• Air date: 26 Oct '18 14 episodes
      After the resounding success of the first two seasons, EPIC Channel presents a revamped avatar of its Raja Rasoi series. EPIC Channel's Raja Rasoi series - titled Raja Rasoi Aur Andaaz Anokha - stands true to its name. While the lore and love of Indian food remains just as passionate, the new season presents a discovery oriented show format that transforms table-top cooking into an exciting food lab. Featuring renowned chef Ranveer Brar, the show will take you to his retreat an old-world bungalow basking in the laidback vibe of Goa and then along on a ride nostalgia and rediscovery; both personal and culinary. Ranveer's passion for culinary art makes him a perfect fit as the host for the latest season of the food series. He has dedicated this experimental streak and passion for food to his mentor Munir Ahmed, a quaint, ordinary yet passionate food enthusiast from the gullies of Lucknow who greatly influenced Brar while growing up in his hometown.
  • List of Episodes (14)
    • 1. Food Of The Poets

      26 Oct '18
      Chef Ranveer Brar begins a new chapter of Raja Rasoi aur Andaaz Anokha in company of eminent poets like Mirza Ghalib and Rabindranath Tagore. He introduces us to the special relationship shared between Ghalib and mangoes and cooks his favorite dish Qaliamba, a combination of Kebab and Muramba. He also gives us an insight into the world of poetry which, much like cooking, is all about putting the right ingredients together. Paying tribute to Tagore, the Chef prepares his favourite
    • 2. Kashmiriyat

      02 Nov '18
      In the upcoming episode Raja Rasoi Aur Andaaz Anokha Season 2, Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar explores the flavours of Kashmir. He prepares Bom Chaunt Wangun and Nadru Palak , mouth-watering local delicacies of the state. He also prepares Gucchi Pulao out of the rare and super expensive Gucchi mushroom. Enjoy Ranveer and Mannu bhaiya's unbeatable chemistry.
    • 3. Railways & Dak Bungalow

      09 Nov '18
      Ranveer decides to revisit the famous recipes of the railways and the dak bangla. He prepares the Railway Mutton Curry, an accidental dish born on a train. He goes on to cook the dak bangla Roasted Chicken along with Caramel Rose Custard a routine feature at the Dak bangla.
    • 4. Farmers

      16 Nov '18
      Ranveer finds some fresh vegetables during his visit to the nearby farm that make way into his kitchen. He then cooks the Naudhari Bhindi in traditional Konkani style and Turai with milk in the Punjabi fashion which he learnt from his grandmother. He also prepares a Popati, a quintessential Konkani cooking technique known to the local farmers. The day ends with a wonderful meal shared between Ranveer, Mannu Bhaiya, Mama - the gardener, and Thakur - Ranveer's farmer friend.
    • 5. Kayastha Kitchen

      23 Nov '18
      Indian cuisine is a mishmash of various local and foreign influences over the centuries, drawing from the experiences of migrants, invaders, and visitors to the country. The Kayastha community is a Hindu community influenced heavily by Mughal cooking styles. Chef Ranveer Brar explores some of their dishes.
    • 6. Tibetan Food In India

      30 Nov '18
      Manu Bhaiya finds a Tibetan butter tea-maker and gets all excited to eat a Tibetan meal. Chef Ranveer Brar prepares Laping, Momos, and Tigmo to have with the butter tea. This meal is shared with a Tibetan aunty, who Mannu Bhaiya invites home to surprise Ranveer, in this episode of Raja Rasoi Aur Andaaz Anokha Season 2.
    • 7. Crossover Cuisine

      07 Dec '18
      Celebrating cross-cultural marriages across cultures and regions, Chef Ranveer Brar brings out stories and dishes from royal kitchens that evolved through cross-cultural interactions. He cooks his version of delicious Fillet di Bhetki from Cooch Behar and Sekwa Masu, a Nepali dish from a royal house in Madhya Pradesh, in this episode of Raja Rasoi Aur Andaaz Anokha Season 2.
    • 8. Iranis In India

      14 Dec '18
      This episode is mixed with the aura of Persia and Iran and the way their cultures brought new flavours to the Indian food. As chef Ranveer prepares Berry Pulao and Gormeh ki sabzi, he talks about the Sufism and Farsi language that came from Persia. He also gives an insight of the Irani culture that became the soul of Mumbai, after the migration of Iranians in the 1800s.
    • 9. Unusual Vegetarians

      21 Dec '18
      Ranveer decides to cook for his friend Saeed Mirza, a delicious fare consisting of the Lazeeza, Moradabadi Dal and Kebab-e-Burghul , while they converse about the Mughal history and their penchant for all things vegetarian!
    • 10. Maratha Influence

      28 Dec '18
      A trip to the beach to a look at the old Maratha fort inspires Ranveer to cook the food of the Marathas, reminiscing their valorous stories and culinary expertise, he prepares a scrumptious Baroda Mutton Pulao and and Barbat from Gwalior.
    • 11. East Vs West Bengal

      04 Jan '19
      Ranveer Brar is joined by his Bengali friend Joy to savour the mouth-watering Bengali fare cooked by him. Ranveer prepares a dish from East and another from West Bengal, while discussions on the Illish, Posto, and all things Bengali follow.
    • 12. Food From Ancient Cookbooks

      11 Jan '19
      Another sleepless night full of ideas and inspirations pushes Ranveer to the kitchen, where he tries to put together some recipes from ancient cookbooks and manuscripts. There comes a Purabhattaka - an aubergine dish, followed by Zard Brinj - a recipe from the Mughal court, and then a preparation of meat, Patupaka - an ancient recipe with its roots in the Ayurvedic wisdom.
    • 13. Tamil Flavours

      18 Jan '19
      A trip to the fish market and the day's menu is set. Ranveer prepares a very special fish dish straight from the south. He cooks a fantastic Tamilian fare with Meen Kuzhambu, Nadar Mutton Varuval, and coconut rice, remembering the less-spoken culinary delights of the Nadars and Mudaliyars from Tamil Nadu.
    • 14. Indian Influence Overseas

      25 Jan '19
      Ranveer takes inspiration from a day trip to the Synagogue to explore the cuisine of the expats. He puts together the Indian dishes that are now ruling the international palette and have taken a shape of their own, such as the Dholl Puri and the Pelau from the Jahaji cuisine.