Mohammed Aakil Siddiqi
  • 3/5

It takes us backstage and shows the drama behind a Stand-up comedian’s life. And it isn’t like Sienfield’s “a show about nothing” and has a lot of TVFisque elements to it. The perfect wife, the (super)asshole friend who’ll always be there for you and the amazing slice of life metaphors that run throughout the show.The lead character, Vipul Goyal, is funny on stage. But a lot goes into making those jokes funny. How real-life humour transcends to the stage and in a comedian’s material, is an interesting journey. Show is loosely based on Goyal’s life and has just two other main characters, Vipul’s wife Kavya (played by Rasika Duggal) and friend Bhusi (played by Abhishek Bannerjee, the “Tu Beer hai..” guy from Pitchers).

Humourously Yours features a few other standups every now and then, right from the introductory scene.