• Air date: 07 Jul '17 26 episodes
      After the resounding success of the first two seasons, EPIC Channel presents a revamped avatar of its Raja Rasoi series. EPIC Channel's Raja Rasoi series - titled Raja Rasoi Aur Andaaz Anokha - stands true to its name. While the lore and love of Indian food remains just as passionate, the new season presents a discovery oriented show format that transforms table-top cooking into an exciting food lab. Featuring renowned chef Ranveer Brar, the show will take you to his retreat an old-world bungalow basking in the laidback vibe of Goa and then along on a ride nostalgia and rediscovery; both personal and culinary. Ranveer's passion for culinary art makes him a perfect fit as the host for the latest season of the food series. He has dedicated this experimental streak and passion for food to his mentor Munir Ahmed, a quaint, ordinary yet passionate food enthusiast from the gullies of Lucknow who greatly influenced Brar while growing up in his hometown.
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    • 1. Beat the heat

      07 Jul '17
      In the first episode of Raja Rasoi Aur Andaaz Anokha, celebrity chef Ranveer Brar delves into the flavours and essence that come with changing seasons. He gives us an insight into how everything we eat affects our health and overall wellbeing. Over the centuries, numerous fruits and vegetables have not only satiated our appetite but also cooled us down in the scorching heat of summers. Perhaps that's when recipes like Dahi Pakhal, Aloo Poshto and Suran Fry came into existence and helped us cope
    • 2. Gaon Ka Swaad

      14 Jul '17
      Sometimes simple things bring back beautiful memories. And Chef Ranveer Brar has this epiphany while basking in the glory of daybreak. In this episode of Raja Rasoi Aur Andaaz Anokha, he extols the several virtues of modest, comfort food. He recreates Goan Ka Swaad with two delectable, wholesome dishes: Ragi Mudde and Litti Chokha. Hailing from Karnataka, Ragi Mudde is a powerhouse of multi nutrients that can be cooked with only two ingredients including Ragi (finger millet) flour and water.
    • 3. Bheem Ki Rasoi

      21 Jul '17
      While in exile, the Pandavas were obligated to live incognito for a year. Food-lover at heart, Bheem disguised himself as a chef called Vallabh in the kingdom of Virata during this period. According to one legend, when Vallabh assumed his duties, he didn't know how to cook so he whipped up a dish with an array of available vegetables that came to be known as Avial. In another story, the King of Travancore hosted a great feast but ran out of food and what was hurriedly cooked together became
    • 4. Flavours from Lucknow and Hyderabad

      28 Jul '17
      A dish beloved across the country is the Biryani. And amongst Biryanis one that stands apart is the Lucknowi Biryani. In the fourth episode of Raja Rasoi Aur Andaaz Anokha, Chef Ranveer Brar brings to you two delectable recipes: the first one is the Lucknowi Biryani and another dish that hails from Hyderabad, Haleem. He discloses lesser-known tips to cook an authentic Lucknowi Biryani and speaks of Turk-Afghan imprints on Hyderabadi cuisine.
    • 5. Safar Ka Khana

      04 Aug '17
      When it comes to planning long journeys, food is an essential part of the itinerary. In the fifth episode of Raja Rasoi Aur Andaaz Anokha, chef Ranveer Brar whips up the perfect travel-friendly meal comprising delicious dishes like Jahaazi Korma, Thekua, Bimbli ka Achaar and Thepla. Just like its name hints at, Jahaazi Korma was a dish invented to meet hunger pangs of Haj pilgrims who set out their journey on a jahaaz (ship). Chef Ranveer also narrates some beliefs associated with Thekua, the
    • 6. Memories Of Raaj

      11 Aug '17
      The British are now long gone, but they left behind a lasting effect on the Indian cuisine that is evident even today. Particularly reflective in the northern parts of India, you can see a proper blend of the Mughal and British influence on the culinary legacy and trends. In the sixth episode of Raja Rasoi Aur Andaaz Anokha, chef Ranveer Brar brings you two such recipes born in India and inspired by British dishes namely Mutton Ishtu and Ladykeni. He mentions how the former dish is a North
    • 7. Chaat

      18 Aug '17
      Fast foods comprise of the food items that are quick in terms of preparation as well as hunger satiation. When it comes to Indian fast foods, one would find a buffet of region specific fast foods items that have travelled and spread its taste from its origin to other places, throughout the country. Chaat is one such Indian fast food item that brings in the chatpatahat into the Indian cuisine. Chaat in varied forms are available in almost every place in India, but the authentic taste of the
    • 8. Accidental Cuisine

