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“Mom, I’ll call you right back.” “Maa Abhi Nahin I’m busy.” “Mom I’m in a meeting.” Sounds familiar? A relationship we’ve all lived. A relationship we’ve often taken for granted. This is our story. We’ve just never paid attention to it. Until now.
Mom & Co. is a drama web-series starring Neliima Azeem, Ayush Mehra and Shreya Gupto. Mom & Co. is currently streaming at Youtube.

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  • 2.5/5
An original and honest attempt

This show features a out of the ordinary story of a mother Suhasini Joshi (Neelima Azim), who is trying to realize her long lost dreams of working professionally and her son Aditya Joshi (Ayush Mehra) in process to amend his relationship with his mother. Aditya, who is intially skeptical of his mother's abilities, finally comes around and supports her in an entrepreneurial journey.

A lot of things are just happening in the show and its really hard to distinguish their cause or a why. Story development lacks a meaningful narrative and goes on trying to deliver a lot of half-bakedideas.

Actors did as well as they could with clearly choppy writing. There are so many emotions and...

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