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Mukkabaaz 2017

a.k.a The Brawler

Mukkabaaz Director :

Mukkabaaz Plot

A lower caste boxer struggles to make his mark on the boxing world.

Box Office

Budget : Box office = ₹ 4.04 cr.India biz
Box Office : INR 10cr

Mukkabaaz Cast

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Mukkabaaz Latest Songs

  • Mushkil Hai Apna Meil Priye
  • Bahut Hua Samman
  • Paintra
  • Haathapai
User Review
  • 4.5/5
  • What an Inspiring Tale!!

Mukkabaaz is a film co-written and directed by Anuragh Kashyap. From the trailers itself, the film looked very interesting and I was dying to see the film. And finally when I saw the film, I was overjoyed.

Plot: The story follows Shravan's struggle towards fulfilling his dream and winning his love while facing hardships in form of uphill castiesm and corruption of the Boxing Federation which is heightened by the political atmosphere of Uttar Pradesh.

Story and direction: From scene one itself, the film hooked me. The film is not only about an underdog rising to become a great boxer but...

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