• Air date: 14 Sep '20 72 episodes
      Using the power of television, Dr. Phil McGraw presents compelling stories about real people with a variety of emotional and behavioral problems, stripping away the shame and embarrassment that too often keep people from seeking help. Its a show that is suppose to help people with their problems and to find a solution on live TV .
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    • 1. "I Believe My Sister is a Cult Leader Who Claims She’s Mother God"

      14 Sep '20
      A Dr. Phil exclusive: Faith and spirituality usually bring families together. However, one family says they’ve been torn apart. Chelsea, her sister, Tara, and her mom, Linda, claim their beloved, Amy, is now allegedly a “cult leader” trying to change the world through natural healing methods. Chelsea has been writing to Dr. Phil for years because she says her sister, Amy, left the family, started calling herself “Mother God,” claims to do surgery with her hands and talk to dead people,
    • 2. “Mother God’s” Followers and Alleged Victims Face Off

      15 Sep '20
      In a Dr. Phil exclusive, Dr. Phil continues speaking with a family who claims they were torn apart because of an organization that professes love. Amy says she is “Mother God” and can heal the world with her group, Love Has Won. Her sister, Chelsea, does not think Amy is a deity, but alleges that she is a brainwashed “cult leader” who abandoned her family years ago and is putting other people’s lives at risk.
    • 3. The "Karen " Phenomenon

      16 Sep '20
    • 4. “What Ever Happened to the ‘Fat Guy’ Biking Across America?”

      17 Sep '20
      Former guest Eric returns to tell Dr. Phil exactly how he wronged him the last time they met four years ago. Eric was the self-proclaimed “fat guy” weighing in at 560 lbs. and was supposed to bike across America to lose weight and win back his wife, Angie. After his story went viral, thousands of dollars rolled in, and so did the critics, saying Eric was scamming America. Eric never finished his journey. Now, pushing 700 lbs., Eric says he forgives Dr. Phil after all these years. For what?
    • 5. Should Schools Reopen?

      18 Sep '20
      It’s back to school time. But instead of excitement in the air, there’s fear and controversy in the era of coronavirus, as parents, teachers, and doctors try to navigate the onslaught of information to keep children safe. Some parents are desperately seeking a return to work and normalcy, while others say the risks of in-person classes outweigh the rewards. Dr. Phil talks to parents, doctors and teachers from all sides of the back to school debate.
    • 6. “Help, My Alcoholic Daughter is Drinking Hand Sanitizer During COVID”

      21 Sep '20
      Javanna admits she’s is alcohol dependent, and has resorted to drinking hand sanitizer when she is desperate for alcohol. Javanna says she blames her drinking on her mother, Tracy, due to her traumatic childhood and her mother not protecting her. Tracy says Javanna is out of control and becomes violent, argumentative, and gets in trouble with the law when she is drunk.
    • 7. Sixteen and Out of Control

      22 Sep '20
      Upon first look, 16-year-old Andrew appears to be an adorable, unassuming, successful student. But his mother, Joy, says he’s just the opposite, claiming that for the past year, Andrew has been terrorizing his twin brother, Matthew, and oldest sister, Kaylie, with the goal of becoming a famous TikTok prankster. Joy claims Andrew has been expelled from school twice, and the police now know him by name. She claims that ever since she kicked the twins' father, Dean, out of the house, it’s been
    • 8. Is Jake Sick or Just Lazy?

