• Air date: 03 Jan '22 152 episodes
      The final season of the long-running show, Neighbours.
  • List of Episodes (152)
    • 126. Episode 8877

      11 Jul '22
      Glen and Kiri struggle to make peace meanwhile Terese refuses to let Paul have his way and Mackenzie faces a test of strength.
    • 127. Episode 8878

      12 Jul '22
      Paul's priorities are challenged and Amy runs into a surprising encounter.
    • 128. Episode 8879

      12 Jul '22
      Terese and Paul say bitter goodbyes, David's situation takes a dramatic turn for the worse and Melanie struggles to run away from a past she can't escape.
    • 129. Episode 8880

      13 Jul '22
      An overwhelmed Melanie reveals her insecurities about Sonya to Amy. When Mel goes to clear her head, Amy divulges her struggles to Toadie.
    • 130. Episode 8881

      13 Jul '22
      Freya considers a radical plan to secure David's safety, Bryon's side-hustle heats up and Mackenzie struggles to hide her deepest pains.
    • 131. Episode 8882

      14 Jul '22
      Chloe and Kiri make a decision about their future. Meanwhile Byron stumbles upon an unexpected connection.
    • 132. Episode 8883

      14 Jul '22
      Mackenzie and Grant's relationship enters another perilous situation and Nicolette investigates Byron even as he begins training his suspicions on Clive.
    • 133. Episode 8884

      18 Jul '22
      The Kennedys welcome a surprise guest and Amy struggles with love as Zara begins to wonder if the perfect one for her might be closer than they think.
    • 134. Episode 8885

      18 Jul '22
      Zara discovers an unlikely ally in her quest to help Amy and just when Paul begins to get overwhelmed at work, Terese steps in to help behind the scenes.
    • 135. Episode 8886

      19 Jul '22
      Emma's demands escalate and become even more stressful for Freya and Aaron meanwhile Harold attempts to stay out of Zara's plan for Toadie and Melanie.
    • 136. Episode 8887

      19 Jul '22
      Nicolette and Byron finally get incriminating evidence in their investigation and Terese has to face the facts after her surprising offer to Paul.
    • 137. Episode 8888

      20 Jul '22
      Will David's risky plan cost him?
    • 138. Episode 8889

      20 Jul '22
      David struggles in a new type of imprisonment, an old friend of Paul's arrives and makes an interesting offer and Harold is forced to confess.
    • 139. Episode 8890

      21 Jul '22
      The Kennedys are shocked by the arrival of their son Malcolm, who shows up unannounced from the UK
    • 140. Episode 8891

      21 Jul '22
      Izzy picks the wrong time to drop by the Kennedy's, Harold tries to make amends for his mistakes and Melanie and Angie start down the path of Conflict.
    • 141. Episode 8892

      25 Jul '22
      Karl gets caught off guard by a huge issue, Nicolette and Kiri struggle to get things together and Jane goes cold on Clive.
    • 142. Episode 8893

      25 Jul '22
      Susan and Karl are forced to make a difficult decision, Paul gets ever nearer to closing a deal with Shane and Jane decides she's had enough with Clive.
    • 143. Episode 8894

      25 Jul '22
      Paul's efforts with Shane fall to pieces, making him confront the troubling reality, Chloe keeps a secret and an old friend suddenly returns.
    • 144. Episode 8895

      26 Jul '22
      Amy finds herself in between a rock and a hard place, Paul and Terese talk about the big choices coming up and a pair of former residents train their eye on Ramsay Street.
    • 145. Episode 8896

      26 Jul '22
      Toadie tries to come to terms with Amy's sudden confession, Susan's life takes another turn for the worse and Chloe gets a surprise visitor with an unexpected proposal.
    • 146. Episode 8897

      26 Jul '22
      Susan makes a stand, Chloe hopes her luck will stay strong and Jane gets encouragement to not give up on Clive.
    • 147. Episode 8898

      27 Jul '22
      Nicolette and Jane get back into old habits, Susan starts to doubt her decisions and Toadie makes a bold move to prove his love.
    • 148. Episode 8899

      27 Jul '22
      Terese fights to protect Paul, an old friend of Toadie's arrives and Jane struggles with Nicolette's decision.
    • 149. Episode 8900

      27 Jul '22
      Glen finally realises the truth, Izzy makes some dangerous decisions and the exodus from Erinsborough continues
    • 150. Episode 8901

      28 Jul '22
      Karl and Susan prepare to face off against Izzy, Toadie and Melanie's wedding plans progress and a new arrival ruins Clive's grand gesture to Jane.