• Air date: 03 Jan '22 152 episodes
      The final season of the long-running show, Neighbours.
  • List of Episodes (152)
    • 1. Episode 8752

      03 Jan '22
      Terese is pulled to safety, but will she get help? Ned decides he’s all in with Amy once and for all, and the poly relationship is back on track.
    • 2. Episode 8753

      04 Jan '22
      Kyle has unwittingly hired Mick Allsop as the wedding planner.
    • 3. Episode 8754

      05 Jan '22
      Amy decides to come clean to Zara. Will Mick keep his wedding planner job?
    • 4. Episode 8755

      06 Jan '22
      Harlow’s still on Glen’s back about what he’s hiding in his safe. Roxy has yet to secure her bridesmaids. Terese has a support network committed to helping her, but she’s tired of being babysat.
    • 5. Episode 8756

      10 Jan '22
      Terese expects judgement and backlash from Glen after he catches her in a moment of weakness. David asks Paul over for dinner, but the evening starts off badly. Roxy is ecstatic to have Gemma back in town ahead of the wedding.
    • 6. Episode 8757

      11 Jan '22
      Leo’s pitch lunch for his barrel investment gets off to a good start, but he’s thrown by the appearance of Vera Punt. Roxy is deeply hurt to learn that Gemma doesn’t support her wedding. Later, as Roxy celebrates with her bridal party, she’s confronted by a furious Harlow.
    • 7. Episode 8758

      12 Jan '22
      Roxy is furious with Harlow for her outburst, and confronts Harlow for checking out of her life. It's full steam ahead for the wedding as Kyle and Roxy work with Mick to make all the plans. Amy's struggling to keep Zara happy and turns to Toadie and Susan for help.
    • 8. Episode 8759

      13 Jan '22
      Zara takes Hendrix's advice and asks Amy to cool things with the guys while she's there. Melanie notices Glen's intense behaviour around Terese's discovery of her wedding ring. The more time Britney spends with Leo, the closer she feels to him.
    • 9. Episode 8760

      17 Jan '22
      Glen is thrown when Terese offers him a room at her place, hoping he will be her sober companion. Levi's left reeling by a false accusation from Zara, and Amy doesn't know what to believe. Zara's selfish behaviour continues to frustrate Toadie.
    • 10. Episode 8761

      18 Jan '22
      Toadie is horrified to discover the jelly shot that was given to Nell was full of vodka, thanks to Zara. Roxy and Kyle are excited for their hen and stag parties, but things take a turn when Roxy finds out Mick has managed to upset everyone in the wedding
    • 11. Episode 8762

      19 Jan '22
      Despite Roxy's defeated declaration that the wedding is off, Kyle refuses to give up and everyone pitches in to help make the day happen. Will Roxy reconsider? With Glen and Terese under one roof, it's a pressure cooker of unspoken frisson.
    • 12. Episode 8763

      20 Jan '22
      Kyle and Roxy head down the aisle, but a storm hits Erinsborough and the day looks set to end in tragedy.
    • 13. Episode 8764

      24 Jan '22
      A week has passed since the storm, and the residents of Ramsay Street are picking up the pieces.
    • 14. Episode 8765

      25 Jan '22
      Ramsay Street rallies around Leo. Terese moves in with Paul. Levi meets a mysterious stranger.
    • 15. Episode 8766

      26 Jan '22
      Clean-up starts at the vineyard, Terese and Paul grow closer, while the mystery woman has her sights set on Levi.
    • 16. Episode 8767

      27 Jan '22
      Levi can’t say no when Sheila sets him up on a date with the intriguing Freya. Amy, stressed about supporting herself and Zara without the Flamingo Bar, makes an impulsive purchase to stay afloat. Zara’s hopes for a fresh start at Erinsborough High are dashed.
    • 17. Episode 8768

      31 Jan '22
      Amy's struggles with Zara take a deadly turn. Kyle and Roxy face a hard situation on their honeymoon.
    • 18. Episode 8769

      01 Feb '22
      Abandoned by Zara, Amy's in dire straits; struggling to breathe and unable to save herself. Paul is confident he and Terese are on the road to reconciliation.
    • 19. Episode 8770

      02 Feb '22
      Leo knows someone is responsible for Britney's death, and he's going to make them pay. Paul convinces Terese to return to marriage counselling.
    • 20. Episode 8771

      03 Feb '22
      Leo is on the brink of exhaustion when every parent's worst nightmare strikes. Levi can't help falling for Freya, but her own intentions remain shrouded in mystery.
    • 21. Episode 8772

      07 Feb '22
      Leo's consumed with guilt and fear as Abigail is rushed to hospital. Amidst a Ramsay Street cricket match, Levi uncovers why Freya came to Erinsborough in the first place.
    • 22. Episode 8773

      08 Feb '22
      Freya's true intentions are explosively revealed. Running out of time and money, an impulsive Amy moves in with Toadie without telling Zara.
    • 23. Episode 8774

      09 Feb '22
      After catching Freya red-handed, Roxy questions her intentions with Levi. Zara is eager to impress the popular girls. Paul does what's necessary to keep Terese close.
    • 24. Episode 8775

      10 Feb '22
      Ramsay Street is worried about Leo, overwhelmed with grief and guilt. Paul's risky deceit pays dividends.
    • 25. Episode 8776

      14 Feb '22
      David and Karl investigate Paul's mystery illness. Leo can't face being a single parent, and with nowhere left to turn, he's about to do something drastic.