      25 Aug '17
      Accidents might generally be undesirable, but as far as culinary accidents go, we can't help but grin about some. Chef Ranveer cooks and reveals the story behind two unintentional delicacies from different states of India. To make something exciting from split milk, he gives the predictable paneer a miss, and instead prepares Chenna Poda. A simple yet brilliant dessert from Odisha that was a result of leaving an ingredient forgotten in the tandoor. In a mood to embrace harmless accidents, the
    • 9. Sadhya

      01 Sep '17
      As Chef Ranveer gushes about the sheer scale of Kerala’s cuisine, the Sadhya, a vegetarian Brahmin feast is in order. Originally inspired by the Thaal culture of Gujarat, Ona Sadhya could have as many as 64 items, all served on a plantain leaf. However, the one he creates for us is smaller. He first cooks the vegetable Thoran with its innovative use of coconut. He then demonstrates the Pachadi, a kind of raita; one from pineapple and another from the underrated beetroot. For something sweet,
    • 10. Royal Indulgence

      08 Sep '17
      Emperors and their oddities, cooks and their kitchen secrets... Chef Ranveer is feeling a little royal. To prepare something shaahi and uncommon, he chooses the Pardaiyen Raan, a recipe which is apparently 2300 years old. It's a dish that was cooked at King Alexander's feast. Chef Ranveer encrusts the mutton leg in a mask or 'pardah' made from salt that he himself fetches from the local salt pans. He then prepares the Murg Musallam, a recipe in which the chicken is cooked as a whole. It's a
    • 11. Culinary Legacy Of Goa

      15 Sep '17
      The land of Goa is blessed with its delicious seafood, spices from its foothills and fruits and vegetables from its plains. Its food has been influenced by diverse local and foreign communities. In this episode, Chef Ranveer forays into recipes from the Goud Saraswat Brahmin community of Goa. He starts by prepping for a Halwa with the nutty and special plantain from Moira itself. Then, he fries the famine-friendly Breadfruit, its slices covered with masala and rice flour. Later, he cooks the
    • 12. Main Dish From Fruits

      22 Sep '17
      To reap a jackfruit, Chef Ranveer climbs up a tree! With this ancient Indian fruit, he makes Katthal Ka Muzaffar, a sweet rice dish. He whips up a chaat from boiled jackfruit seeds, mint, coriander and spices. Then, using grated raw mango, he makes Kachche Aam Ki Kheer laced with gulab jal. A Pineapple and Prawn Curry? Yes, that's what Chef Ranveer makes next. We learn that the use of certain spices and pineapple is common in the Tamilian recipes of India and Sri Lanka. For this dish, he creates
    • 13. Marshal Cuisine

      29 Sep '17
      With an uncle who was an Officer in the army, Chef Ranveer had the chance to share meals with soldiers as a child. From the many interesting dishes that he had then, he recreates the phenomenally spicy Andhra style Green Chili Chicken. He also makes a dish that used to be made in the barracks of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It's a creamy potato and shallots soup inspired by the French soup Vichyssoise. Lastly, he makes Chawal ki Pinni. These ladoos used to be made for Sikh soldiers stationed in France
    • 14. The Exotic Northeast

      06 Oct '17
      The northeast of India is remarkable for its simple, earthy flavours and aspiring way of life. Enthralled by the same, Chef Ranveer visits a Manipuri restaurant in Goa called Meiphung. Manu Bhai is amazed by uncommon ingredients from there like Bhut Jolokia, the spiciest chili in the world, Naga Dal and Devil's Eggplant. Chef Ranveer tries his hand at Manipuri cooking with a chicken and bamboo shoot curry, and two salads called Singju and Eromba. With farm to table, sustainability and respect
    • 15. Lucknow Ki Subah

      13 Oct '17
      A common man's dish which snuggled its way into the royal kitchen of the Nawabs, the Nihari is a mutton stew from Lucknow. As it takes hours to cook, it's only fitting that Chef Ranveer is up in the wee hours of the morning to prepare this delicacy. One of the baffling traits of a Nihari is the Nihari masala. It's a mix of 28 spices, each of which is named by Chef Ranveer from memory! As dawn finally appears, it's time for this Lucknowi breakfast with Manu Bhai. Chef Ranveer also makes a flaky,
    • 16. Food Of The Gods

      20 Oct '17
      Indian mythology is replete with tales in which food plays an interesting role. With mythologist Devdutt Patnaik as his special guest, Chef Ranveer plans a meal of Vidur Ka Saag, Maach and Bhaat. The saag has an unsuspecting ingredient - chopped banana skins! Devdutt tells Ranveer about the significance of Vidur ka saag in Mahabharat. Ranveer is suitably impressed. For the maach, it's fish with a spread of raw mango and mustard, steamed in a patori style. And there's delicious Gobindobhog rice
    • 17. Forgotten Recipes

