• 3.5/5
Fresh, Funny but don't adjust to it!


Web series like this give us a fresh little break from good but heavy content. This story told in a light paced manner seems very unburdening and the best thing is, it's stupid funny most of the times. Disclaimer for school kids: Don't adapt to anything shown here. Disclaimer for College Kids: No such need for a disclaimer, you probably know none of the stuff shown here is true anyways. But despite this being overly exaggerated, it still manages to make you laugh, smile, a little tinge of sadness too and it doesn't leave you thinking at all. Almost every episode is conclusive except one and that too isn't too big a mystery. Every episode makes you feel fresh. Yup, that's the only word I have, Fresh. Because that's exactly how you feel. Overall, go ahead and watch it because there's no specific mindset you need to carry for this. You can watch it whenever and wherever!