RGV Shows Middle Finger to Censor Board With His Web-Series Guns and Thighs:Nudity, Cuss Galore

By mangoman | 3.4k |

Time and again Ram Gopal Verma has tried to put the story of Mumbai Mafia on the silver screen but his hand have been tied by the ever so prude Censor board. But not this time, RGV is back in his original avatar and this time there is no one to stop him form telling the story the way he likes...all arise for Guns and Thighs

Why Am I a Proud Fan of Salman Khan (Bhai) Films and Eagerly Wait for Them!

By mangoman | 4.9k |

Boss: Dude, are you sure you can handle all of it, you have multiple tasks...
Me: Maine Ek baar Jo commitment kardee....

Well I do regret saying that, in over 26 years, It was the first time I skipped Diwali and put my best to finish the tasks. But, it wasn't about the tasks, was it?

When Melanie Met Indian Films: A Love Story of Chicago Based Movie Buff

By MMR | 643 |

    "zindagi mukhtasar mili thi hamen
    hasraten be-shumar le ke chale" ----Naushad Ali

MyMovieRack(MMR) has been striving to "make entertainment personalized" and in its journey, it seldom runs into spirited beings such as Melanie G whose love for films have transcended boundaries and language barriers. We present to you the first in series of Guftagu: a conversation about love, passion, and movies

Gopal Datt: The Multi-Faceted Talent of Indian Web Series

By Arindom Deka | 4.3k |

What is common between all the viral web series on internet? If you are a fan of Indian web series, then this man isn't unknown to you. From Pitchers to TVF Bachelors , to Arre's Official Chukyagiri , he is right now almost everywhere in India's rising web series.

A List of Most Awaited Summer Movies of 2017 With Trailers

By Arindom Deka | 367 |

The summer is upon us or in terms of the movie calender, the season of big blockbusters is here. Like every year, this summer is also filled with some great new stuff, including superheroes, sequels, laugh-out-loud comedies and some epic adventures. Here is a list of 24 of the biggest movies of this summer and what we can expect from them.

What the Goat Has What Silicon Valley And Pitchers Don't

By Arindom Deka | 1.6k |

The startup world has become a trending topic in today's entertainment. Two of the best comedies HBO's Silicon Valley and TVF's Pitchers are both based on this world and both have been immensely popular.
But there is one thing that is still left to be seen in these shows. And that is the idea or to be more specific, how the idea was thought of.
While Silicon Valley did show some look at ideas, mostly over-the-top ideas, Pitchers never really told us about what their startup is about.
And this is brought up by What the Goat , a webseries by NEXTBIGWHAT.TV. The show is a satirical take on the world of startups as they show the darker aspect of this world in the most humorous way possible.

This TVF Video Will Make You Rethink Your Idea of Passion.

By MMR | 383 |

Now, this is what our parents have been guiding us to all the time but we never listened to them. TVF’s Passion ka bhoot is a hilarious satire on the same.

Introducing MyMovieRack Binge: Watch 50+ WebSeries For Free at One Place

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In the fast changing landscape of media consumption, WebSeries have come up as flag bearers of the youth. Relatable, fun yet outspoken, this new medium has caught up with the Indian mass and is the fastest rising avenue of content consumption.

TVF Pitchers Season 2 Release Date

By MMR | 2.0k |

We know you have been wondering when season 2 of pitcher wii be made.

Raees vs Kaabil: Why Roshans are daring to mess with King Khan?

By Manish Pandey | 2.9k |

“All that I have to say has already crossed your mind” ----Professor Moriarty
“Then possibly my answer has crossed yours”--Sherlock Holmes

A year and few weeks ago we witnessed an Elephant vs Bull clash ! where the numbers ultimately were in favor of the new bull in the town. But King Khan isn't resting his sword and is again party to the clash of the year Raees vs Kaabil .