      23 Sep '20
      Susan and Randy both describe their 27-year-old son, Jacob, as “incapacitated” and virtually unable to do anything for himself, including showering regularly, making doctor appointments, filling out job applications, cleaning his bedroom … and the list goes on! Susan and Randy say they fear they will have to put off their plans of retirement and selling their home to take care of Jacob for the rest of their lives! But, there’s nothing physically wrong with Jacob! So why do his parents
    • 9. “Mom Ruined My Sister’s Wedding and Our Childhood”

      24 Sep '20
      Danielle says her family never recovered from her sister’s wedding day disaster almost eight years ago when she claims her mom acted like a complete lunatic. Danielle says this was one of the many moments of trauma and chaos Janet caused in her life. Her entire family has not been face-to-face for years, but they come together to confront Janet about their childhood filled with different moves, men, and disappointments, to see if she will finally take accountability for the damage she’s
    • 10. What White People Need to Know

      25 Sep '20
    • 11. The Fight Over a Little Boy: Who’s Telling the Truth?

      28 Sep '20
      Megan says her ex-boyfriend Andy is trying to replace her as their 5-year-old son’s mother with his fiancée, Caitlin. Megan claims Andy lied to the judge and falsely painted her as an unfit, unstable, drug addict, and the judge believed him and ordered her to have supervised visitation with their son. Megan claims Andy is now abusing the order, and he and Caitlin have only allowed her to see her son once in the past three months. Andy and Caitlin say Megan’s tale of woe is nothing but a
    • 12. A Father Accused, a Mother Blamed, The Truth Revealed

      29 Sep '20
      Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Megan, who claims her ex-boyfriend Andy has used the court system to make it impossible for her to be a mother to their 5-year-old son. She claims Andy and his fiancé, Caitlin, have alienated her from her little boy. Andy and Caitlin, however, presented Dr. Phil with what they claimed was evidence supporting their allegation that it is only Megan's own lifestyle and choices keeping her out of her son’s life. Who is telling the truth?
    • 13. Burning Questions: From A to Gen Z

      30 Sep '20
      “Gen Zers,” born roughly between 1997 – 2012, are the first truly digital generation, growing up using social media, technology and smartphones – as well as the largest and most ethnically diverse generation in American History! During their lifetime, Gen Zers have been inundated by tragedies in the news and are now living in the middle of a pandemic, worried about online schooling, job freezes, and the rumored threat of a global recession. While Gen Zers are reportedly less hopeful
    • 14. "Our 12-Year-Old Daughter is Breaking Down Our Family!”

      01 Oct '20
      Jennifer and her husband, David, claim their 12-year-old daughter scratches and hits them, destroys their property, lies about finishing homework, and will suddenly leave in the middle of a family activity. By her own admission, the young teen says she “hates rules,” and claims to have even taught her parents that it’s better to have “no rules at all.” Dr. Phil talks with Jennifer, David, and their daughter about how they can work on understanding one another better at home. Dr. Phil
    • 15. Exclusive: Brother Finds Possible Break In Case Of Missing Colorado Mom

      02 Oct '20
      Suzanne Morphew mysteriously disappeared near her home in Colorado on Mother’s Day. Could her distraught brother have found evidence that could help solve his sister's disappearance? Find out what he discovered in this daytime exclusive interview!
    • 16. “My Mom and Sister Are a Violent Mess”

      05 Oct '20
      Erica says her family is hostile and toxic. She says her mother, Desiree, and sister, Adrienne, are at one another’s throats, and the police have been called over 20 times. Desiree claims Adrienne has trashed her house and bullied the family for years. Adrienne claims her mother has always put men and alcohol before her children, and Adrienne had to become the protector of the family. Erica says she is about to cut ties with her family if Dr. Phil can’t fix them.
    • 17. “Our Daughter is Raising Our Grandson in a Filthy Death Trap!”

      06 Oct '20
      Fred and Cynthia claim their daughter, Crystal, is raising their 12-year-old grandson in a death trap! They say there is no running water, and the ceiling leaks; there are exposed wires, smoking electrical sockets, mice, and mold! They say their daughter’s home is such a health hazard that it needs to be burned to the ground, and they claim they are finally ready to call CPS to protect their grandson. Crystal admits she hasn’t cleaned in two years, and her home has become a living embodiment
    • 18. “Our Brother is a Mooch and Our Mother Needs to Cut the Cord”

