• Air date: 07 Jul '12 26 episodes
      Masha is an energetic three-year-old who can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. Bear is a warm, fatherly figure that does his best to guide his friend and keep her from harm, often ending up the unintended victim of her misadventures.
  • List of Episodes (26)
    • 1. Picture Perfect

      07 Jul '12
    • 2. Time to Ride My Pony

      30 Nov '12
    • 3. One Hit Wonder

      30 Nov '12
      Masha creates her own rock band and makes music video to help the Bear to attract the cold she-Bear's attention. The hare plays the drums, the wolves play the piano, the squirrel plays the accordion, Masha plays the guitar. Such show the forest edge has not heard yet.
    • 4. Growing Potion

      07 Mar '13
      When "Mr. Culture" the Himalayan Bear strolls by with the Female Bear, he chuckles at the puny tulips growing in the Bear's garden. This forces the Bear to come up with a plan to create vitamins for supernatural growth. Throwing himself into his work, the Bear locks himself in the closet, which has been converted into a chemistry laboratory. And then Masha arrives - Without fail, she will stop at nothing until she tests out the growth vitamins.
    • 5. Swept Away

      21 Apr '13
      One autumn day Masha and the hare played the hockey. In the middle of the game, Masha is searching the puck that was bounced off and collapsed into the bushes and suddenly she strikes on the broom. And then she'd gotten the bright idea of using the broom instead of the stick. Besides the broom is very good not only for playing the hockey.
    • 6. All in the Family

      28 May '13
      The Bear gets a visit from his "son" the Penguin. He does not get to take a picture nor put a warm hat on his "son", cause he is always running away and playing with Masha. Again and again, but Masha has the surest way to fix this.
    • 7. La Dolce Vita

      02 Jun '13
      Masha wants to eat some sweets, and so Bear's kitchen turns into the sugar candy factory. But as everybody knows too much sugar is not good for our teeth and Masha has toothache. Dear sweet tooths and everyone who likes eating sugar candies, be ready to the funny lesson telling that everyone must take care of the teeth.
    • 8. Just Shoot Me

      24 Aug '13
      Masha has found in the shelf Bear's old photo camera. The doing has ended when Masha has made photo of Bear's bees.
    • 9. Kidding Around

      03 Sep '13
      Masha kills everybody with helping of manners. But the Bear has decided showing for everybody what is - being a little.
    • 10. Two Much

      15 Oct '13
      Masha has a sister named Dasha. Once upon a time Dasha decides to visit her sister. Even though they look very much alike, they are so different! Unlike Masha, Dasha is a strict and responsible girl. Masha cannot wait to tell the Bear about the news and she takes Dasha with her to pay him a visit. That's where the story becomes even more interesting....
    • 11. Bon Voyage

      14 Nov '13
      The Bear is going travelling. But the train is coming without him. Why? Because Masha!
    • 12. Trading Places Day

      30 Dec '13
      The Bear has decided "back in the past" for the Hare. And how, what everyone has memorized forever and ever...
    • 13. The Thriller Night

      26 Jan '14
      Masha want hear the nights fairytale. But the Bear has left Masha watch TV.
    • 14. Terrible Power

      22 Mar '14
      The Bear-woman has given her magazine for Masha. The Bear is needed making the salon of the beauty.
    • 15. Hats Off

      08 Apr '14
      The Bear is desperately struggling against the greedy moth, which appeared in his house. Trying to save his magic box, he puts it on the porch, and Masha finds the magic hat that can make her invisible
    • 16. And Action!

      25 Apr '14
      Masha and the Bear decided to shoot a movie, but they argued about the plot. So what will be the movie about? About spies, monsters or the distant worlds? Or maybe there is a more interesting idea?
    • 17. Self-Made Hero

      06 Jun '14
      Masha decides to try on the role of superhero: she bravely rushes towards exploits, but all the animals somehow laugh at her hand-made cos-tume and naive desire to rescue them. Who would have thought that Masha’s courage will truly help to save everyone? It turns out that the superhero costume is not the most essential thing to perform heroic acts.
    • 18. Once Upon a Year

      25 Jul '14
    • 19. The Puzzling Case

      29 Aug '14
    • 20. Dance Fever

      09 Oct '14
    • 21. Victory Cry

      18 Dec '14
    • 22. Sabre-Toothed Bear

      02 Feb '15
    • 23. Variety Show

      03 Apr '15
    • 24. Happy Harvest

      05 May '15
    • 25. Home-Grown Ninjas

      02 Jul '15
      Looking after two preschoolers is a lot of work, so Bear searches for a babysitter to help take care of Masha and Panda. Rival Bear thinks he’s up to the task. He is a lot more controlling than Bear ever was, and locks them in a closet. Masha and Panda become stealthy ninjas, escape captivity and proceed to make things impossible for Rival Bear.