      27 Oct '17
      Sometimes recipes get lost over time. Almost. Chef Ranveer gets his hands on a 10 year old recipe of Murg Choley, hand written and signed by the chef who created it at a small hole in the wall eatery, at New York. Chef Ranveer also cooks the yummy Mutton Beliram. Its namesake Chef Beliram was a very sought-after street chef of Lahore but here's a twist he was vegetarian. Manu bhaiya is suitably bewildered and impressed with the taste.
    • 18. In The Jungle

      03 Nov '17
      In a mood to eat Shikari food, Chef Ranveer makes a trip into the jungle with Manu Bhai! He makes Junglee Maas, a simple royal dish which was innovated in the forest. He speaks of the hunting history of Rajasthan and invader influence on its cooking methods.Like the Bedouin tribe's hot stone cooking, Chef Ranveer prepares Patthar ka Gosht on a stone slab with patthar ke phool. Upon seeing all this, Manu Bhai gets nostalgic and breaks into a beautiful rustic song.
    • 19. Food As Traditional Medicine

      17 Nov '17
      Talking about traditional Indian medicine, Chef Ranveer turns our attention to our own backyard, quite literally. In the olden days, food itself was medicine for everything. All we had to do was look in to our kitchens and kitchen gardens and be aware of what's around. With neem leaves from Juliet aunty's backyard, Ranveer makes a catfish curry with neem leaves and shares the medicinal properties of catfish and neem. The recipe is from a tribal region in Chattisgarh. He makes sure the dish has
    • 20. Farm

      24 Nov '17
      Chef Ranveer is surrounded by an exciting variety of fruits, vegetables and spices on his friend's farm. He can't possibly leave without cooking. So there he is, making a pumpkin curry. He is fascinated not just by the versatility of pumpkin but also by the fresh spices he will use in the curry. Fresh kokum, fresh nutmeg, fresh black peppercorns and clove leaves. He roasts some mackerel in galangal and banana leaves and speaks about the tradition of cooking in leaves present throughout Asia. For
    • 21. Colva Beach

      01 Dec '17
      Colva Beach in the south of Goa, with its Portuguese heritage is where traditional fishing families reside. With the very sturdy mackerel, Chef Ranveer prepares Bangda Cutlet, a local delicacy. He smokes the fish with a marinade of local pepper Tirphal. He also cures whitebait fish, cooking it in a hot sand pit. And then talking about the culture of eating dried fish, Chef Ranveer fries dried king fish in coconut oil. With so many cooking techniques and types of fishes, it's a feast on the beach
    • 22. High In The Himalayas

      08 Dec '17
      Chef Ranveer makes Kahwa from Kashmir in the traditional Kashmiri kettle called Samovar. With cinnamon, cardamon, saffron and almonds, the slow tea-brewing creates a pahadi ambience. He then makes Yarkhandi Pulaao which came to India through the ancient Silk Route. He also talks of the different teas in the high mountains. Speaking of millets in India, Ranveer makes a Jhangore ki Kheer from barnyard millet, a millet that he came across in a small village in Rishikesh. The Chef also talks about
    • 23. Portuguese Influence

      15 Dec '17
      Chef Ranveer is thrilled to be invited for lunch at Chef Urbano Rego’s home. Chef Urbano is popularly known as the pioneer of signature restaurants in India and is a legendary seafood chef. Ranveer bakes toddy-fermented bread for the legendary Chef in wood-fired oven at a Portuguese bakery or padaria. The two chefs prepare delicious dishes of Portuguese heritage like Caldo Verde soup, Coriander Prawns and Chicken Cafreal.
    • 24. Tribal Food

      22 Dec '17
      The tribal art of hay cooking is a dying art, but something that Chef Ranveer always wanted to try his hand at. First, he begins with going crab-hunting with Salvadore, an experience that was on his bucket list for a long time. Along with the crabs he has also sourced some fresh mackerel from a fisherwoman while gliding down the river in a boat. Also in his shopping bag are oysters. The ones found in Goa are usually clumped up together but Ranveer manages to find some single ones. The crab and
    • 25. Kebabs

      29 Dec '17
      Manu Bhai is absolutely thrilled as the day of making kebabs is here! Chef Ranveer prepares Bihari kebab, a rustic kebab that was very popular in East Bengal during the rule of the Nawab of Murshidabad. He then makes the coarse Chapli kebab, also known as Pishauri kebab which came from Afghanisthan to Peshawar. He deconstructs the lazzat e taam, the mix of 32 spices that are used in the making of the Galouti kebab from Lucknow - aromatic, sharp and earthy. He regales us with stories of the