worries about the safety of their two small children. Kris says she fears getting a call that it's too late to help her son before he, or someone else, winds up six feet under.
    • 28. When Social Media Turns Antisocial

      16 Oct '19
      Melinda and Amy claim their lives have been turned upside down by a social media influencer and political activist named Paloma, who they say has subjected them to nine months of cyberbullying and harassment. Paloma says they’ve got it all wrong and that she is the victim of their cyberbullying. Who is the real victim? Will Dr. Phil convince these three women to “log off” from each other? Find out in this explosive episode!
    • 29. “Chrisley Knows Best” Reality Star Lindsie: Allegations of Lies, Extortion and a Secret Meeting with Dad Todd

      17 Oct '19
      The Chrisley family rose to fame on the hit USA show Chrisley Knows Best. But on August 13, 2019, Todd and his wife, Julie Chrisley, were indicted on federal charges of tax evasion and other financial crimes. Now, Todd’s oldest daughter, Lindsie Chrisley, speaks out in an exclusive interview about her shocking allegation that her father threatened to release a sex tape of her. Todd and Julie were recently cleared of their tax evasion charge in the state of Georgia, but their legal troubles
    • 30. Dying to Be Hot

      18 Oct '19
      Brazilian butt lifts, or BBLs as they are also known, are a growing trend -- often with dangerous results. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have countless fans, followers and admirers, but trying to emulate those hourglass figures can have a cost. Dr. Phil interviews the mother and grandfather of Danea Plasencia, who died after a Brazilian Butt lift surgery in Miami earlier this year. Then, Dr. Phil speaks with R&B singer and star of the hit reality show Love & Hip Hop, K.
    • 31. The Trouble with Taylor

      21 Oct '19
      Taylor says she drinks hard liquor every weekend until she “feels it,” and smokes weed and her e-cigarette every day -- and she says she's not going to stop. But it wasn’t her mother, Kim, who emailed about Taylor; it was her 19-year-old sister, Madison. She claims their mother is an enabler who picks up Taylor from parties at 3 a.m. and gives her everything she wants, even when she punches her. And every time Madison tries to step in and be the parent, she says she gets yelled at, punched
    • 32. Liar, Liar: Which Sister is Telling the Truth?

      22 Oct '19
      In a twisted sister family feud, Kayla wrote in desperate for help with her sister, Alicia. Kayla alleges Alicia is a master manipulator who lies, steals, and faked cancer. Alicia denies Kayla’s allegations and says that she hates her sister to death, and her entire family has made her the black sheep. They come together with their father and stepmom for the first time in years on the Dr. Phil stage.
    • 33. Extreme Mama’s Boy

      23 Oct '19
      Jess says despite a chaotic upbringing, he was able to achieve a 4.0 in college, have a successful life with a nice home and pool, and have a good job. But it all ended five years ago after a bad breakup. Ever since, he has been lying in bed at his mother’s home, not even getting up to use the restroom. He says he lost all coping skills and thinks his mother might like it this way. Can Dr. Phil help Jess get out of bed again? Then, Robert spent most of his 20s incarcerated. He admits he did
    • 34. DNA Drama: A Family in Turmoil

      24 Oct '19
      DNA results can sometimes cause more conflict than resolution. Amanda wrote in desperate for Dr. Phil’s help after an at-home DNA test led to the discovery of an entirely new biological family. Her search gave her three new sisters and a different biological dad! For the first time, on the Dr. Phil stage, all four sisters and their shared biological father come together to see if they have a deeper connection than simply genetics. Plus: filmmaker Kurt Neal and Annemarie Carrigan join Dr. Phil
    • 35. What Were They Thinking? When Sentencing Seems To Make No Sense

      25 Oct '19
      Dr. Phil takes a closer look at what many call “outrageously lenient sentences” for serious, high-profile crimes. Dr. Phil meets a former superior court judge who lost his job after giving zero jail time to a man who strangled a woman unconscious and threatened to kill her. Also, a rape victim’s mother speaks out for the first time on daytime television about how her daughter’s rapist walked out of court with zero jail time.
    • 36. “‘Love Stoned’ – My Daughter is Addicted to a Toxic Man!”

      28 Oct '19
      Laura says she’s desperately worried about her 19-year-old daughter, Rebecca, because she says she is in a toxic relationship with a rageaholic named Dominick. Laura says Rebecca dropped out of college and left her job to be with her boyfriend 24-7 and says she desperately needs Dr. Phil’s help to break her out of this spell. Dominick says he blames his anger and rage on a lesion on his brain. He also says that screaming fights with his mother, Marianne, make his anger even worse. Is
    • 37. Gun Toting, Pot Smoking, and Only 11 Years Old

      29 Oct '19
      Bree says she is very concerned about her 11-year-old son, JJ’s, extremely violent behavior, which includes threatening to kill her with a steak knife. But Bree says JJ isn’t just acting out at home; his school was forced to implement a safety plan as a result of the 51 disciplinary infractions he’s incurred in the last three years, as well as a plan to harm another student.Bree says her son recently ran away for three days and he posted photos on social media smoking weed and holding a
    • 38. “My Beautiful Daughter Has Spiraled into a Homeless Hair Hoarder”

      30 Oct '19
      Monique claims her 23-year-old daughter, Krissy, has an obsession with hoarding hair and is refusing to bathe, claims her daughter denies. She says she also fears for her daughter’s safety since Krissy couch surfs with strangers she meets online. Sunjay, Krissy’s father, says his daughter is in desperate need of Dr. Phil’s help because Krissy suffers from fits of rage. He says his daughter went to jail after stabbing him in the leg. Krissy says she wants a closer relationship with her mom
    • 39. Black and Blue Blackout Drunk

      31 Oct '19
      Opie says her friend, Shane, is living on borrowed time and fears it won’t be long before she gets the call saying he’s dead. She says Shane’s alcohol addiction has caused him to injure himself to the point where his entire face turned black-and-blue. Shane admits he has “busted himself up” from time to time while drinking, but claims he doesn’t know why he drinks. Will Shane finally get the answer he’s looking for?
    • 40. Former Anchorwoman and Beauty Queen Wife: Is She Addicted?

