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The show set in Jaipur over the events of the summer vacation of 1998, is a 7-episode series revolving around the simplicity in conflicts, emotions and bonding of the five-member Gupta family.
Yeh Meri Family is a drama web-series starring Mona Singh and Akarsh Khurana. It is created by Sameer Saxena. Yeh Meri Family is currently streaming at TVFPlay and Netflix.

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Set in the “summer of 98”, the comedy-drama follows the Gupta family as it negotiates one particularly heated season. Starring Akarsh Khurana, Mona Singh and Vishesh Bansal.

The show revisits those growing years through the travails of 13-year-old Harshu over one summer holiday. It cleverly recreates the self-centred world view of a teenager yearning to break out of limitations imposed by his age and seek greener pastures. When he’s not warring with his mother or sparring with his brother, Harshu is busy agonising over the lack of excitement in his life, frequently turning to his not-older-but-wiser friend for advice.

Yeh Meri Family’s strong point is the way it captures the...

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