Ridiculousness : Season 9

    • Air date: 19 Jan '17 27 episodes
  • List of Episodes (27)

    1. Chanel and Sterling XXXIX

    • On the Season 9 premiere of Ridiculousness, Rob, Chanel and Steelo get "Cropped Out," take a trip to their local "Hell Mart" and enjoy some delicious "Pumpkin Spice."

    2. Jamie Bestwick

    • Rob, Steelo, and Chanel are joined by BMX legend Jamie Bestwick to experience some serious "Vert Hurt," keep kids in their place with "Youth Slayers" and get over-caffeinated with "Rothrocked."

    3. Chanel and Sterling XL

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo celebrate a "Russian Thanksgiving," feel the wrath of some "Teeny Meanies" and plug in with "Virtual Retirement."

    4. Clinton Sparks

    • Music producer Clinton Sparks teaches Rob, Chanel, and Steelo how to make budget beats with "Sparks of Genius," get cultured with some "Massholes" and cause some serious mom damage with "Mama Trauma."

    5. Chanel and Sterling XLI

    • Rob, Chanel, and Steelo attend a "Russian Talent Show," check out some nasty "Kid Marks" and discover that "The World's Your Weapon."

    6. Danger Ehren

    • Jackass legend Danger Ehren teaches Rob, Steelo and Chanel the pain of "Getting Donkey’d," how to avoid "Dental Danger" and get adorable with some "Whiskey Pets."

    7. Chanel and Sterling XLII

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo learn a new game called "Traffic Tag," receive some "Dick Tips" and things get messy when they "Pop the Man-Pagne."

    8. Steve Wilkos

    • Talk show host Steve Wilkos joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to check out some "Surprise Titties," call "Stevecurity" and watch the "Highest Rated Category Ever."

    9. Chanel and Sterling XLIII

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo enter the "Snack Zone," learn the dangers of hiring "Budget Babysitters" and root on reckless golf cart drivers in "Country Club Drift."

    10. Michael Crossland

    • Motivational speaker Michael Crossland joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to teach us the "Crossland Method," show us what it means when your dog is "Cross-Bred" and visit the "Field of Nightmares."

    11. Teyana Taylor

    • Teyana Taylor joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to pay tribute to "Kid Nappers," tell us about "Birthday Assassins," and what it’s like to be in a "Lust Bubble."

    12. Chanel and Sterling XLIV

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo dive head first into some "Dead Pools," go into "Carrot Shock" and learn a valuable life lesson that "Everything Farts."

    13. The Chainsmokers

    • Grammy Award-winning duo The Chainsmokers join Rob, Chanel and Steelo to cringe at some "Biters," ride "Stolen Mattresses" and marvel at the magic of real life "Teleporters."

    14. Chanel and Sterling XLV

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo check out the fierce "Lawn Warriors," learn some wisdom in "Speak Your Mind" and witness some "Furry Fury."

    15. Vic Mensa

    • Hip hop star Vic Mensa joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to check out some close calls in "Still Alive," learn creative ways to "Save More Money" and get extra strange with "A Lot Going On."

    16. Chanel and Sterling XLVI

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo choke down some "Street Meat," party with a few "Sliter Sisters" and hit the stairs with some extreme "Slinkies."

    17. Jessie J

    • Singer-songwriter Jessie J joins Rob, Steelo, and Chanel to learn how to "Do It Like a Dude," hear some harsh truths in "Mom-Splaining" and watch the bodies slam in "Bang Bang."

    18. Chanel and Sterling XLVII

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo take a vacation to "Lake Painatonka," catch the quick hands in "Grabbies" and watch some unsuspecting people get "Effed From Behind."

    19. DJ Paul

    • DJ Paul helps with "Zap Happy," "Jugg Life" and "Beat Inspiration."

    20. Chanel and Sterling XLVIII

    • Rob, Chanel, and Steelo get jammed up in "Stuck My Life," take their chances in "Gator Gamblin'" and enlist in the "Gravy Seals."

    21. Young M.A.

    • Rapper Young M.A joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to talk about people who have "Hot Sauce," the meaning of "Red Lyfe" and the joy of "Cash Baths."

    22. Tami Roman

    • Tami Roman helps introduce clips

    23. Charlamagne Tha God

    • Radio and TV star Charlamagne Tha God joins Rob, Chanel, and Steelo to "Put Some Respeck on My Name," call out the "Donkeys of the Day" and realize some people are just "Dildo Dumb."

    24. Gene Dyrdek

    • Rob, Chanel and Sterling are joined by none other than Rob’s dad, Gene Dyrdek who teaches the gang about "The Power of Magnets," that it’s "Never Too Late" and the mysterious "Grey Gunners."

    25. Big Baby D.R.A.M.

    • Rapper Big Baby D.R.A.M. joins Rob, Chanel, and Steelo to get into some "Bad Brocolli," learn how to speak "Unclish" and fend off a few "Urban Predators."