• Air date: 06 Sep '20 24 episodes
      The fascinating cases of every day, seemingly average moms, wives and girlfriends accused of murder. Did they really do it? And if so, why?
  • List of Episodes (24)
    • 1. Karina Rafter

      06 Sep '20
      While investigating the tragic murder of a devoted father in Virginia, detectives must work their way through several disturbing theories and contentious family dynamics to get to the heart-breaking truth.
    • 2. Barbara Cameron

      13 Sep '20
      Death hits close to home when a Mississippi father of four is brutally killed on his own front porch. Soon a mother and son turn against one another as detectives work to untangle a murky tale of “he said she said” to close in on a killer.
    • 3. Celestine Payne

      20 Sep '20
      The identity of a Jane Doe found dead in a New Jersey park holds the key to unravelling a tangled web of fraud and murder that spanned years and pulled in multiple victims along the way.
    • 4. Wanda Haithcock

      27 Sep '20
      When the body of a beloved father is discovered abandoned in a South Carolina home, detectives uncover a toxic love affair with deadly consequences.
    • 5. Letti Strait

      04 Oct '20
      Questions about a Kansas City man’s ties to the mafia are raised when he is found shot to death in his own home, but a closer inspection reveals a spiteful killer with a more personal connection.
    • 6. Linda Culbertson

      11 Oct '20
      After a successful attorney is brutally murdered outside of his own office, investigators uncover a maze of obsession and jealousy that leads to a scornful perpetrator.
    • 7. Debra Henderson

      18 Oct '20
      A shot at love brings an Oklahoma woman to rural Texas, but her quick disappearance has investigators following a paper trail that will expose the treachery of greed.
    • 8. Nancy Siegel

      25 Oct '20
      After a John Doe is found murdered at a Virginia park, investigators spend seven years unravelling the truth behind a killer with a decade-long history of deception and fraud.
    • 9. Jerrie Lynn Acklin

      01 Nov '20
      The mysterious disappearance of a beloved nurse leads Arkansas investigators down a twisted path of familial betrayal. As detectives hunt for the missing woman, evidence upturned along the way points toward deadly foul play.
    • 10. Christine Roush

      08 Nov '20
    • 11. Laurie Bembenek

      15 Nov '20
    • 12. Dana Flynn

      22 Nov '20
      Snapped’s 500th episode spotlights the twisted story of a heinous murder plot in Kansas, rife with betrayal and deceit. In an exclusive interview with someone personally involved in the crime, hear a riveting account of the deadly scheme.
    • 13. Sandra Jonas

      29 Nov '20
    • 14. Debra Hartmann

      06 Dec '20
      A 14-year-old girl discovers her wealthy father brutally executed in their home late at night. The investigation proves that not everything is as it seems, discovering love affairs, possible connections to the mob and a twisted journey to justice.
    • 15. Rose Kuehni

      13 Dec '20
      A close-knit family starts a search for their brother after he fails to show up at Thanksgiving dinner. As investigators dig deeper they realize his recent online presence may be a charade conducted by a jealous killer.
    • 16. Princess Lacaze

      20 Dec '20
      When the last real cowboy is found dead at home, detectives dig in and are hard pressed to find anyone who’d want to see this loving father murdered. But a closer look at his nearest confidants unravel a heinous plot twisted by love and money.
    • 17. Donna Trapani

      27 Dec '20
      After a beloved town librarian is gunned down, investigators discover that this murder-for-hire gives a whole new meaning to a broken heart.
    • 18. Virginia Hyatt

      03 Jan '21
      When a Texarkana square dancer is gunned down on the steps of her palatial home, detectives follow a murky trail of surveillance footage leading straight to a killer with a taste for revenge.
    • 19. Janeene Jones

      10 Jan '21
      Allegations of real estate fraud and and rumors of murder have Sarasota Police on the tail of a criminal whose final plan to evade trouble lands her in the very hands she tried to avoid.
    • 20. Minnie Salinas

      24 Jan '21
      Police race for answers after an adored school teacher is found dead in her San Antonio apartment. A string of lies and betrayal comes to light, but when the case goes cold, one detective refuses to give up.
    • 21. Debra Banister

      31 Jan '21
      When two sisters’ husbands turn up dead within weeks of each other, Florida detectives investigate whether the cases are a tragic coincidence…or if they’re related by something other than blood.
    • 22. Lynn Boyd

      21 Feb '21
      After a well-known business owner is found dead in his Lake Orion apartment, investigators are left untangling a web of lies to uncover a deadly duo looking to get rich quick.
    • 23. Carol Carlson

      17 Jan '21
      When a Kapowsin, Washington mother is discovered murdered on her couch in a compromised position, investigators must piece together all the evidence to determine if this was a random crime of opportunity or a façade to humiliate the victim.
    • 24. Latoya Woodard

      07 Mar '21
      When a devoted father is found brutally stabbed to death in his Deltona, Florida, home, detectives turn their focus to the picture perfect family who appeared to have it all.