Ridiculousness : Season 8

    • Air date: 06 Jul '16 30 episodes
  • List of Episodes (30)

    1. Chanel and Sterling XXVII

    • With a whole new stage, Rob, Chanel and Sterling "Do It For The Vine", bust out their 3D glasses for the category "3Diculousness" and watch some old folks slam in the "Grey Games".

    2. Eric Andre II

    • Comedian Eric Andre returns to check out some "Power Dicks", watch people go tongue to tongue in the category "Unexpected Mouth Mates" and get sticky with his favorite dressing.

    3. Rob Gronkowski

    • Rob welcomes NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski to learn what it’s like to be "Unwakeable", the dangers of being "Bus Blind" and experience the strange aggression of "Mild Boys".

    4. Chanel and Sterling XXVIII

    • Rob, Chanel and Sterling discuss a condition called "Temporary Fansanity", people who are "Quick To Cry" and our favorite summer sporting event, the "Bro Games".

    5. Leona Lewis

    • The crew is joined by multi-platinum singer/songwriter Leona Lewis to watch some of her fellow "Aisle Trolls", be misunderstood while "Speaking Leonese"

    6. Marcus Lemonis

    • Business guru Marcus Lemonis shows us his "Lemonis Face", teaches us the 3Ps of "People, Process, Pain" and finally discovers that "They Do Exist!".

    7. Kaitlyn Farrington

    • Olympic Gold Medalist Kaitlyn Farrington joins Rob, Chanel, and Sterling to talk about "Other Sochi Games", "Pokeaphobia" and what it means to be a "Virgin Larper".

    8. Hampton Yount

    • Comedian Hampton Yount joins Rob, Chanel and Sterling to check out the danger of "Risky Bits", listen to some "Next Level Narrators" and learn what it means to get "Hamspired".

    9. Chanel and Sterling XXIX

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo fly solo as they learn how dangerous it is to be born with "Turtle Blood", get in shape with "Beast 90x" and learn the advantages to being 100% "Prank Proof".

    10. Redfoo

    • Grammy-nominated recording artist Redfoo joins Rob, Stee-Lo and Chanel to talk about the "Legends Of Campfoo", going "Lights Out" and learn what it means to get "Party Rock’d".

    11. Metta World Peace

    • Basketball great Metta World Peace joins Rob, Sterling, and Chanel to talk about what it means to play "Metta Ball", having a job when you’re "Here For The Discount"

    12. Chanel and Sterling XXX

    • Rob, Chanel and Sterling spot some "Man Dolphins", hit some red "Bullseyes" and get wet in the category "Dammmmp Daniel".

    13. Bubba Wallace

    • NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace sits with Rob, Stee-lo and Chanel to drive fast and hard in "Trading Paint", play some "Next Level Games" and get into some road rage throwdowns in "Street Heat".

    14. Chanel and Sterling XXXI

    • Rob, Sterling, and Chanel go "Flame Dumb", test out their hand skills in "Snatch Masters", and slow-mo man’s best friend in "Goooooooddddd Boooooooyyyyy".

    15. T-Pain

    • Grammy-winning rapper and producer T-Pain joins Rob, Sterling, and Chanel to sweeten the sound of people’s slams in "T-Pain Your Pain", talk about "Hard 180s"

    16. Chanel and Sterling XXXII

    • Rob, Chanel and Sterling enjoy some "White Whines", attend an "Animals Anonymous" meeting and take a trip to the most dangerous suburb in the country "Slamburbia".

    17. Baddie Winkle

    • Rob, Chanel, and Sterling are joined by the coolest granny in the game, Baddie Winkle, who teaches us how to stay young in "Fountain of Baddie".

    18. Chanel and Sterling XXXIII

    • Rob, Chanel and Sterling see the secret skills it takes to be an "Undercover Badass", find a new way of "Gettin’ Paid" and learn that some things are simply "Unforgivable".

    19. DeMarcus Ware & Von Miller

    • Super Bowl 50 Champs DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller join Rob and the crew to try out for the "Swat Team", round up some "Attack Chickens", and file to the IRS to become "Fart Tax Exempt".

    20. Chanel and Sterling XXXIV

    • Rob, Chanel and Sterling take the "Running Man Challenge", explore the fear known as "Crap-nophobia" and learn what it means to be "Saved To Death".

    21. Wanda Sykes

    • Comedy icon Wanda Sykes joins Rob, Sterling, and Chanel to talk about what it means to have "Unpresidential Nipples", doling out "Momforcement", and the first ever "Wandamania".

    22. Chanel and Sterling XXXV

    • Rob, Sterling, and Chanel pay homage to some "Legendary Assists", bust up some public makeouts with "PDA Police", and find out why babies are nothing more than "Tiny People, Tiny Brains".

    23. Dillon Francis

    • Rob, Sterling, and Chanel hang out with artist/producer Dillon Francis to talk some "Wack Smack", learn how to party correctly in "They Did It Right"

    24. Dave England

    • Jackass' Dave England shows Rob, Chanel and Sterling what it takes to inspire a generation of "Poo Pros", gets careless with some "Bad Daddies" and the agony of getting "Butt Hurt".

    25. Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub

    • The hosts of The Fighter and The Kid podcast, Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub, join Rob, Chanel, and Sterling to talk about other "Fighters and Funny People".