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Nalayaks is streaming online on Youtube.

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This is the story of two best friends - Sandy and Laddu, studying in 11th standard in a government school of Delhi. Both are below average students in terms of marks, but Sandy is a clever chap and smart player whereas Laddu doesn’t use his brain before actions. That’s why, sometimes Laddu go through some embarrassing situations in public. One day, Sandy met a girl – the love his life. Sandy and Laddu embark on a journey to get their share of fate.
Nalayaks is a drama web-series starring Pawan Yadav, Rajat Verma, Umesh Rajput and Dheeraj Sood. It is created by Ameen Khan. Nalayaks is currently streaming at Youtube.

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User Review
  • 3.5/5
By Amish Gupta
Refreshing Teenage drama

It's been a while, since purely desi, unapologetically middle-class characters took to lead in a surprisingly entertaining and convincing teenage drama grappling with relationships, education, and budget.

'Nalayak' is is a tale of two dead beats, Sandy (Rajat Verma) and Laddu (Pawan Yadav) with futures as colorful as a monsoon sky. While they might not be book smart or street smart, their ambitions, however, surpass their bleak realities. Sandy falls for a girl way out of his league. In order to woo her, Laddu aids him and they devise a plan (inspired by Bollywood) of leaking math's board exam. With no resources or a plan at hand, harsh repercussions soon set in. All episodes manage to...

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