College Romance stands true to its title. It roams around college, college life, college friends, and lots and lots of mess that goes around. Quite predictable , cliche , slowpaced and very low level of humor , this is the veto of the show. The low level comedy which you perform with your friends , cafe fun , college crush all this is clustered and presented in this series as a whole. The secrets in love that you share with your trust worthy friends and the riot that happens after that is all what you are going to experience in this show. This "timeliners" production can be watched on Youtube and targets the youth. It is a good series that for sure depicts all your goofy friends in college and has a stream of freshness in it.
I get it, teenagers are drawn to shows that reflect on their secretive desires and emotions, but at this point, college relationships seem to be the only original idea production teams manage to muster. The webspace is already flooded with cutesy shows, and 'College Romance' does nothing extraordinary to stand out from its counterparts.

'College Romance' is focused on a gang of three 3 friends (2 guys and a girl, surprise surprise) and their journeys on the primrose path of dalliance. Story lines are weak, scattered and lack focus. For the most part, dialogues are the same overused and worn out familiar cliches, just like the unimaginative characters. Performances aren't effortless and feel unnatural.

The show seems to be forcefully put together, as an attempt to just push more content out into the space and garner views with a catchy title and low-effort haste. My advice is to steer clear of this college romance until you've exhausted the incessant list of so many others out there.

It revolves three college friends – Naira, Trippy and Karan. Karan is boyfriend to the hottest girl in the college, while Trippy is trying to attract a fresh year student’s attention. Naira is the sensible girl in the group trying to make the guys realise the blunders that they might do. Trippy finally gets the attention of the new girl, but ends up thinking that she is giving him hints, when she is not. Karan ends up thinking that his girlfriend Deepika is adapting herself according to his needs as she is madly in love with him. And he is giving her hints about the same. So overall, the first episode is all about the hints.
The first episode of the series will definitely remind you of your own college days. It has captured the essence nicely. The three main actors are also very good in their act. All the characters are fresh and youthful thus, making a teen drama entertaining. The college campus and the atmosphere is creatively used and improvised. Although the topic of relationship is common, the execution is totally different.
Being shot in Delhi University you can see a Delhi swag in the language of the characters making it relatable. The series holds tackling aspects of college from lectures to canteen to fancy bikes, bunking etc. The writers of College Romance Kunal and Abhishek came up with a very amusing story with very believable characters. A college romance series showing a realistic portrayal of friendship and relationship and maintaining a balance between the two. Thus one may not get bored as there is no typical couple romance.
College Romance is a decent attempt at portraying the love woes during the college days. The performances of the cast are noteworthy.
Also, only thing that stirred up the Yawnmeter was that it was very similar to other web series with the same genres and didn’t had much unique elements in the show.
Yet, College Romance is a decent attempt at portraying the love woes during the college days. The performances of the cast are noteworthy.
An #entertaining series mixed with sweet instances of #friendship and #romcom at the same time. The plot tells the story of 3 BFFs Karan, Trippy and Naira who fall in love and their ridiculous yet romantic stories take off and how their love turns into total comic scenes . The whole series was #characterdriven and that is why with the help of splendid acting the trio aims to make this series a #mustWatch . This series really focuses on the college life of these people and how they enjoy each and every moment of their life and while doing that they fall in love with those people whom they were ragging.
College Romance is an Indian comedy web series by The Timeliners. It follows the story of three protagonists and their relationships and college life. The show is filled with cliched situations and dialogues. It looks like an adult version of Student of the Year. It has the same array of characters and the relationships between the characters. It looks like a fun time pass show but it really is made for amateur audiences. When you watch a lot of content you grow weary of this kind of narrative. Fun but not worth it.
Looking for something nostalgic, reminiscences of the past? This is a quintessential college drama, showcasing partying, cheating, fun, relationships, break-ups, everything that the 'cool' kids of the college did. Mind you, not a typical college after all. Anyways, if you're looking for say, an easy watch, go for it.
Merrily entertaining
College Romance, from the house of The Timeliners, is a beautiful and truely entertaining web-series. It will definitely bring back the college nostalgia, in the minds of the audience. Three college best friends, Trippy, Karan and Naira plays the pivotal roles. Their friendship is worth cherishing and is very beautiful and inspiring, as well.

The series continues through five episodes. You'll be reminded of your college crushes, first love and one will seem to live through the college life days, through thus web-series. Gradually, three of them finds their love in Raveena, Deepika and Bagga, respectively.

