• Air date: 06 Jul '16 30 episodes
      Rob Dyrdek takes the funniest amateur internet videos and builds them into an episode of edgy, funny, and most importantly, timeless television.
  • List of Episodes (30)
    • 26. Chanel and Sterling XXXVI

      20 Sep '16
      Rob, Chanel and Sterling look for some "Everyday Peens", watch some videos get "Dog Bombed" and check out some people who have serious "Motor Skills".
    • 27. Jerry Springer

      20 Sep '16
      The legendary television host Jerry Springer joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to chant "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!", watch some "Beastdowns" and post some photos on "Injurgram".
    • 28. Chanel and Sterling XXXVII

      27 Sep '16
      Rob shows Chanel and Sterling the animal mastery of "Beast Lords", the tragedy of having a "Craptastrophe" and the dangers of flying "Foot Bombs".
    • 29. Jolene Van Vugt

      27 Sep '16
      Stunt person and Nitro Circus star Jolene Van Vugt stops by to get destructive with "Smash Happy", capture the perfect monkey moments in "Right Place, Right Monkey".
    • 30. Chanel and Sterling XXXVIII

      27 Sep '16
      Rob, Chanel and Sterling discuss the drunk ingenuity of "Drinkovators", explore the bizarre "Planet Of The Vapes" and test their palates for destruction in the "Taste Of Death".