• Air date: 02 Apr '88 63 episodes
      Ryo Saeba works the streets of Tokyo as the City Hunter. He's a "sweeper" and with his sidekick Kaori Makimura, he keeps the city clean. People hire the City Hunter to solve their dangerous problems, which he does with a Colt Python. When Ryo's not working on a case, he's working on getting the ladies, and Kaori must keep him in check with her trusty 10 kg hammer.
  • List of Episodes (63)
    • 1. Ryo's engaged!? Prediction of love at the rendezvous (Part 1)

      02 Apr '88
      After helping to protect a young girl named Akemi from some ruthless thugs, she insists that Ryo is her future husband and that they were destined to be married. While Ryo is able to get away, Akemi decides to enlist his help as her bodyguard to protect her from an unknown assailant named Kaijin X. In fact, the marriage story is a farce so that Akemi can leave her career as a young model.
    • 2. Ryo's engaged!? Prediction of love at the rendezvous (Part 2)

      15 Apr '88
      Ryo discovers that Akemi is being targeted by a professional assassin named the Silver Fox. Ryo must protect her while helping her get out of a career in entertainment.
    • 3. Kaori's the target!! Words of love mean goodbye (Part 1)

      22 Apr '88
      Humiliated in their last encounter, the Silver Fox pledges revenge against Ryo. He issues a formal challenge to Ryo by saying that he has targeted Kaori, Ryo's "lover" for death and that Ryo must protect her from his attacks. When Kaori confronts Ryo about this, Ryo acts non-commital to the challenge. After an incident in which Ryo falls for a trick set up by the Silver fox, he informs Kaori that she is no longer to be his assistant.
    • 4. Kaori's the target!! Words of love mean goodbye (Part 2)

      29 Apr '88
      Kaori seeks hiding from the Silver Fox with Umibozu. She then catches Ryo babbling to Saeko babbling about how Kaori is just crazy about him and how he does not really care about her and that Kaori is unfit to be Ryo's partner (even though Ryo really cares for Kaori). With that revelation, she seeks training in creating boobytraps from Umibozu and seeks to take matters in her own hands by challenging the Silver Fox herself.
    • 5. A depraved job!? The beautiful author's murder mystery games

      06 May '88
      While doing research for a hardcore mystery novel, the publishing company sends a bodyguard to guard Azusa while she completes her book. Her adventures include visiting friendly Yakuza, an interview with Umibozu, and a plot to kill the friendly Yakuza boss. What she does not realize is that the City Hunter is the bodyguard hired to protect her.
    • 6. Ryo is a nude model!? The beautiful artiste who stole the art

      13 May '88
      After stealing a supposed forgery of a masterpiece, the daughter of a famed artist requests Ryo's services to help her expose her father's former protege as a fraud.
    • 7. Request from the southern island. Coconut girl & love's paradise

      20 May '88
      Ryo and Kaori travel to an isolated tropical island to help a young girl protect the ecologically sensitive island from thugs looking to harvest its valuable mineral resources.
    • 8. Beware of the case. It's Tokyo, Daddy!

      21 May '88
      While shopping for dates, Ryo comes across a young woman who decides to parade him in front of her country-living father in order to convince her father that she is seeing someone and wants to stay in the city. When her father notices that Ryo has a gun, Ryo tries to pretend to be a police detective, steals a police car, and promptly gets involved in trying to break up a hostage situation during a bank robbery.
    • 9. Love of speeding! Beautiful traffic policewoman's social intercourse

      28 May '88
      Ryo and Saeko's date is interrupted by the discovery of a known fraud, and the subsequent traffic stop by a beautiful traffic cop. Meanwhile, Kaori finds that she was ripped off into buying a fake designer fur coat. The traffic cop then decides to help Ryo find the fraudster, whom is also the suspect Saeko is after.
    • 10. Destroy Mokkori!? The princess's noble spirit (Part 1)

      04 Jun '88
      Ryo is hired to protect Princess Alma, an apparently bratty young but smart girl, as well as her servant, the beautiful Salina. When Ryo initially refuses to do the job, Princess Alma offers to give him his very own personal "harem" in their home nation. But Ryo is enchanted by Salina, but is unable to touch not only out of fear for losing the harem, but because Salina possesses a strange aura that prevents Ryo from touching her. Kaori discovers the truth about Alma and Salina, that they had
    • 11. Destroy Mokkori!? The princess's noble spirit (Part 2)

      11 Jun '88
      Kaori tries to convince Ryo to find Salina (who is really Princess Alma). But when the real Salina is kidnapped by the perpetrators, Ryo, still unaware of the identity switch, must save her from the trap that the perpetrators have planned, all this while protecting the real Princess Alma.
    • 12. Must be the bloody battle outside the ring: Love, Cobra Twist

      18 Jun '88
      Ryo is requested to find out who has targeted Kumi, a popular female wrestler. At first Ryo believes her "rival" may be responsible but learns that an unknown party is trying to manipulate Kumi.
    • 13. The most Advanced Smuggling Manoeuvre: Treatment by a Beautiful Dentist

