• Air date: 09 Apr '07 20 episodes
      The Milkshake! Show is a series about the presenters of Milkshake! living in a house with their house pets. Every so often, you're invited into their home and they go on challenges, play games, tell jokes, and visit the Little Lodgers (claymation versions of the characters).
  • List of Episodes (20)
    • 1. Jobs: Early Riser

      09 Apr '07
      Presented by the milkshake! Team, featuring songs, stories, jokes, challenges and fun. Shake the dog has applied as a job as a dog food tester.
    • 2. Jobs: Emergency

      10 Apr '07
      Shake is up to mischief again, while there's Aqua adventure at the store
    • 3. Jobs: Showbiz

      11 Apr '07
      Milky and Shake decide to put on a surprise show for the girls
    • 4. Jobs: Poorly Pets

      12 Apr '07
      Poor Shake the dog is hurts his paw, The inhabitants of Milkshake House trying to cheer him up.
    • 5. Jobs: Sensational Science

      13 Apr '07
      Naomi tries to invent Milkshake-making machine.
    • 6. Travel: Up Up and away

      16 Apr '07
      Shake and Milky decide to flying like the birds in their garden. Also a trick from Hannah's garden.
    • 7. Travel: Let's set Sail

      17 Apr '07
      The gang is having pirate fun sailing on their homemade sailing boat.
    • 8. Travel: On Your bike

      18 Apr '07
      Music, stories and Entertainment for Younger viewers. Today, Kemi tries to keep her balance as she learns how to roller-skate.
    • 9. Travel: Way Back When

      19 Apr '07
      Beth shows her favourite pictures from her photo album.
    • 10. Travel: Vroom Vroom

      20 Apr '07
      Shake is very nervous about his very first train journey when his Uncle shep invites to stay.
    • 11. Weather: Fun In The Sun

      23 Apr '07
      The girls are teaching Shake how to prepare of the day in the sunshine.
    • 12. Weather: Whoosh

      24 Apr '07
      The wind causes trouble for everyone from Milkshake House
    • 13. Weather: Drip Drop

      25 Apr '07
      The gang find entertain themselves on a such an rainy day.
    • 14. Weather: A Crash and a Flash

      26 Apr '07
      To spending the morning when the thunderstorm raging outside. The gang decides to wear their pyjamas.
    • 15. Weather: Beautiful Snow

      27 Apr '07
      Shake the dog is working very hard building his very own snowman
    • 16. Sport: Back of the Net

      30 Apr '07
      Shake the dog longs to be picked for the school football team.
    • 17. Sport: Frosty Fun

      01 May '07
      The boiler has broken at the Milkshake House, so the gang have to think of different ways to warm up. Featuring a trick from Hannah's magic garden.
    • 18. Sport: Hit Those Waves

      02 May '07
      Shake the dog has brimmed about his very very first swimming lesson.
    • 19. Sport: Giddy Up

      03 May '07
      Milky and Shake complete to be a winner of the Milkshake races.
    • 20. Sport: You've Got To Dance

      04 May '07
      Shake the dog is too very shy to dance from Scruffy's birthday disco.