• Air date: 07 Jan '09 26 episodes
      Masha is an energetic three-year-old who can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. Bear is a warm, fatherly figure that does his best to guide his friend and keep her from harm, often ending up the unintended victim of her misadventures.
  • List of Episodes (26)
    • 1. How They Met

      07 Jan '09
      Masha heads out into the forest on an adventure, and stumbles across an empty house in the forest. Bear returns to find his house in shambles, with our fun-loving young girl the cause of it. After leaving her in the dark forest, he fears for her safety and goes to retrieve her - eventually discovering it’s OK to have fun.
    • 2. Don't Wake Till Spring!

      03 Jun '09
      Bear’s plans for a restful hibernation are put on hold when Masha releases some angry bees in his home. Now fully awake, Bear prepares a meal for a very hungry Masha. Unfortunately, a tired Masha falls asleep in Bear’s bed, eaving Bear to share his meal with his friend the Wolf.
    • 3. One, Two, Three! Light the Christmas Tree!

      01 Aug '09
      It’s Christmas, and Bear has big plans to decorate the house for Santa’s visit. Unfortunately, they are put on hold as Masha pays a visit, ruining his decorations. As the duo heads out to replace Bear’s tree, Masha again causes trouble – but this time with Santa – who ends up bedridden. It’s now up to Masha and Bear to deliver Santa’s presents to the forest animals.
    • 4. Tracks of Unknown Animals

      30 Sep '09
      Bear is again forced out of a restful sleep when Masha rolls a huge snowball into his home. After a fun game of snowball toss, Masha and Bear come across some animal tracks. Bear does his best to explain what animals made hich tracks, but Bunny is not making it any easier.
    • 5. Prances with Wolves

      06 Nov '09
      A very hungry pair of wolves (Sly and Silly) kidnap Masha to try and trade her for Bear’s fridge full of food. Nothing goes as planned when Masha’s curiosity again causes all sorts of trouble for the duo. Bear is not worried, knowing hat Masha is a real handful, and will likely find her way back to Bear’s house once the wolves grow tired of her.
    • 6. Jam Day

      13 Jan '10
      It’s time to make home made jam, but Masha spoils Bear’s plan when she spills his pot of boiled preserves, leaving him with none to put in jars. Bear sets out looking for more fresh fruit, but comes back with an empty basket. Luckily Bear returns to find Masha has created some interesting jams of her own – which actually turn out to be very tasty.
    • 7. Springtime for Bear

      01 Apr '10
      It’s spring time! Bear happily wakes from a peaceful hibernation, and finds a beautiful Lady Bear enjoying some quiet time at the local lake. Eager to spend some quiet time alone with her, Bear is challenged by a Rival Bear who competes for Lady Bear’s affections. Bear comes to realize that friendship is a very valuable thing.
    • 8. Gone Fishing!

      02 Apr '10
      The Bear goes fishing. In anticipation he slings his fishing rod but as soon as the first fish swallows the bait, Masha appears and transforms a pleasant fishing trip into a nightmare. The Bear makes a fishing rod for Masha as well in order to entertain her and she immediately catches the Goldfish.
    • 9. Call me please!

      11 Jun '10
      A funny interpretation of the old fable about “the boy who cried wolf”. The Bear gives Masha a cell phone so that she will be safe. Masha’s repeated calls for trivial reasons result in the Bear not answering the phone when she does find herself in real danger.
    • 10. Holiday On Ice

      05 Aug '10
      Eager to learn how to skate like a pro, Masha wakes Bear to get his help teaching her how to skate. Getting a hibernating bear out of bed isn’t an easy task, though. With a bit of effort, Masha gets Bear down to the frozen lake where Lady Bear is already enjoying some alone time. Hopefully Bear and Lady Bear can help Masha learn the steps.
    • 11. First Day of School

      07 Sep '10
      School is in session as Bear builds Masha a new desk and turns his home into a classroom. Being a teacher to an energetic young girl isn’t easy, but Bear does a very good job teaching Masha how to read and write. After taking a nap, Bear learns that leaving Masha alone with some tools might lead to a big surprise when he wakes up.
    • 12. No Trespassing

      27 Oct '10
      Bear and Bunny decide to grow some carrots in his garden. After Bunny eats some carrots before they are ready, Bear kicks him out of the garden. It’s hard work constantly watching out for Bunny, so a sleepy Bear asks Masha to help him play guard while he gets some sleep. Masha chases off the intruder, and Bear makes sure Bunny does not come back again.
    • 13. Hide and Seek is Not For the Weak

      11 Dec '10
      Bear just wants to sit alone at home and do crosswords, but Masha won’t let that happen. As Bear always learns, when Masha wants to play, there’s no turning her down. Bear tries and tries to finish his crossword puzzles while playing hide-and-seek, but finds out that’s a very hard thing to do.
    • 14. Watch Out!

