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Romil And Jugal is streaming online on ALTBalaji and Youtube.

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Punjabi playboy Romil and shy Tam-Brahm Jugal are the new Romeo and Juliet. But what happens when their fighting families and orthodox society find out? A funky twist on the greatest love story of all time, this young and never-seen-before rom-com version is filled with masti, masala, emotion, laughter, songs, and drama that is guaranteed to leave you hooked for more!
Romil And Jugal is a romance, drama web-series starring Rajeev Siddhartha, Manraj Singh, Srishti Ganguli Rindani and Mandira Bedi. It is created by Nupur Asthana. Romil And Jugal is currently streaming at ALTBalaji and Youtube.

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Romeo and Juliet with a twist.

Great love. Greater love story. With the greatest twist ever. Romil and Jugal are the modern-day Romeo and Juliet.

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  • 10. A HAPPY ENDING... NOT!
    16 Apr '17
    16 Apr '17
    16 Apr '17
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  • 4/5
By Dustbin

Romil and Jugal (R&J) is a modern-day Indianised adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and quite evidently, the protagonists have been named after these characters. They are neighbours – cool dudes coveted by girls, but they are different. They like men. Jugal (Manraj Singh) is someone who has come to terms with his sexuality long ago in his early teens, and has made attempts to brush girls aside since then. On the other hand, Romil (Rajeev Siddhartha) is still struggling to accept himself, and pretends to be interested in girls due to obvious reasons. But destiny has planned to bring them together, and as you would expect it, hell breaks loose.

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