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Life Sahi Hai is streaming online on ZEE5.

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Life Sahi Hai' is a sitcom that revolves around the lives of four guys who have moved to Delhi to live independently for the first time. They have a tendency to land in uncomfortable and what for us are hilarious, situations all the time. While dealing with bosses, girlfriends and with each other, these guys end up in such challenging situations, which only they are capable of landing themselves in. While they are getting used to the newfound freedom, they realize that freedom isn't free. But despite all this, they can see the lighter side of life in everything, and keep believing that 'Life Sahi Hai'
Life Sahi Hai is a comedy, drama web-series starring Siddhant Chaturvedi, Tarun Jain, Suhail Nayyar and Abhishek Saha. Life Sahi Hai is currently streaming at ZEE5.

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The Bakchods Are Back!

Amit and Jasjit are joined by a new roommate - Vaibhav. Originally meant to keep them out of troubles he soon joins the two in often creating more trouble than them. This season the boys find themselves in troubles with their girlfriends, bosses, parents, neighbours and even the police! Shameless as ever, they breeze through their problems with the motto - 'Life Sahi Hai'. #trailer
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  • 3.5/5
By Dustbin

'Life Sahi Hai' is a tale of four friends Jasjit, Amit, Siddharth and Sahil who share a flat and go through everyday problems of staying with roommates. The first episode is titled The Maid. Clearly, it's one of the most important survival lesson of being bachelors. Getting a good 'bai' is a task in itself. You might finally discover God but not a good maid. They decide to go for professional maid services which they get after a lot of hassle. But men being men couldn't keep their carnal emotions on check as their bai (didi) is too hot to handle.

Despite being a director who loves to 'expose' what girls make their boyfriends go through, he has kept the first episode focusing on guys and...

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