Masha and the Bear : Season 3

    • Air date: 28 Nov '15 26 episodes
  • List of Episodes (26)

    1. Coming Home ain't Easy

    2. The Very Fairy Tale

    3. Driving Lessons

    • Who wants to pimp a car? Then hurry up to stand in a queue! Why? Because in a new, 55th episode there are loads of unexpected things that happened in the forest: Masha appears as a first-rate mechanic , wolves who, obviously, decided to change their occupation appear as taxi drivers ... okay, okay… we should stop throwing spoilers around…watch everything yourself!

    4. A Ghost Story

    5. Liar, liar, pants on fire! 🌿

    • Kids love daydreaming and show off their imaginary successes, aren’t they?! Masha and Panda grip into a real cheating competition! This would be very funny story If only all the secrets were not revealed all at the most inopportune time!

    6. 🐱 Like Cat And Mouse 🐭

    • Alert! Bear’s fridge is in danger! Someone has burst into his house to stay for life…but the Bear is ready for everything to defend his stocks! He calls for a savior, but in reality it turns to be a new intriguing story full of unexpected discoveries which leads Masha to some peculiar conclusions!

    7. Game Over

    8. At your service!

    9. Do not part with your beloved!

    10. Rock-a-Bye Baby

    • Sleep

    11. Surprise! Surprise! Happy Easter! 🐰

    • The wolves come up with a new idea how to get a stable and nutritious food source…they rob a poultry farm and get a…rooster. Meanwhile Masha and the hare arrange a real egg hunt for all their friends and neighbours! All forest dwellers are very excited to get chocolate eggs except for the wolves who long for some real food… Masha decides to help poor guys and arranges a splendid dinner!

    12. Three Mashketeers

    13. We Come in Peace

    14. Calm

    • How difficult it is to remain calm when two little tombs are raging in the house. Panda and Masha are fooling around for days. To cope with stress, Beer needs a good rest. Will he be able to restore internal forces or two fidgets will not give him peace?

    15. Best Medicine

    16. Quartet plus

    17. How many wolves feed...

    18. A star from the sky

    19. What a wonderful game! 🏒

    • Hockey is a game for the most courageous, strong and dexterous! All you need is a united experienced team and a talented coach, who can lead them to victory. But where can one find such a team? Wathc the episode and find out!

    20. That's Your Cue! 🎲

    • An old friend comes to visit the Bear. He brings along an amazing game - billiards. Isn't it an excuse to have fun and compete? However, it's not so easy when Masha enters the game …

    21. Fishy story 🧜

    • Summer is a time of rest and miracles. How nice is just to sit on the river bank with your best friends! However, everything is not so simple in our story. The Bear didn't even suspect what kind of adventure he was going to find on his fishing trip. While Masha and She-Bear frightened by his sudden disappearance, explore the neighborhood, he ... however, you will find out everything yourself in our new episode.

    22. Monkey Business

    • No child likes to live by the rules: clean up after themselves, learn, do homework in time... It's much more interesting to go on a fun adventure with new friends. But how will such a tempting journey end?

    23. Not a royal affair!

    24. All life - theater

    25. Around the world in one day