• Air date: 06 Apr '87 51 episodes
      Ryo Saeba works the streets of Tokyo as the City Hunter. He's a "sweeper" and with his sidekick Kaori Makimura, he keeps the city clean. People hire the City Hunter to solve their dangerous problems, which he does with a Colt Python. When Ryo's not working on a case, he's working on getting the ladies, and Kaori must keep him in check with her trusty 10 kg hammer.
  • List of Episodes (51)
    • 1. One Cool Sweeper: XYZ is a Dangerous Cocktail

      06 Apr '87
      When there is a spate of random shootings in Shinjuku, a sister of one of the victims wants Ryo to catch the killer and bring him to justice. But Ryo can tell that there is much more than justice that his client is interested in.
    • 2. Please Kill Me: Crosshairs Don't Become a Pretty Girl

      12 Apr '87
      Ryo's client is a daughter of a known scientist who developed a deadly microbe that could render humanity sterile. His client wants him to protect her at all costs while she develops a vaccine, but should she be captured, she wants him to kill her before terrorists can extract the knowledge of the microbe from her.
    • 3. Love Don't Leave Me: A Ten Count to Tomorrow

      20 Apr '87
      A boxer is killed over a fight for a championship title, and Ryo must deal with the victim's rival obsessed with glory. At the same time, he must deal with the boxer's girlfriend, whose pain is not only in her heart, but also in her body as well.
    • 4. Lady Vanish: Boutique of the Shadows

      27 Apr '87
      Ryo's partner Hideyuki is frantic over the disappearance of her sister Kaori as a spate of abductions of women have swept Shinjuku. As he is trying to find his partner's sister, he comes across a man who is not who he seems to be. Together, they must find the secret into the kidnappings.
    • 5. Goodbye Makimura: A Tearful Birthday on a Rainy Night

      04 May '87
      Hideyuki is killed on Kaori's birthday as he refuses to do a request for the head of a powerful crime syndicate. Ryo must avenge his death.
    • 6. No Romance for this Actress: The Last Shot for Hope

      11 May '87
      As Kaori takes over as Ryo's new partner, Ryo is called upon to solve a string of incidents involving actress Yumiko Sato. As he delves deep into the mystery, he comes across a powerful adversary, as well as a client who may have a deadly death wish.
    • 7. A Gunshot to set the Heart Aflutter: Sad Lonely Girl

      18 May '87
      Ryo's client is a man who wants to fake his own death to be free from a powerful politician so he could be reunited with his daughter. The man admits to be spineless but he is more than meets the eye. Ryo must masquerade as the hitman not only to save his client, but to ensure that the men working for the politician do not bother his client again.
    • 8. A One-Hole-Shot to a Lovely: Hands Off My Lady Detective

      25 May '87
      A Police detective named Saeko Nogami hires Ryo to obtain a crown containing a microchip which has stolen top secret plans inside. While Ryo agrees to do his job, he awaits his ""payment"" which leaves Kaori confused as to how this payment would be applied.
    • 9. The Gambling Queen: A Bet for Wonderful Love

      01 Jun '87
      Ryo must protect a lovely casino dealer as she prepares for a showdown with a rival syndicate in order to win her freedom. Meanwhile, Ryo is pitted against a powerful gambler who exploits Ryo's weaknesses to their fullest extent.
    • 10. One Dangerous Tutor: Home-Cooking from the Heart for a Sukeban

      08 Jun '87
      Ryo is tricked into doing bodyguard work for the daughter of a Yakuza Boss being stalked by a biker team. Ryo realizes that the daughter is the leader of a female gang at her school, and finds there is much more than what the Yakuza boss is requesting.
    • 11. That Pretty Girl in Tights Prefers the Tulips

      15 Jun '87
      Ryo is requested to assist a female thief in stealing a black tulip from a fraudulent psychic. Kaori finds out that the psychic's butler has a crush on her and decides he may be helpful in obtaining the plant.
    • 12. Kids Get Special Treatment: A Beautiful Lady from a Dangerous Land

