• Air date: 03 Jan '22 152 episodes
      The final season of the long-running show, Neighbours.
  • List of Episodes (152)
    • 26. Episode 8777

      15 Feb '22
      Aaron and David are thrown by Leo's request. Roxy is convinced that Freya's hiding something. Amy struggles to keep her head above water.
    • 27. Episode 8778

      16 Feb '22
      Freya is shaken by Roxy's break-in and pushes Levi away. Amy's feeling lonely and hard done by when an unexpected gift brightens her world. Fed up with Zara's insolence, Jane comes down on her hard.
    • 28. Episode 8779

      17 Feb '22
      Zara's chuffed to learn Aubrey and Sadie pulled the prank on Jane to get revenge. Triumphant Paul convinces Terese to invite the family over to celebrate their reconciliation.
    • 29. Episode 8780

      21 Feb '22
      David is still suspicious about Dr Russell, which leads to a shocking discovery. An absent Leo pulls further and further away from Abigail. Everyone urges him to get his act together.
    • 30. Episode 8781

      22 Feb '22
      Terese is furious Paul manipulated her and his deceit destroys their reconciliation. Afraid of losing her, Levi invites Freya to a romantic date. Roxy's mission has a breakthrough.
    • 31. Episode 8782

      23 Feb '22
      Levi is left reeling as Freya admits to manipulating him. Fed up with the tension in Number 30, Mackenzie looks for a way out. Zara's wild streak flares up as she crosses a major line.
    • 32. Episode 8783

      24 Feb '22
      Sheila and Kyle distract Levi from his heartbreak. Enduring constant snigering and teasing from her students, Jane finally cracks.
    • 33. Episode 8784

      28 Feb '22
      Aaron's worried about Abigail, but he and David can't agree on what's best for her. Mackenzie's fed up with Hendrix's support of Zara. Is Zara just a troublesome teen, or a disaster waiting to happen?
    • 34. Episode 8785

      01 Mar '22
      David's reeling from Aaron's decision to take steps to become Abigail's legal parents. Nic is nervous about the complications of co-parenting Abby and Isla. Paul's attempt to win back Terese backfires.
    • 35. Episode 8786

      02 Mar '22
      Levi's determined to move on from Freya but worries she'll hang around in Erinsborough until she finds Gareth. Terese celebrates the start of a new chapter in her life.
    • 36. Episode 8787

      03 Mar '22
      Levi is held at gunpoint by an agitated, paranoid stranger. Zara's troublesome reputation spreads like wildfire across Ramsay Street. Glen is looking for ways to lift Terese's mood.
    • 37. Episode 8788

      07 Mar '22
      Amy contemplates sending Zara back to Cairns. Levi struggles with whether or not to help Freya.
    • 38. Episode 8789

      08 Mar '22
      Leo is still torn over whether to give up Abigail. Levi goes against his family's advice and decides to help Freya track down Gareth.
    • 39. Episode 8790

      09 Mar '22
      Leo's decision has thrown everyone for a loop, leaving his brother overwhelmed. Paul's health has been declining but his family ignore him, believing he's faking to get Terese's attention
    • 40. Episode 8791

      10 Mar '22
      Every minute that passes with Paul unconscious is costing him. Freya and Levi chase up a lead on Gareth. Is their search only putting them in even more danger?
    • 41. Episode 8792

      14 Mar '22
      Hendrix hasn't told Mackenzie about the kiss with Zara, hoping it will blow over. Aaron discovers David has been telling his friend Dean all about their issues and is furious.
    • 42. Episode 8793

      15 Mar '22
      Paul can't help feeling abandoned by Terese and David. Zara realises Sadie and Aubrey have betrayed her. Glen is surprisingly un-exuberant about having won a trip away.
    • 43. Episode 8794

      16 Mar '22
      Zara and Mackenzie are trapped as fire rages through the school, with everyone believing Zara lit the fire. Hendrix charges into the danger zone to save Mackenzie.
    • 44. Episode 8795

      17 Mar '22
      Arrested and facing jail time, Zara tries to defend herself. Roxy decides to make plans to start a family. David is still walking on eggshells around Aaron.
    • 45. Episode 8796

      21 Mar '22
      Having found a note from Zara claiming they're better off without her, Amy and Toadie organise a search party. Will they find her before it's too late?
    • 46. Episode 8797

      22 Mar '22
      David's furious with Aaron for his jealous attack on Dean. Levi refocuses on finding Gareth, but it gets awkward fast when he notices Freya acting different.
    • 47. Episode 8798

      23 Mar '22
      Paul's caught off guard when he finds out Terese's lawyer is after his assets. Roxy's thrilled about the upcoming pitch for Montana Marcel's Fashion Week.
    • 48. Episode 8799

      24 Mar '22
      Levi refuses to believe that Freya is a stalker. David is upset about the state of his marriage. Amy and Zara slowly come back together after the school fire.
    • 49. Episode 8800

      28 Mar '22
      Nicolette enjoys a surprising new romance. Meanwhile, Levi comes clean to Freya about Ned and Harlow's run-in with Gareth.
    • 50. Episode 8801

      29 Mar '22
      The terror at River Bend is just beginning. Who will survive this holiday from hell?