      01 Nov '19
      Steve says his wife, Tamara, went from being a beauty queen competing in the Miss America Pageant and having a career as a local anchorwoman, to dancing in a tutu in the middle of the night. Steve believes his wife’s behavior is a direct result of her dangerously abusing Adderall. Tamara insists she loves Adderall and all the “magical” things it is doing for her life, including allowing her to “give birth to a midlife awakening" and fulfill her fairytale fantasies. Tamara says Steve’s
    • 41. Torn Between Two Fiancés

      04 Nov '19
      Holly says she’s engaged to two men she met online, one from Brazil and the other from Turkey. Her mother, Linda, says she believes they are both in it for the green card but that Keoma, from Brazil, is the worse of her daughter’s two choices. Today, meet Keoma and find out if he’s in the relationship because he loves Holly, or if he’s trying to obtain a green card. Plus, Dr. Phil reveals what a private investigator discovered about Keoma’s past.
    • 42. Holly’s Fiancés Face Off

      05 Nov '19
      Holly says she’s in love and engaged to two men. But she has never met either one of these men in person, because fiancé number one, Keoma, is from Brazil and living in London, and fiancé number two, Gunes, is Turkish and lives in Ankara. Monday, viewers met Keoma, and Holly’s mother, Linda, said she was not a fan. Now, meet Gunes and find out if Linda is willing to give him her blessing. Then the two men meet for the first time. And, Holly reveals a secret she’s been keeping from both
    • 43. “My Teen Son is Facing Prison After Escaping Police Custody During a Televised Manhunt”

      06 Nov '19
      Dana says her son Chas, who was once a good student, star athlete, and self-professed momma’s boy, is now facing five felony charges. While in police custody, the 17-year-old escaped, causing a manhunt that ended after eight hours. Dana says she is scared and heartbroken because he could be facing 10 years in prison. Chas says he is all about “getting the money” and will “hustle” to get out of the hood. He says he is aware that he is facing serious trouble but says, “If you do the
    • 44. Ukrainian Orphan: Child or Adult Sociopath? The Exclusive Interview

      07 Nov '19
      The exclusive interview with the Ukrainian orphan who is making headlines. Is she the real life version of the horror movie "Orphan”? Natalia’s adoptive parents have been accused of abandoning her when she was just 9 years old. But they claim Natalia, who has a form of dwarfism, is really a sociopathic adult posing as a child -- who tried to kill them. Natalia speaks out for the first time to Dr. Phil.
    • 45. An Intense Intervention: “I’m Addicted to Pain Pills, But Not an Addict”

      08 Nov '19
      Nate says he always knew his mom was a bit “off,” but was completely shocked after returning home four years ago to find his 52-year-old mother, Helen, looking like a frail old woman due to an opioid addiction. Nate says he believes his siblings, Demetria and Alex, could be more aggressive in helping their mother get clean. He also points a finger at his Aunt Joni, who he believes is enabling their mother’s addiction. Helen told Dr. Phil producers she wants to get help for her “medical
    • 46. “My Mom is Homeless and Believes She is Engaged to Putin”

      11 Nov '19
      Jennifer says she believes she and Russian President Vladimir Putin are head over heels in love! She says she believes the Lord has shown her that she will soon be Putin’s wife, the Mother of Russia. Jennifer says she’s choosing to be homeless because Putin will be picking her up any day now. Jennifer’s children say they believe their mother is delusional and suffering from a mental illness. They say not only does she believe she’s engaged to Putin, but they claim she insists she has
    • 47. Prescription Drugs, Drinking and DWIs, “My Daughter Is A Hot Mess”

      12 Nov '19
      Miranda says her mother is controlling, manic, and always nagging her. But Cathy says she has no choice because her 22-year-old daughter is living in her home, fighting, screaming, and drinking. Cathy says she just wants Miranda to think straight and keep a job. Can Dr. Phil help this family end all the drama and chaos in their life?
    • 48. Athlete to Addict

      13 Nov '19
      Bobby and Renna say their son, Cameron, was a local hero in their small town. They say Cameron was the homecoming king and an all-star football and baseball player with recruiters knocking down his door. But the parents say all that changed in the blink of an eye when injuries destroyed Cameron’s athletic career, and with the injuries came surgeries, and with the surgeries came pain pills. Cameron’s parents say now their son is a heroin-addicted criminal whose dirty needle use left him
    • 49. Twins’ Tragic Hot Car Death Exclusive

      14 Nov '19
      A New York man has been charged with second-degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and child endangerment after the devastating death of his 1-year-old twins. Juan Rodriquez was supposed to drop off the children at daycare, but instead, forgot them for more than eight hours in a hot car while he was at work. In an exclusive interview, the twins’ devastated mother, Marissa Rodriquez, tells her story for the first time. She explains why she is standing by her husband and reveals what
    • 50. “Our 15-Year-Old Runaway Daughter Claims She’s Pregnant, But is She?”

      15 Nov '19
      Maribeth and John say their 15-year-old daughter, Marie, has become distant, angry, and is no longer the charming honors school student they once knew. They say around one year ago, Marie began running away – appearing in the news and social media – until the police hunted her down! But they claim Marie has continued to act out by selling stolen items, driving her parents’ car without a license, and sneaking out at all hours of the night. So, Maribeth and John installed surveillance