• Air date: 26 Nov '11 10 episodes
      The Milkshake! Show is a series about the presenters of Milkshake! living in a house with their house pets. Every so often, you're invited into their home and they go on challenges, play games, tell jokes, and visit the Little Lodgers (claymation versions of the characters).
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 1. Hobbies

      26 Nov '11
      Jen's hobby is baking, Kemi's is singing, and Derek loves to dance. Shake finds a hobby, but which hobby will he choose for Shake to find?
    • 2. Nature

      27 Nov '11
      The gang are having fun growing their very own vegetables, but will Shake actually eat any of them? There is also a story from 'Under the Sea', Professor Kemi Chaos delivers some more facts and there is another trip to 'Meet A Milkshaker'.
    • 3. Computers

      03 Dec '11
      Jen and Derek are working on a project, but Kemi is having too much fun on the computer to help them!, There is also a story from the farm, fun facts from Professor Kemi Chaos and an exciting trip to Meet A Milkshaker.
    • 4. History

      04 Dec '11
      The gang is making a time capsule, but will Jen ever decide what to put in it? The story today is from space, Professor Kemi Chaos has more fun facts and there's another exciting trip to Meet A Milkshaker
    • 5. The Body

      10 Dec '11
      Shake gets nervous before his first ever Dentist appointment, There is a story from the under the sea. and Professor Kemi Chaos and an exciting trip with the Meet a Milkshaker
    • 6. Playing Sports

      11 Dec '11
      Sports day is cancelled due at the bad weather. The gang must think of some fun indoor activities to everyone occupied.
    • 7. Putting on a Show

      17 Dec '11
      Shake is very, very nervous about his school play. but the gang helps to reassure him. The presenters are in a glittering show themselves. playing Prince Charming, a Fairy Princess and a tree!, also there's a story from the farm when the pig tries to decide what her act should be for the Talent show. Meet a Milkshaker at the dance class, and Professor Kemi Chaos shares some fun facts about the theatre.
    • 8. DIY

      18 Dec '11
      The presenters are building a Big Boy Bed for Shake. and will need to work as a team if they are ever going to finish it. The presenters perform a hilarious DIY hoe down. This story comes from the garden. where Leprechaun and fairy trying to build a house for the Gnome. Meet a Milkshaker is in the sandpit, and Professor Kemi Chaos shares more facts about painting bridges.
    • 9. Around the World

      25 Dec '11
      The presenters fly around the world in the magic carpet to Spain, Russia, Africa, and China. There's a story in the Jungle with the well-traveled parrot and Meet a Milkshaker brings young viewers a taste of Jamaica. also Professor Kemi Chaos share more facts.
    • 10. Celebrations

      31 Dec '11
      Shake wants to throw a party but as he doesn't have any reason to do so, the gang decides to throw a Just for Fun party. There's a another story from the garden, where Gnome and Leprechaun are organising a surprise party for the fairy. We follow a family at a christening from Meet a Milkshaker. Jen, Kemi and Derek are determined to stay up all night to see New Year, and Professor Kemi Chaos has some fun facts about Chinese New Year decorations.