This web-series is pretty much relatable to college goers and teens and young adults, as they would definitely be able to get through each sequence, and even enjoy the comedy in the dialogues. The entire cast team has put up a great job. All the five episodes are available on the official page of The Timeliners, on YouTube. So, go and check them out!
College romance by Timeliners , touches the very sensitive chord in our hearts. With teenage romance as its backdrop, this series by the timeliners takes on a hilarious twists in breakups, love and friendship. From trying to breakup with a “dominating” girlfriend, the scenes deliver really heartwarming and funny scenes to searching for hints. This series will make all the college pass outs nostalgic since the type of antics shown by the college students, the budding romance, bunking scenes and cigarette breaks are all relatable to half of the college going population.

The actors Manjot Singh who plays trippy, Apoorva Arora who plays Naira and Keshav Sadhna potraying Karan justifies their respective roles as three best friends, their acting is genuine and should be much appreciated.
College Romance is a cute and light hearted web series. It shows a typical college friends gang with typical problems which they face in the college. From their non veg talks to crushes and relationships , it gives you all. College parts, freshers , and the one college trip we all talk about. It categorically talks about all the characters you can easily find in your circle. A feel good product from the Timeliners can be watched on youtube. The season has 5 episodes . It delivers light banter with complete commercial dialogue and friendly abuses. It is a worthy watch for teenagers.
amazingly crafted story of a group of youngsters having fun in the college life. It has everything we need in a college series- love, heartbreak, drama, friendship, college life, parties etc. Its is a must watch , and apt for college students and those who've passed out. just to feel the nostalgia and reliving the crucial years of college life.
It is an original series of " The Timeliners" and you can go stream it now on YouTube.
Happy Watching
Best Romantic Piece....
The Timeliner's newest web series College Romance offers a sneak preview into the college days.
It revolves around three college friends :- Naira, Trippy and Karan. Karan is boyfriend to the hottest girl in the college , while trippy is trying to attract a fresh year students attention. Naira is the sensible girl in the group trying to make the guys realise the blunders that they might do.
Trippy finally gets the attention of the new girl but things get complicated.
The first episode of the series will definitely remind you of your own college days. It has captured the essence nicely. The three main actors are also very good in their act.
College romance is a web series released by timeliners. It is about 3 love stories which start in a college. Every college has many types of love story. And this a show which dipicts three types of love stories. One love story is freshly new and just like the love at first sight between a senior and a fresher. The other story is between two students who behave like grown up adults and the way that they are very experienced in relationship stuffs. The other is like a normal yet entertaining love story in which the girl does not like certain things about the boy but eventually they figure out all that between them.
The show also tells about friendship and mostly based on the problems faced in a college relationship.
It is mainly about three bffs Karan, Trippy and Naira who fall in love and their romantic love stories starts. In the starting the story went a little slow but as the story continues you start enjoying their lifestyles and relating with your college love stories that you might have seen or experienced.
College Romance an amazing show based on love stories during college days. The Timeliners made a great show. This show beautifully portrays relationship during college days and how everyone manages those relationships. Every actor did a great job with their roles. This series consist of three friends who fall in love. They do everything to manage their relationship. It beautifully portrays the ups and downs of a relationship and the bond of friendship. This web series is quite entertaining and humorous. It’s a must watch for the youngsters out there who are in college. I personally liked the series very much because I am also a college student.
College romance is a web series by ‘The Timeliners’ about three polar-opposite yet best friends, Naira, Trippy and Karan and the humorous yet realistic issues they face in their respective relationships. It is an epitome of beautiful friendships, aesthetically pleasing relationships and the ever-stressful college life. The well-assembled cast with their astounding chemistry and side-splitting punch lines make it worth binge-watching and leave you craving for more. The show makes you nostalgic and makes you sigh with content at their positive outlook towards life along with their zeal to deal with everything together. The show is a definitely must-watch.

Fresh, Funny but don't adjust to it!
Web series like this give us a fresh little break from good but heavy content. This story told in a light paced manner seems very unburdening and the best thing is, it's stupid funny most of the times. Disclaimer for school kids: Don't adapt to anything shown here. Disclaimer for College Kids: No such need for a disclaimer, you probably know none of the stuff shown here is true anyways. But despite this being overly exaggerated, it still manages to make you laugh, smile, a little tinge of sadness too and it doesn't leave you thinking at all. Almost every episode is conclusive except one and that too isn't too big a mystery. Every episode makes you feel fresh. Yup, that's the only word I have, Fresh. Because that's exactly how you feel. Overall, go ahead and watch it because there's no specific mindset you need to carry for this. You can watch it whenever and wherever!