• Air date: 05 Aug '08 20 episodes
      The Milkshake! Show is a series about the presenters of Milkshake! living in a house with their house pets. Every so often, you're invited into their home and they go on challenges, play games, tell jokes, and visit the Little Lodgers (claymation versions of the characters).
  • List of Episodes (20)
    • 1. A Lovely Day for a Picnic

      05 Aug '08
      Featuring songs, jokes, stories, challenges and fun. Presented by Milkshake! regulars Naomi, Kemi, Beth, and Jen and Derek. The gang decides to have a picnic, also featuring the Sense-ational quiz.
    • 2. A Present for Milky

      06 Aug '08
      Shake the dog buys a Thank-you present for milky, because he’s a good friend.
    • 3. Shake's Shopping Muddle

      07 Aug '08
      Shake offers to get the ingredients for his very special lunch.
    • 4. The Mystery Package

      08 Aug '08
      when the curious package arrives at the Milkshake House, What on earth could it be?
    • 5. King Milky

      11 Aug '08
      Milky discovers to his amazement that he is a royal cat! The show also features an Aqua Adventure and the Sense-Sational Quiz, and Naomi jumps to rescue in today's challenge.
    • 6. Shake's Lunchtime Surprise

      12 Aug '08
      Shake the dog bravely make lunch for everyone.
    • 7. Mucky Pup

      13 Aug '08
      The gang decide it is high time that Shake had a bath! The show also features an `Aqua Adventure', the `Sense-Sational Quiz' and a watery challenge.
    • 8. Anyone for Tennis?

      14 Aug '08
      Derek is desperately looking for a tennis partner, but who will play him? There is also an exciting challenge, Funny Fruit and more entertaining capers with the Four Funky Monkeys.
    • 9. Jen's Fancy Dress Jumble

      15 Aug '08
      Jen has a chance to be really creative when she is invited to a fancy-dress party. There is also a Cowboy Caper and a Sense-Sational Quiz. Plus, the girls have to don their dancing shoes in today's challenge.
    • 10. Milky's Special Train Ride

      18 Aug '08
      Milky is looking forward to seeing his friend Socks, but the bad weather means his train is cancelled, what can they do?, There is also a Story from a Stars, Funny Fruit and more antics from the little lodgers.
    • 11. In The Mood for Music

      19 Aug '08
      The gang get a musical surprise when Beth discovers a box full of instruments, and the team also take on a cheery challenge! Plus, there is a Toadstool Tale and some Funny Fruit fun.
    • 12. Green Team

      20 Aug '08
      Shake is having a great time on his brand new bike, but Milky is not so happy. Can the gang work out what is troubling him? Plus, the gang dress up for a dizzying Sense-Sational Quiz, the Four Funky Monkeys put in a performance, and there is more from the Funny Fruits.
    • 13. Stabilisers Off

      21 Aug '08
      Shake has been having fun with his new bike however something is wrong with Milky. The four funky monkeys are also featured.
    • 14. A Different Kind of Camping

      22 Aug '08
      The milkshake! Gang finds to unique way of camping, indoors!, Also featuring Funny Fruit, a challenge for Kemi and Beth, and some new wild friends from Down Under.
    • 15. A Poorly Puppy?

      25 Aug '08
      When Shake is given a lot of washing up to do, he finds a very cheeky way to get out of it. Also featuring a musical challenge, more Little Lodgers and a bit of `Milkshake!' yodeling
    • 16. A Quiet Day for Shake

      26 Aug '08
      The house becomes very quiet when Shake loses his voice. Also featuring a Toadstool Tale, a sporty challenge of Naomi, Kemi and Beth, as well as more Funny Fruit
    • 17. Jen's Big Performance

      27 Aug '08
      Jen is feeling anxious about singing at her aunt's wedding but the gang encourages her to overcome her nerves. Meanwhile, Derek tries out a `Milkshake!' challenge and there is another Sense-Sational Quiz and more from the Little Lodgers.
    • 18. Spring Cleaning

      28 Aug '08
      The crew gives the `Milkshake!' house a once-over with a mop and bucket and Derek performs his catchy counting song while Naomi faces a watery challenge plus another Cowboy Caper.
    • 19. Fun in the Jungle

      29 Aug '08
      Beth helps Milky with school history project and also featured are the Four Funky Monkeys, a speedy challenge for Naomi and Kemi and a game of Sleeping Lions for the Little Lodgers.
    • 20. Pet Rivals

      01 Sep '08
      When Sandy the hamster comes to stay, Milky and Shake find themselves feeling very jealous, plus Beth finds that she can't be sheepish with her outdoor challenge and there is more Funny Fruit and a Story from the Stars. This is a last appearance for Naomi and Beth.