      25 Jun '88
      Suffering from a toothache, Ryo reluctantly visits a dental clinic and has his cavity addressed by the dentist Sayuri. But at the same time, thieves are trying to bust into Sayuri's practice hoping to recover a fake tooth with a special microchip containing classified plans.
    • 14. An excessive love of money? A daughter saving up her mokkori ratio

      02 Jul '88
      Ryo meets Shoko, a young girl who believes money is everything and is better than love. While Ryo tries to turn Shoko's attitude around, he has to contend with three men attempting to court her on behalf of a friendly Yakuza group.
    • 15. Don't die! Umibouzu!! Love & vengeance of the magnum (Part 1)

      09 Jul '88
      Umibozu asks Ryo to take care of a young American girl named Kathleen Heywood. However, Ryo realizes that Kathleen is actually out to kill Umibozu in revenge for her father's death. The Arrival of known mercenary Dandy Jack complicates matters, and Ryo realizes that he may be the one who is manipulating Kathleen.
    • 16. Don't die! Umibouzu!! Love & vengeance of the magnum (Part 2)

      16 Jul '88
      Despite suffering numerous injuries, Umibozu disappears to take on Dandy Jack, who was responsible for the death of his former partner who was Kathleen's father. Kathleen goes back to Dandy Jack's chateau, not knowing that she is being used in Dandy Jack's revenge against Umibozu. Once at Dandy Jack's chateau, Dandy Jack spots Umibozu and creates a scenario for a showdown between Umibozu and Kathleen.
    • 17. Japanese tradition woman's desire!? Surpassed the international mokkori time (Part 1)

      23 Jul '88
      An airliner is hijacked and all of the women are being held captive. After assisting in dealing with the hijackers, Ryo makes off with Misa Williams, unaware that she is the daughter of the leader of the opposition in the Pamela Republic. Saeko, hired to guard Misa by General Jimetil, ruler of the Pamela Republic, gives chase along with Kaori. After intercepting Ryo and Misa at a bathhouse where Ryo has taken care of two men trying to kidnap Misa, Saeko informs them that General Jimetil has been
    • 18. Japanese tradition woman's desire!? Surpassed the international mokkori time (Part 2)

      30 Jul '88
      General Jimetil, formerly of the Pamela Republic, flies to Tokyo as an exile. At the same time, his personal guard tries to make a strike against Ryo in order to acquire Misa as a stake against her father. While they are unsuccessful in trying to kidnap Misa, they are able to grab Saeko. Ryo must attempt to try to save Saeko without sacrificing Misa's safety.
    • 19. Kaori is too active!! Remembrance of wine's toast

      06 Aug '88
      Kaori accepts a job to protect an old man and his vintage bottle of wine from an unscrupulous wine collector. Ryo however, refuses to take the old man as his client. So when Kaori decides to take on the job by herself, Ryo decides to lend a silent helping hand.
    • 20. Kaori lost her memory!! Good bye, my lovely partner

      13 Aug '88
      When two brothers make an attempt on Ryo's Life, Kaori pushes Ryo out of the way only to suffer a head injury and amnesia as a result. Ryo realizes that he himself may be responsible for Kaori's predicament, so he makes arrangements for her to start a new life outside the underworld.
    • 21. Aim for the Gold Medal: Intimate Training for the Shooting Beauty

      20 Aug '88
      Ryo decides to take on Saeko's request to assist a not-so-beautiful female police officer in training for an Olympic event. Ryo realizes the young officer is being targeted by a man with a grudge, while deciding to take the officer to get a makeover to unlock her "true beauty".
    • 22. Ryo is the target! The beautiful photographer who loves adventure! (Part 1)

      27 Aug '88
      Ryo meets Yoko Fuyuno, a reporter intent in writing a story about the exploits of the City Hunter. Ryo realizes that if Yoko writes her story, his cover would be blown, so he tries many ways to convince her to not write the story, starting from the fact that he is Ryoji, Ryo's fictional younger brother. A request from Saeko to bust a drug transportation route complicates matters so Ryo goes through extreme measures to bust the route while not attracting suspicion from Yoko.
    • 23. Ryo is the target! The beautiful photographer who loves adventure! (Part 2)

      03 Sep '88
      Yoko is furious about the drug bust and realizes that the City Hunter was involved. While on a search at the scene, she is accosted by members of the Unryu-Kai gang who have a grudge against Ryo and realizes this is the best opportunity to have an interview with the City Hunter.
    • 24. Must kill by the sigh of the peach!? Story of the first march on the big city

      10 Sep '88
      To restore the honor of an Iga Ninja Clan, a female ninja decides to challenge Ryo, entering the duel with less then stellar skills. However, she is flanked by three ninja cohorts who plan to present a challenge to Ryo.
    • 25. Aim for the witness! The man who looks like a beautiful woman & the two dangerous people (Part 1)

      17 Sep '88
      Ryo is requested to guard Keiichi Kashiwagi, a witness in an important court case. Ryo resists until he is given a proposal to meet Keiichi's twin sister Keiko, to which Ryo gleefully accepts. But Keiichi is in fact Keiko, disguising herself as a man in order to thwart Ryo's advances.