      25 Jan '11
      The Bear wakes up in his chair with an enormous bump on his head and a biathlon cup. But he can't remember how it all happened. Masha and the hare stand beside him with guilty looks on their faces. They tell their interpretations of the story. The Bear has to decide which one is true and which is false.
    • 15. Little Cousin

      26 Apr '11
      The Bear's little cousin, Panda, comes over to pay a visit. Masha immediately wants to pal up and spend time playing games. A competitive spirit arouses in our heroes as they can't share anything between each other. The Bear quickly figures out that if he leads their rivalry in peaceful direction, they could greatly help him around the house.
    • 16. Get Well Soon

      28 Apr '11
      Tired from Masha's endless games, the Bear pretends to be sick so she will leave him alone. But the caring girl is determined to cure her friend. And after a series of failed attempts, she finally manages to do so.
    • 17. Recipe for Disaster

      29 Apr '11
      The Bear plays checkers. Masha interrupts his game by asking him to feed her. He cooks some porridge and goes off in a huff. Masha decides to cook porridge herself. But soon it swells out and as a result all of the forest animals will remember this day for a long time…
    • 18. Laundry Day

      26 Jul '11
      It’s laundry day at Bear’s house. His fresh, clean laundry is hung on the line to dry, but it doesn’t stay that way for long as Masha dirties everything while getting into trouble. Bear spends all day washing Masha and trying to keep her clean. Bear’s own clothes slowly go missing as he sews Masha one new outfit after another when she runs out of clean things to wear.
    • 19. The Grand Piano Lesson

      20 Nov '11
      The bear finds a beautiful black piano in the forest. He happily takes his find home, fixes and tunes it and begins to compose. When Masha decides to become a world famous pianist, she asks the Bear to teach her how to play the piano.
    • 20. Stripes and Whiskers

      21 Nov '11
      An old friend of our Bear - the Circus TIger - decides to pay his old circus friend a visit. The whiskered and stripped cat is utterly bewildered by Masha's behavior and tries everything to get rid of her. Nevertheless his opinion of the little girl changes when he gets lost in the woods and she and the Bear come and save him during the night.
    • 21. Home Alone

      24 Nov '11
      On Christmas Eve Masha wants to make sure Bear has a wonderful day, but his tree and decorations are not looking very good. Hidden in a box at bear’s house, Masha discovers a top hat that magically grants wishes to all the forest animals. Masha gives all her friends the gifts they want, and most importantly helps Bear with his tree – making it a very special Christmas for him.
    • 22. Breathe In, Breath Out

      05 Jan '12
      Bright summer day. Bear, while gathering berries, meets female bear in the woods and arranges a date. Returning home, he starts cleaning the house and baking a pie. Once the pie is done, bear decorates it with strawberries, and the notices that Masha has appeared out of nowhere to eat them before starting to hiccup. He tries all manner of remedies from a medical encyclopedia to stop the hiccups. In the end, hiccups spread to everyone: Masha, bear, female bear, and the other woodland creatures
    • 23. The Foundling

      06 Mar '12
      Masha brings bear an egg, from which a penguin hatches. Bear suddenly has a lot on his hands, and the penguin is trying to peck at him all the time. Masha, on the other hand, loves the little guy, she's teaching him to fly, and to bear's great relief, he does so
    • 24. Bon Appétit

      24 Apr '12
      Bear is once more visited by his distant relative - Panda. They start making Chinese dumplings, but then Masha appears, with her own methods of cooking. And thus a simple chore turns into a culinary master class.
    • 25. Hokus-Pokus

      31 May '12
      There's rain outside, and bear, certain that Masha will stay home in such weather grabs a book. But soon Masha shows up on his doorstep and also wants to read. Bear thinks what to distract her with, and settles on a chest with various magic tricks. This turns out not to be the brightest idea because Masha starts testing all of the objects within on bear, from the wand to the gloves. To finish his book, bear decides to hide in a magic box, but because of Masha this idea has an unusual result.