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You like it because you "understand" it or pretend to understand and feel good because you can say you understand a Nolan Sci-fi. [well I fall in the later category and avoid any flame wars ] Anyways the score is hands down the winner here.Some moments are hair raising. PS: Black hole is like Internet explorer icon....Nolans and now mine fav browser :P

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Good watch
The trailer and posters of the movie indicated that this movie is about the assassination of AMY(Rosamund Pike) by her husband, NICK(Ben Affleck ). But surprisingly the story takes an interesting turn at half time and the surprises keep pouring in in the second half. This movie can qualify as a psychological thriller, a story which will keep you glued to your seats and show the other side of each character. Sometimes you may wonder who the protagonist of the movie is! Neil Patrick Harris also shows us the brief glimpses of his flaunt all you got attitude from HIMYM. The best part of the movie is the portrayal of the media and the society, which can be easily manipulated in the modern times by intelligent people. I would recommend this movie for its excellent flow and background score. What a relief after movies like Anabelle and Happy New Year!!
Don't leave your brain at home
I felt like a kid watching this movie. Wanting to ponder over whatever memory I had remaining of physics. It felt like being lost in a different world. Very rarely have there been movies that have so much intellect. Christopher Nolan has craved it to perfection. This is a must-watch for all school kids, definitely makes you realize the beauty of physics. Well, at some point, I thought the movie was nonsensical. But, that was because of my lack of knowledge on physics (never really liked that subject very much :P ) Later, I learnt from my friends about how things were moving, I was amazed to learn that. This movie makes you think, think harder.. !! And, rightly said - 'Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.' - That describes the movie so aptly.

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