• Air date: 08 Mar '20 24 episodes
      The fascinating cases of every day, seemingly average moms, wives and girlfriends accused of murder. Did they really do it? And if so, why?
  • List of Episodes (24)
    • 1. Jaclyn Martin

      08 Mar '20
      When Jaclyn Martin's life of comfort is jeopardized, she orchestrates the killing of her husband, a beloved neighborhood bar owner.
    • 2. Kimberly Baldwin

      15 Mar '20
      Indiana investigators learn just how manipulative and deadly a person’s envy can be, when a devoted father is found violently murdered in his own home.
    • 3. Carleen Charlie

      22 Mar '20
      When a wrathful killer strikes a small Alaskan village, investigators must untangle a truly twisted romance to find out what led to this rage filled stabbing.
    • 4. Rebecca Smith

      29 Mar '20
      When a wrathful killer strikes a small Alaskan village, investigators must untangle a truly twisted romance to find out what led to this rage filled stabbing.
    • 5. Judith Singer

      05 Apr '20
      After a young California father is ambushed on the steps of his own home, Santa Clara detectives uncover a complex murder plot that ultimately leads them to an unexpected mastermind who's been hiding in plain sight all along.
    • 6. Jamie Grachek

      12 Apr '20
      A home invasion quickly turns fatal on Easter night, and as Ohio authorities work to find the assailant, they discover that the attack may not have been as random as first thought.
    • 7. Kayla Nelson

      26 Apr '20
      An investigation into the disappearance of a devoted father leads Arkansas police to a shocking crime scene, the search for answers reveals gang threats, and a killer that's willing to go to great lengths to escape justice.
    • 8. Sylvia White

      03 May '20
      When a prominent insurance salesman is gunned down on a country road in Kinston, North Carolina, a 20-year-old secret comes to light and casts a shadow on a killer’s flawless reputation.
    • 9. Wendi Mae Davidson

      10 May '20
      When an airman from Lee, Maine vanishes only four months into his marriage to a country girl from West Texas, it triggers a multi-agency investigation that exposes a darker side to southern hospitality.
    • 10. Blanche Taylor Moore

      17 May '20
      When a small town preacher is hospitalized with a mysterious illness, North Carolina police uncover a string of suspicious deaths all centered around a Burlington woman with a hidden dark side.
    • 11. Mary Bruno

      24 May '20
      The peaceful life of a retired North Carolina couple is shattered when a husband's body is found in his own garage, leaving investigators to sort out fact from fiction with the help of his wife.
    • 12. Marie Hilley

      31 May '20
      After a bizarre account of suspected false identity is reported, authorities uncover a long history of an evasive criminal and launch a nationwide hunt to catch a killer who uses Southern charm as a weapon of deception.
    • 13. Suze Adams

      07 Jun '20
      After a hardworking mother is trapped and killed in a California house fire, investigators sift through multiple theories to figure out who could have ignited the deadly blaze.
    • 14. Sarah Vercauteren

      14 Jun '20
      As Pennsylvania police investigate the gruesome murder of a grandmother in her own home, detectives sort through a webs of lies and nefarious activities before ultimately going toe to toe with a cold-blooded killer.
    • 15. Cynthia Phillips

      21 Jun '20
      After a family man is gunned down on the side of the road in a small Texas town, detectives unearth a perpetrator who’s hiding more than one shocking skeleton in their closet.
    • 16. Nena Bolton

      28 Jun '20
      Small town McNeil, Arkansas is grief-stricken after a retired Sheriff’s Deputy is suddenly shot to death, but just when the case appears to be closed, a killer strikes again and another local hero is struck down.
    • 17. Dayna Jennings

      05 Jul '20
      When a beloved grandfather in Federal Heights, Colorado vanishes without a trace, the ensuing investigation exposes disturbing secrets that were lurking behind closed doors as police body cam footage reveals the deadly truth.
    • 18. Janice Bonnell

      12 Jul '20
      Sleepy Seadrift Texas is unnerved by the death of a local landscaper after evidence at the scene of an apparent hit-and-run points to a deceptive killer with a dangerous past.
    • 19. Annette Cahill

      19 Jul '20
      The deadly beating of a young man in West Liberty, Iowa sits unsolved for twenty-five years, until cold case detectives are approached by an unexpected witness. Their renewed search leads them to the unlikeliest of killers.
    • 20. Olicia Lee

      26 Jul '20
      A former ladies man has a change of heart when he falls for a pious daycare worker, but when his body is found floating in a creek, detectives discover there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye.
    • 21. Maria Hernandez

      02 Aug '20
      The American Dream for a hard-working immigrant is suddenly cut short, when he is violently murdered with a hatchet in the streets of a Las Vegas suburb. Investigators sift through lies and follow a bloody trail to uncover the shocking truth.
    • 22. Thomas Gilbert, Jr.

      09 Aug '20
      An investigation into the murder of a New York business man zeroes in on a family member unwilling to give up their plush lifestyle launching a tabloid frenzy. A closer look reveals the suspect’s inner demons calling the greedy motive into question.
    • 23. Cindy Campbell Ray

      16 Aug '20
      When a successful Texas lawyer and his wife are executed while sleeping in their bed, Houston police team up with a private investigator, who gets dangerously close to a killer, to uncover a greedy mastermind who proves that privilege can be deadly.
    • 24. William Rouse

      23 Aug '20
      The truth behind the brutal deaths of a prominent and wealthy couple in Libertyville, IL, remains dormant until 15 years later, when a new police task force exposes a murderer that let money remove their sense of consequence.