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Ladies Room 2016

This is a story of two besties and the mental adventures they go through in six different loos over the six-episode series. It is a show about modern young 'girl bros' struggling to grow up...
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  • 3/5
  • Relax and enjoy

Y-Films has done it again. And this time it is a comedy series about two adult women who are still trying to make sense of the adult world. Well, aren't we all?

These girls are mostly relatable with their everyday problems ranging from getting stuck in a public toilet with weed to random pregnancy scares to tragic plumber issues.

These girl-bros deal with the world unapologetically and sometimes they even succeed.

The show has lots of funny moments wrapped up in the friendship of Dingo and Khanna (quirky names, even quirkier characters).

I'll always suggest it for a casual day.


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