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There are times in your life when you think you did a mistake and times when you think you did a blunder and there are times above these two when you watch movies of this kind. DHOOM 3 is one of those movies which makes you ask yourself "What was the director trying to do?". I'll give a point wise review this time.(which i do for things which i hate from the bottom of my heart). 1. Script was an oral one, not written. 2. What was the great Indian circus? a magic show or circus? or trying to copy prestige? 3. I have read Dhruv comics, don't dare to copy his rope stunts Bollywood, please. 4. Abhishek & Uday should forward their resume to my friend at Infosys. They don't belong in Bollywood. 5. The Lyrics of the songs were drawn straight down from hell, worse than YO YO HONEY SINGH Lyrics. 6. Whenever AAmir was on the bike, it seemed he was chewing paan masala or jarda or khaiani. 7. Overall a never watch and the CD's and the cameras used for shooting, reels, everything should be burnt asap to save humanity from destruction.
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With Tom Cruise in the lead and Emily Blunt as the crowning glory you can definitely not afford to miss this one. New concept, superb screenplay, phenomenal special effects, all adding points to the bucket list. Personally, I can eat, watch and repeat this movie anytime. So my take: Go for it if you like Sci Fi action and ofcourse if you go off your rockers when you see Cruise!

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