      22 Jun '87
      Ryo must protect a woman and a young boy from another country from being abducted by foreign agents. Kaori soon discovers that the young boy's actions and demeanor are exactly as Ryo's.
    • 13. She's Getting Married at Age Sixteen: A Hot Kiss with a Pop Idol

      29 Jun '87
      Ryo is assigned to protect young pop idol Nagisa from an unknown fanatic, however he is more interested in her female manager. However, it turns out that Nagisa is very attracted to Ryo and Ryo decides to use this to his advantage to ensure her safety.
    • 14. My Foe is a Beautiful Lady?: The Biggest Woman Trap in History

      06 Jul '87
      Saeko enlists the help of Ryo to solve the dissappearances of beautiful women in Shinjuku. The stakes are even higher when Kaori, mistaken for a beautiful woman, is also kidnapped. Ryo encounters the mastermind of the scheme, a supposedly beautiful woman who may not be who she seems to be.
    • 15. Ryo's an Instructor at a Women's School?: To Protect a Sweet Young Lady

      13 Jul '87
      Ryo is requested to protect the daughter of a dead tycoon who claims that Ryo had saved her from kidnappers once before. As Ryo tries to find out who is trying to kill her, her stepmother comes up as a very likely suspect, but is being controlled by someone else.
    • 16. One Frisky Stewardess: Ryo - Self Defense Instructor

      20 Jul '87
      An old friend of Kaori's is being stalked by strange characters who are after strange looking watches that were slipped into her bag. Despite Kaori's efforts to keep her away from Ryo, Kaori is kidnapped by the men and Ryo and her friend must rescue her.
    • 17. Summer's Lovely Designer: Ryo has a Thing for the Super-High-Leg Type

      27 Jul '87
      Ryo is recruited by a famous fashion designer's assistant after her designs were stolen by her boss.
    • 18. A Divine Prophecy on a Summer's Evening: Shrine Maiden gets first lesson in love

      03 Aug '87
      Corrupt businessman, an incompetent assassin, and a old lady complicates Ryo's job to protect a beautiful psychic.
    • 19. A Beach to Remember: An Audition full of Danger

      10 Aug '87
      Ryo is asked to investigate threats made to women attending an audition for a film featuring a handsome actor. One of these ladies attending this audition is hoping to reunite with her long-lost father, the director of the movie.
    • 20. Her Ladyship Leaves the Mountain: One Long Day for Ryo

      17 Aug '87
      Ryo is hired to defend a jungle princess from members of her own tribe intent in breaking their isolation from the modern world.
    • 21. Faceless Snipers: Ryo's and Saeko's Dangerous Game

      24 Aug '87
      When Ryo finds himself in a hotel with Saeko, he is forced to accept a job to protect a former newspaper magnate from hitman that he hired himself.
    • 22. Ryo Plays Cupid: Here's to Diamonds

      31 Aug '87
      While snooping around a lingerie show, Ryo comes across a woman who stole a beautiful diamond necklace from a wealthy young man. The woman asks Ryo to be her lover, but Ryo is aware that there is more to her story than meets the eye.
    • 23. Buzz Buzz Buzz go the Killer Bees

      07 Sep '87
      A bride literally falls into Ryo's lap and along with it, some goons hired by the jilted groom. While trying to sneak up on her during the middle of the night, Ryo gets stung by an experimental, but deadly bee. The bride does have the antidote, but as Kaori finds out, it has "terrible" side effects, most notably showing the feminine side of City Hunter.
    • 24. A Rosy Hospital Stay?: An Angel in White in Danger

      14 Sep '87
      In order to find out who is targeting a nurse who is due to be the recipient of a large inheritance, Ryo breaks his foot and ends up in the same hospital the nurse is staying. While Ryo must not tell the nurse that she is being targeted, he also finds out she does not have enough experience being a nurse.
    • 25. An International Relationship of Love: My Counterpart is a Blonde Beauty

      21 Sep '87
      Ryo teams up with a beautiful American agent to find out who is smuggling tanks from Japan.