      07 Oct '20
      Samantha and her sister Sarah say their mother, Stacy, is very successful as a special education teacher and behaviorist, but when it comes to parenting their 33-year-old brother, Ben, that’s another story. They claim their mother has allowed Ben to live rent free for the past two years, while he lays by the pool doing nothing to contribute around the house. Stacy’s husband, Doug, says he moved out and refuses to come home until Stacy kicks his stepson out of the house. Stacy says everything
    • 19. 31-Years-Old and Out-of-Control

      08 Oct '20
      Heather, her daughter, Sheilagh, and her mother, Kristi, complain to Dr. Phil that her adult son, Ryan, has been arrested at least 10 times for causing constant shenanigans, including dancing in the middle of the street drunk and destroying property — and yet, until recently, Heather allowed him to continue to live in her own home and cause constant chaos! Ryan’s entire family have all brought video evidence to show Dr. Phil the horrifying and embarrassing behaviors that they claim they’ve
    • 20. "Beaten, Robbed and Left for Dead: Help Save My Beautiful Daughter from the Streets!”

      09 Oct '20
      Shannon says for the past four years, she’s been raising her two young grandchildren while her daughter, Ginger, has been running the streets, drinking, doing drugs, and selling her body for money. Shannon says just this past year, Ginger was beaten, robbed, and left for dead on the side of the road and was lucky to survive. Shannon says Ginger’s children need their mother now more than ever, but says she’s prepared to care for her grandchildren for the rest of her life. Is Shannon the
    • 21. The Mystery of Melissa: Why Did She Vanish?

      12 Oct '20
      In May 2020, 26-year-old Melissa left home without warning and flew 2,000 miles across the country, leaving behind a note that said, “One day, Dr. Phil will be able to help me.” Melissa’s family says months before she left, she hadn’t “been herself,” but has no idea why she up and vanished. Melissa, who has written 393 emails to Dr. Phil, says she’s finally ready to reveal the reason to her family, but feels he is the only person who can help. Today, Dr. Phil meets Melissa’s
    • 22. A Daughter’s Dark Confession: A Family’s Reaction

      13 Oct '20
      Yesterday, Dr. Phil met Melissa’s parents, who said she has suffered from bullying and self-esteem issues, but had no idea why she left home without warning a few months ago. Dr. Phil spoke to Melissa one-on-one, who revealed she has vivid urges to kill her family and moved 2,000 miles across the country for their safety. Today, Melissa confronts her family and reveals the dark secret she’s been keeping. How will they react? Find out during the conclusion of Melissa’s story.
    • 23. Christmas Day Shooting: “My Ex Tried to Kill Me!”

      14 Oct '20
      Four years ago, on Christmas Day, Stacy claims she was shot twice by her ex-boyfriend. Stacy claims she was left for dead and fighting for her life in the hospital, while her ex went on the run, sparking a nationwide search by the U.S. Marshals. Even though he was eventually apprehended and sentenced to 105 years in prison, Stacy says she is still haunted by that tragic day and worries her engagement to her fiancé, Chad, may not last because of her past. Dr. Phil shares the shocking 911 call
    • 24. “Our Daughter is Pregnant and Addicted to Heroin”

      15 Oct '20
      Beth wrote to Dr. Phil saying she fears for her stepdaughter, Teresa's, life because she has been using heroin for the past 10 years. Not only is Teresa using heroin every day, but she is 34 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. Teresa’s father, Barry, admits that he enables his daughter’s drug habit by continuously giving her money and paying her bills. Teresa’s mother, Karin, says if no one is going to step in to take care of Teresa’s baby, then she will fight for custody.
    • 25. Holly Gets Engaged!

      16 Oct '20
      Last season, Dr. Phil viewers met Holly, who was in love and engaged to two foreign men she met online, one Brazilian, the other Turkish. She has since dumped the Brazilian and gone to Turkey where she officially became engaged to her Turkish love, Gunes. But her mother, Linda, says Holly hasn’t been the same since her return. Linda says she blames it on one thing. Find out what that is and if Dr. Phil agrees with Linda. Plus, is Holly ready for marriage? Dr. Phil weighs in on that, too.