Most Anticipated Web-Series of Later Half of 2017

By Arindom Deka | 987 |

Web-Originals have become our new soaps now. Each day we are getting new ones and that too with huge stars. Here are a few of them to look forward to

Who will win? When the Biggest, Baddest and Boldest collide!

By Mahima Paliwal | 1.0k |

Bollywood – has given us some actors and they have all rocked their individual films. Can you imagine what would happen if these actors starred in movies together.

Mithila Palkar: The girl who never gave up

By Arindom Deka | 486 |

We have seen her as the girl who charmed us all with an amazing cover of a Marathi song that she did with cups. We have seen her as Imran Khan's sister in Katti Batti , as Mili in Official Chukyagiri and ofcourse as the friendly and ambitious Meera in Girl In The City as well as the adorable Kavya in Little Things . But was it all easy? Did she had her share of problems and rejections? Well here is she talking about her own experiences and how she never gave up. If you think you have failed in your life because nothing went according to the plan you had and that it is the end of your life, then trust me, this is the thing you need to check right now.

The Reasons That Make Suits a Phenomenon:

By Mahima Paliwal | 775 |

Suits one of the most intriguing and smart shows on television. Consisting of kickass dialogues and badass characters. Following are the reasons that make this show worth watching:

Oh! You Hypocrite.

By Sambit Gupta | 1.2k |

Do you know Bollywood gifted us India's first mystery musical adventure film in the form of जग्गा जासूस ? "Do you remember how it felt while reading Roald Dahl and Harry Potter? The same happens while watching जग्गा जासूस". This commentary is full of spoilers, hence, read it only if you have watched it or not in the mood to watch anytime soon. This is specially dedicated to the latter kind of audience.

Listen Bollywood! It's a Glorious Time to Celebrate Our Women Sports-heroes

By Anurag Pandey | 576 |

Bollywood is a growing platform for the sports films based on female athletes. Here we are trying to get to know about the need & scope of such films in India.

Nepotism in Bollywood- A Bet on Genes?

By Mahima Paliwal | 1.0k |

Since this is all over the media right now I thought why not share my thoughts on it and maybe help people develop a new perspective on it. Almost every single article coming out right now, is adding more fuel to fire that should have doused out a long time ago. I am not saying public issues are not meant to be explored or that our celebrities should keep mum on such topics. All I am saying is that more than the talk of nepotism and unfairness in general, this topic has become a Kangana Raunat vs the bred industry fight. Now I know that whenever people are treated unfairly in terms of talent and work opportunities it really bothers a large section of the nation and it must be discussed. Its good to see everyone sort of joins forces, however it doesn't work always. As people hear a topic or a statement by a celebrity, they quickly identify themselves with it. Due to past experience or the fear of future interactions and set an opinion on proving their point of view is right, but actually just end up criticising others for their point of views. People really need to weigh opinions and policies from both sides and look at the bigger picture, in terms of Bollywood maybe even the hidden picture. What I mean by this will become clear, as you will read on.

Every Comic-con Trailer You Need to Watch

By Arindom Deka | 522 |

The highly anticipated San Diego Comic-Con 2017 has finally come to an end on July 23. And as expected there were lots of news, cast revelations and ofcourse a bunch of new trailers. Wanna know which new trailer was announced? Well you don't have to search anywhere else. Here is a list of every comic-con trailer that have surfaced on the Internet.

Kaagaz Ke Phool : the tragic love story of Geeta and Guru Dutt.

By Anurag Pandey | 711 |

On the death anniversary of famous singer Geeta Dutt, we are getting into the tragic love story of Geeta and her husband Guru Dutt.

War for the Planet of the Apes Review

By Mahima Paliwal | 719 |

After a boring day at college, I went to the movies to watch what is being touted as the ‘Best movie of 2017 so far’ and also ‘The greatest end to a trilogy ever made’. War for the Planet of the Apes concludes the modern apes trilogy that began in 2011 with Rise of the Planet of the Apes and then continued in 2014 with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Each film has received more praise than the last, and War has already started to generate Oscar buzz.