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CyberSquad is streaming online on ALTBalaji and Youtube.

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Too young to be cops. Too cool to be superheroes. They are a group of uber-cool teenagers, fondly known as CyberSquad.
CyberSquad is an adventure, thriller web-series starring Rohan Shah, Roshan Preet, Omkar Kulkarni and Jovita Jose. It is created by Abhay Chhabra. CyberSquad is currently streaming at ALTBalaji and Youtube.

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India's youngest cyber crime busters.

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  • 3.5/5
By Dustbin

Cybersquad is a series about teen aged crime busters who join hands and work undercover with the cyber crime branch. It is yet another “solve the case” kind of series but stand out as no one has ever focused on the technology based teenage shows and refreshing as it gives out something new in every succession.

It all begins when a schoolgirl Payal’s facebook account gets hacked and an MMS is made out of her personal photos. Jovita Jose aka Tia who has just joined the school a few months back decides to stand against it and tries to help her out. Tia is a bold and talented hacker who uses Omkar Kulkarni aka Rocky’s computer setup which is super cool with alarms and cryptographically...

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