This Homecoming is a bit Lame!

After a disastrous Amazing Spiderman 2

(A movie which I personally liked for some odd reason), SONY had an uphill battle to re-introduce Spiderman. They did so with the help of MARVEL and integrating him into the MCU.

Did they succeed fully? Is Spiderman redeemed?

Well. Not entirely.

Tom Holland playing Peter Parker does a great job of showing the difficulty of being a teenage superhero. Only issue is, like it or not, Toby McGuire did it better in Spiderman 1 and 2.

Even if I stop with the comparisons, this Peter Parker hardly has any human connection other than his one best friend. MARVEL promised this to be a part 80’s John Hughes film and Part action blockbuster. They tried to adhere to that, but didn’t fully commit. Unlike John Hughes films, the principal cast doesn’t come together towards the end, nor does Parker have 1 single moment or scene with his lady love or with his aunt. Everything is shown as background noise and everything which made him relatable is now pushed to the background to make way for TONY Stark and his IRON man.

Coming to the big selling point of the film, IRON Man. I didn’t expect him to be in the film much and he isn’t, but instead we are stuck with John Favraeu. The director of Iron man 1 and 2 and the actor who plays Happy Hogan. Who is given WAY TOO much screen time. He starts to get on the nerves.

Coming to the villain. The casting of former Batman Micheal Keaton was a good move, he can be menacing and deadly, but that part hardly comes out, he is portrayed as one more victim of the Avenger’s Fallout, trying to make a living, HARDLY that villainous. More like desperate. Heck none of the villains felt evil, maybe that was the point, but at least they could have been menacing!

The direction of this movie is VERY by the books, with sort of new comer John Watts not really managing the same flair which Sam Raimi had. This film looks like it was made for teenagers and made BY A teenage. But there are SO MANY made for Kids films which are and should be good given the budget and creative team behind the film.

The score itself is fine, it’s more like a rehash of older Spiderman themes and nothing as iconic as the original theme.

My biggest issue with the film and its marketing is, (SPOILERS AHEAD- SORT OF) They showed EVERY SINGLE dramatic beat of the film in the trailers. EVERY scene was spoilt and there is NOTHING to surprise you except a small twist in the end. Not to mention, coming to the story itself, BOTH the major disasters in the film is caused by Spiderman himself and not the villains. Which is SORT of appropriate as he is trying to be like IRON Man (who got entire SOKOVIA sort of killed/Destroyed). But seriously, Spiderman actually makes things worse at every point and doesn’t even manage to fix it as such.

Rating: 6/10. A good one time watch for Spiderman / MCU fans. For NON MARVEL, only Spiderman fans, this might be a bit disappointing. Depends on your age and taste really. This film is NOT meant for everyone. It’s no IRON Man 1 which any age group can enjoy.

P.s: I KNOW the poster looks like it’s something FAN made and done in great hurry. BUT this is the REAL poster of the film. Sort of rounds off the issues with the film itself… too many characters, nothing falls together organically, the story goes sort of nowhere and it’s all messy!

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