Must Watch
Some of you have already probably seen it but if you have not, then this should be the next thing you watch. Humorously Yours has the capability to captivate and enthral you with its amazing humour. Very few series have the capability to attract consumers for its subsequent seasons, but Humorously Yours does it with ease and no trouble. My entire watch so far, through its seasons, has been that of fun and enjoyment and I would rather watch this again than try something new.
This show is a must watch and should be next on your to-watch list, or maybe, drop everything and watch it? You will not regret it, I promise.
Stand up comedians have been a part of our life now, with the increase in the number of people in the business, and the growth of the same. Like any other career, this too is not that smooth in the beginning.
Played Humorously yours. Wait! I've seen this style of showing Stand-up monologues in the beginning, oh please , did they copied "Seinfeld". These were my first thought for few minutes in the beginning. But fortunately no the show all the way is an original concept by tvf and addition to that another good one. it starred Vipul Goyal as Vipul, a struggling stand up comedian (more with the industry less with jokes) . Story entails us drama behind the comedy. You would get a new sense of respect for comedians after watching this. Amidst Surging of engineering based web series this is the life saver. It takes us behind the backstage of comedy and comedian. There are some applaudable performances by Rasika Dugal as kavya (Wife of vipul goyal), their chemistry gives the show a sweet spot and Vipul's best bad mate Bhusi (Abhishek Banarjee) . You are also in treat for some cameos by many hit comedians.
Tvf Humorously yours is a series that brings to you an insight into what goes into the life of a coming of age stand up comedian. #inspiring
It shows the struggling life of Vipul who is cheated by his own manager and then goes on to be his own manager, which too has its own problem. From being nothing, to going viral due to an accidental upload of his own video, the whole story revolves around him becoming a successful comedian. #feelGood
With comedians like Kanin Gill, Kenny Sebastian and Zakir Khan as guest actors, you can imagine how amazing this series would be! #LOLFunny
So get on to watching it, and find how the struggles and hardwork of Vipul makes him a famous comedian!
There are wonderful answers(reviews) written on HY already.

I am a big admirer of TVF. They have successfully and consistently churned out content which has connected with me as an audience.

Welcome to Humorously Yours, the life and times of Vipul Goyal; a stand-up comic who is on the brink of stardom. We see how his real life becomes immensely interesting material for him to perform onstage; the ups and downs of his relationship with his wife Kavya (played by Rasika Dugal); who happens to be the partner with a more stable income and job in the family. His friend Bhushi (played by Abhishek Banerjee) tags along with him; providing a cynical yet amusing take on his life.

This story is simple. What makes it effective is the way in which it is woven in real emotions, first on paper by Anandeshwar Dwivedi & Anant Singh (writers) and later on camera by Amit Golani (Director).

Its a pattern that TVF has followed. They start with a Bang. Ep 1, Ep 2 and Ep 3 are awesome with special appearances by a herd of Comic stars. Ep 4 was light, though I didnt enjoy much but it was good fun to watch 3 guys stoned. The best ep has to be Ep.5 (the finale).

I love Ep.5 for lots of things :

Kannan Gils act in a single scene. He is awesome and what he does for finale is more better.
Rasika mams brilliant advice.
Chairman Uncles and other society uncles roles.
Vipuls determination in preparation
Bushi`s quirky discussions with society elders.
At the end you are left with questions like,
- What was the joke Vipul shared with Chairman uncle?
- Did Vipul get a Parking Slot?

A wonderful series which can be watched again and again.
Stand up comedians have been a part of our life now, with the increase in the number of people in the business, and the growth of the same. Like any other career, this too is not that smooth in the beginning.

Vipul Goyal, the main character, is a young chap, trying to get a foot into the comedy industry. The show is majorly focused on the struggles of his journey to become a famous stand up comedian.

Vipul took a bite of reality when he met cons, who took advantage of his innocence & lack of knowledge about the industry. There were other people who actually supported him throughout and proved to be his real friends.
Sheer creativity and remarkable writing.
The Viral Fever (TVF"), the team of intellectuals behind "Pitchers", "Permanent Roommates", "Tripling" and several other awesome original contents, comes with new web series "Humorously Yours".
It tells the story of a stand-up comedian, who is judged and challenged, the problems he experiences in life, marriage, friendship and how he manages to make us laugh. It depicts what we never think and understand, in a humorous way.
I must say, we have been witnessing that TV shows have become unimaginative, nonsense and decayed. We see saas-bahu soap operas which are an illustration of insipid dispositions, mythological shows which do not have any substance but six-pack abs, reality shows which are more melodramatic than regular saas-bahu shows, fundamentally inventiveness is scanty these days.
These shows have entered our dining rooms or even kitchens with a bang and have demolished the basic idea of intellectual entertainment.
The youth of India is at the mercy of Hollywood TV series and the rest of TV audience is stuck to the content which is being served to homemakers and even working feminine gentry is gobbling around it.
So, we essentially require some respite, and TVF is doing it brilliantly. The writing, acting, direction, screenplay, everything is like a fresh breeze. It is conspicuous that it has the nexus of talented people and they are doing their best. "Humorously Yours" will make you fall in love with its absolute creativity, its lovely characters, its immaculate writing and original content.
Kudos people, you make India proud.
It takes us backstage and shows the drama behind a Stand-up comedian’s life. And it isn’t like Sienfield’s “a show about nothing” and has a lot of TVFisque elements to it. The perfect wife, the (super)asshole friend who’ll always be there for you and the amazing slice of life metaphors that run throughout the show.The lead character, Vipul Goyal, is funny on stage. But a lot goes into making those jokes funny. How real-life humour transcends to the stage and in a comedian’s material, is an interesting journey. Show is loosely based on Goyal’s life and has just two other main characters, Vipul’s wife Kavya (played by Rasika Duggal) and friend Bhusi (played by Abhishek Bannerjee, the “Tu Beer hai..” guy from Pitchers).
Humourously Yours features a few other standups every now and then, right from the introductory scene.
This show is KILLING it!
They have been making us laugh and feel good for a few years with their comedy sketches and webseries. But this original The Viral Fever (TVF) production shows you more than a glimpse of what happens behind all the comedy!
The real life stand-up comedian Vipul Goyal plays the fictional character Vipul with so much heart and sincerity that you'll often feel like you are following a real person's ups and downs.

Stuffed with loads of jokes and on stage performance clips from Vipul, it guarantees you a laugh ride. The show doesn't shy away from showing the struggles and politics of current Indian comedy scenario.

The show could use more funding for technical issues here and there and maybe work on the flow of every episode from the next season (I really hope there is a next season).
But with a such good content that shows us the today's metropolitan middle class lifestyle and strong male and female characters (a shout out to Rasika Dugal), you can easily overlook the minor mistakes.

Watch it to get inspired and laugh along with a stand-up comedian.
The struggles of being a standup comedian.
This show is and , though i felt a little dissapointed at times when i didnt like where the story was going.
This show is definitely worth a watch , and is interesting as well.
Yet another master piece from TVF. Melodious music with lovable characters. And they way they blend humor in one of the scenes in the finale is commendable.
Death scene ?
Piyush Arya
A well written series exploring the world of the standup comedy community.
a refreshingly clean comedy series with hits on the middle class daily journey