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“Mom, I’ll call you right back.” “Maa Abhi Nahin I’m busy.” “Mom I’m in a meeting.” Sounds familiar? A relationship we’ve all lived. A relationship we’ve often taken for granted. This is our story. We’ve just never paid attention to it. Until now.
Mom & Co. is a drama web-series starring Neliima Azeem, Ayush Mehra and Shreya Gupto. Mom & Co. is currently streaming at Youtube.

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'Mom & Co', a web series that stars Neliima Azeem, Aditya Joshi, Shreya Mukherji, and others.

Neliima Azeem plays a single mother who has brought up her son, Aditya Joshi, played by Ayush Mehra single-handedly. Ayush is one of the many people who are not very fond of their parents and take them for granted. Everybody who has ever tasted his Aai’s (mother) food has always praised it, giving hearty compliments, which go beyond just formality. Fresh out of job and working at a boring office, Aditya decides to open a business that will make it possible for his Aai’s food to reach much more hungry stomachs and satisfy souls.

The web series has an interesting premise, that of a mother and a...

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