Mom & Co. Review

  • 2.5/5
An original and honest attempt

A show with a fresh theme of a mother Suhasini Joshi (Neelima Azim) trying to realize her long lost dreams of working professionally and a son Aditya Joshi (Ayush Mehra) amending his relationship to her mother and coming in support of making her an entrepreneur is a good attempt but quite unexciting.

A lot of things are happening in the show but its really hard to distinguish their cause or a why. Story development lacks a meaningful narrative and just goes on about trying to deliver a lot of half-cooked ideas.

Actors did as well as they could with clearly choppy writing. There are so many emotions and absolutely no gradient when switching between them, one moment is joyous and the next feels like the end of the world. The dialogues are washed out and have nothing to wow.

While some may find dramatic reaction and gasps worthy of entertainment, I never developed a taste for it.

If Suhasini could harness her emotions better, the story would feel a lot more convincing and only if Aditya's character was developed enough to justify his narcissism, there would be no superficial problems, to begin with.

It's at most a one time watch especially for someone with a taste for soap operas.