• Air date: 07 Oct '15 30 episodes
      Rob Dyrdek takes the funniest amateur internet videos and builds them into an episode of edgy, funny, and most importantly, timeless television.
  • List of Episodes (30)
    • 1. 50 Cent

      08 Oct '15
      50 Cent helps Rob and the rest of the Ridiculousness crew kick off this season as the film in the MTV Studios NY.
    • 2. Action Bronson

      15 Oct '15
      Rapper Action Bronson joins Rob, Sterling, and Chanel to showcase his wrestling moves with "Bronsonmania," watch some "White People Dancing,"
    • 3. Mac Miller II

      22 Oct '15
      Rapper Mac Miller joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to get “Humpspired,” take a “Paincation,” and discuss the nuance of butt defenses in “Protect Your Hole.”
    • 4. Chanel and Sterling XXI

      29 Oct '15
      Rob, Sterling, and Chanel take a much needed “Karate Break”, try to figure out what’s wrong with some highly “Defective Pets”, and play a classic game of “Heads Or Tails?”
    • 5. Andy Bell

      05 Nov '15
      Nitro Circus stuntman, Andy Bell joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to take a look at some “Nitro Sideshows,” take a look at the phenomenon of “Street Prancing,”
    • 6. Machine Gun Kelly

      12 Nov '15
      Actor and rapper Machine Gun Kelly joins Rob to celebrate “Wild Boys,” fend off the “Fun Police” and learn you can never be too scared of “Sky Coffins.”
    • 7. Dude Perfect

      19 Nov '15
      On an all-new episode of Ridiculousness, trick shot superstars Dude Perfect joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to enjoy some “Dudebrations”, witness the pain of “Dud Perfect,” and learn about the dangers of “Bad Garretts.”
    • 8. Charlotte McKinney

      03 Dec '15
      Model and actress Charlotte Mckinney joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to tell some “Dirty Secrets”, taste some “All Natural Beef” and clench for the category “Spike My Butt”.”
    • 9. Chanel And Sterling XXII

      10 Dec '15
      Included: "Wookiees"; "Murder Machines"; and "Ticking Time Moms."
    • 10. Robbie Maddison

      17 Dec '15
      Rob, Stee-Lo, and Chanel meet with motorcycle madman Robbie Maddison showcase some “Mini Madd Asses”, cause some serious “Grammage”
    • 11. Chanel and Sterling XXIII

      07 Jan '16
      Rob, Chanel and Sterling dodge some “No Look Slaps,” hit the “Sensi-Button,” and experience the drama of “The Circle Of Life.”
    • 12. Paige

      14 Jan '16
      Rob welcomes WWE Diva, Paige, to learn what it’s like to be “Born Badass,” watch some “Everyday Divas” throwdown and learn there’s no better insults than some “Proper Smack.”
    • 13. Steelo Brim

      21 Jan '16
      It’s Sterling’s time to shine as Rob quizzes him with a “Steelo Vision Test,” the gang gets some “Trill Advice” and do all they can to avoid “The Brim Reaper.”
    • 14. Travi$ Scott

      28 Jan '16
      Travis Scott helps with "Getting Action Figured," "Antidote Side Effects" and "Masters of the Dark."
    • 15. Jordin Sparks

      04 Feb '16
      American Idol Winner, Jordin Sparks, joins Rob, Chanel and Sterling to get “Wet And Afraid,” watch some dogs go “Nuts About Balls” and learn it’s hard to breathe with “No Air.”
    • 16. Chanel and Sterling XXIV

      11 Feb '16
      Rob, Sterling and Chanel try out some “Competitive Sleeping,” experience the confusion of “Creature Shock” and go too hard on a “Sunday Doneday.”
    • 17. Diplo

      18 Feb '16
      Diplo helps save the day with "Peacekeepers" and helps with "Mad Indecent Block Parties."
    • 18. Ryan Villopoto

      25 Feb '16
      Motocross champion Ryan Villopoto helps with "Time To Retire" and "Workplace Throwdowns."
    • 19. Tyler Farr

      03 Mar '16
      Country music star Tyler Farr teaches Rob, Chanel and Sterling the healing power of “Redneck Therapy,” how to “Suffer In Peace” and what it means to have “Outside Junk.”
    • 20. Chris Pontius

      10 Mar '16
      Jackass and Wildboyz star Chris Pontius joins Rob, Chanel and Sterling get up close in some “All-Natural Weirdness,” dance with some “Party Boys,”
    • 21. Chase Elliott

      02 Jun '16
      Rob, Chanel and Sterling have NASCAR’s Chase Elliott talk about “Hall Of Fame Dads,” suffer a “Victory Lapse,” and get a helping hand from some “Personal Pit Crews.”
    • 22. Ja Rule

      02 Jun '16
      Rob, Chanel and Sterling are joined by rapper and reality TV star Ja Rule to “Keep It On The Green,” run in terror from “Ja Ghouls” and be driven crazy by “These Damn Kids!”
    • 23. Chanel and Sterling XXV

      09 Jun '16
      Rob, Chanel and Sterling keep their area free from "Space Invaders," nap hard after a "Slumber Punch," and see just how weird it gets when cats get their paws on "Too Much Nip."
    • 24. Sage the Gemini

      09 Jun '16
      Rob, Chanel and Sterling have rapper/producer Sage the Gemini on the show to find out if he's "Glide Or Die," get "Over Gassed," and announce to the world "I Love Sparks!"
    • 25. Sam Sadler

      16 Jun '16
      Rob, Chanel and Sterling are joined all the way from the UK by YouTube’s Sam Sadler to rock out to some “Pins and Needles,” get “Scared Forever,”.