is an social platform to have your movie and TV show collection, keep track your watchlist, latest trailers, songs and discuss among friends.
MyMovieRack gives you immense possibilities to dip inside movie/TV world. It works by making your experience personalized to your taste. It has an innovative and fun way of rating/discovering movies with tags(knows as feelings) like #inspiring, #mindBending. Apart from basic features like rate, review, watch later etc you have a personalized dashboard. In one glance at dashboard, you have access to
  • Trending trailers.
  • Air date of next TV episode you are watching.
  • Days left in next movie from your watchlist.
  • Recommendation based on your collection.

You can start watching your favorite Web-Series at MyMovieRack.

It is hard to write down everything. Why don't you try it once? Its free!!

These are MyMovieRack Endorsed users. They have contributed to the community by sharing their experiences in form of ratings, reviews, recommendations, comments, buzz and blogs . Moreover, majority of users love reading their reviews and approve of it. The Endorsed users get opportunity to be first to be recommended for following to new users and other entitlements such as free movie tickets, higher visibility, early access to new features etc.

This endorsement is earned by giving back to the community. Once you start doing the following, our system shall reward you with the privilege:

  • Review fresh movies as early as possible. Early review get more eyeballs.
  • Share your ratings/#feelings/recommendations for any movie or TV you watch. Feelings help to connect users immediately.
  • Be regular. Be active. Be social. The wider the reach, the higher are the chances to earn the feather.
After some time and views on your reviews, our system shall reward you with the precious. You can also request MMR for the same and we will follow due diligence in rewarding it. However, with Prestige, do come responsibilities; thus you will be expected to continue being a passionate contributor to our vision of making entertainment personalized. Cheers!!
MyMovieRack's ever growing community is always hungary for new movies, TV shows, documentaries and web-series. Based on our proprietary algorithm, we understand taste of each user and recommend relevant content to users. Discovery based on feelings lets users find new content.
MQ is a rough measurement of how much the community trusts you. You earn MQ by rating movies/TV shows, writing reviews, getting likes on your reviews. Basically anything which helps community to know about a movie better fetches you MQ.
Edit your rating by either clicking "Edit" or simply start rating again. You will find a delete button next to the "Update" button in the modal.