• Air date: 15 Oct '89 13 episodes
      Ryo Saeba works the streets of Tokyo as the City Hunter. He's a "sweeper" and with his sidekick Kaori Makimura, he keeps the city clean. People hire the City Hunter to solve their dangerous problems, which he does with a Colt Python. When Ryo's not working on a case, he's working on getting the ladies, and Kaori must keep him in check with her trusty 10 kg hammer.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. Announcement of the mokkori escape! XYZ is rescuing the world

      15 Oct '89
      Ryo and Kaori protect a Rubirian Embassy worker striving not only to salvage the environment of her homeland, but also to expose a smuggling ring in which a Rubirian Embassy Environmental official is involved.
    • 2. Caught red-handed in the realm of love! The lady lawyer's lawful acts

      22 Oct '89
      Ryo and Kaori attempt to protect a female lawyer marked for death by a corrupt developer, after an electronic databook is accidentally left in her possession.
    • 3. Kaori's mad again! Ryo & the young woman's "Story of the fake marriage"

      29 Oct '89
      While Ryo has his gun taken away from creditors for failing to pay his rent, he is hired by a beautiful woman who is the owner of her own large company to appear on TV with her. It turns out that this TV show talks about newlyweds as the woman waxes on about her and Ryo's supposed "Love Life". She makes this admission in order to detract potential suitors more interested in her money rather than herself. Later on, it is revealed that several of her potential suitors had been involved in
    • 4. Dangerous detective work! The young lady & the Colt Python (Part 1)

      05 Nov '89
      Ryo receives a strange request from Aiko, a female private investigator, to teach her how to fire a gun. At one point, Aiko gets horribly drunk after one cocktail, slugs Ryo and steals his gun, only to find it empty of bullets. The request gets even stranger when it is revealed that she needs a gun to protect herself from unknown thugs trying to prevent her from locating a strange dog for a six-year-old girl. Finally, Aiko's uncle appears in order to convince her to give up the private
    • 5. Dangerous detective work! The young lady & the Colt Python (Part 2)

      12 Nov '89
      Aiko's uncle is revealed to have staged his accident in order to convince his niece to quit her job as a private investigator, however it is revealed that he knows nothing about the present threats against Aiko as she searches for a particular dog. When Ryo locates the dog, he notifies Aiko who goes over to retrieve it, only to be kidnapped by robbers looking for evidence the dog may have.
    • 6. Stubborn Umibouzu! Story of the jealous kitten

      19 Nov '89
      Miki and Umibozu get into an argument over Miki's desire to keep a stray kitten, knowing Umibozu's fear of cats. Miki walks out on Umibozu and is then kidnapped by a wealthy suitor looking for a potential mate. Umibozu and Ryo bicker on how to save Miki and set out to do so together.
    • 7. The love of diving! The beautiful woman in the bathing suit changing clothes

      26 Nov '89
      Ryo is hired to protect a female assistant of a famous French Explorer from thugs. Ryo learns that she has been unable to keep a relationship because of embarrassing situations she happens to get herself into. While this is happening, the older French Explorer takes an immediate shine to Kaori, much to the latter's excitement.
    • 8. Who is Ryo? The college girl thrills at detective work

      03 Dec '89
      Ryo comes across a college girl who is a fan of detective movies, and tails Ryo for a chance to see some action, not knowing Ryo's lecherous tendencies. However, it turns out the college girl has been targeted for unwittingly witnessing a crime and Ryo must intervene after Kaori has been kidnapped by these same criminals.
    • 9. Fine weather after the rain is love's forecast! A love umbrella for the beautiful newscaster

      10 Dec '89
      Ryo is hired by a female weather reporter to protect her against a deranged fan.
    • 10. A wedding dress for Christmas. . . (Part 1)

      17 Dec '89
      Ryo and Kaori receive a strange request from the head of the Yamaoka family looking to retrieve his daughter, Tsubaki from the son of the rival Umino family, Kazuhiko. It appears that Tsubaki and Kazuhiko have eloped against their parent's wishes and both families want the couple broken up to preserve the rivalry. When Tsubaki manages to escape from Ryo, Kaori volunteers to go to the Umino mansion for a party where she witnesses Tsubaki crash the party with a horse to retrieve Kazuhiko. As they
    • 11. A wedding dress for Christmas. . . (Part 2)

      24 Dec '89
      Tsubaki and Kazuhiko attempt to flee their country to evade the wrath of their parents but are attacked by a helicopter in the process. However, they are saved by Ryo who manages to take down the helicopter in one shot. Meanwhile, Ryo investigates the rivalry between the Yamaoka and Umino families and comes across some startling information. He also uncovers evidence that a third party is also trying to break up the couple by marking them for death.
    • 12. Goodbye city. The farewell gift (Part 1)

      14 Jan '90
      On the anniversary of the death of his friend, Robert Harrison, Ryo gets royally drunk and notices a woman watching him. This woman turns out to be Sophie Silverman, who represents an international firm of sweepers. Sophie wishes to tag along with Ryo and Kaori for a few days to witness him in his line of work. On their way to a potential job, the three are attacked by unknown assailants. After warding them off in a warehouse, Ryo finds Sophie pointing Robert Harrison's gun at him.
    • 13. Goodbye city. The farewell gift (Part 2)

      21 Jan '90
      Sophie Silverman is revealed to be the fiance of Robert Harrison and reveals her intentions of avenging his death. After seriously wounding Ryo, Sophie kidnaps Kaori as bait for a future showdown. While Ryo recovers from his injuries, he realizes that a syndicate known as the Guiness Corporation is after Sophie and had extorted Robert to take on a job that meant certain death at the hands of Ryo Saeba. When the Guiness Corporation ambushes Sophie and Ryo, the two put aside their rivalry to repel