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This story covers the disappearance of an aspiring actor's 10-year-old daughter, Kali, and a subsequent search for the missing girl. The director portrays a corrupt and violent world, giving the audience a thriller and an emotional drama through the kidnapping and the blame-game that follows.

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Budget : ₹45 mn
Box Office : ₹138 mn

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  • 5/5
  • DARK

It is one taut, dark, intense and disturbing tale of wretched nature of the human motives and how the grand plan has it's own way of laughing at those.

The script is very tight and its execution is excellent.Once you get submerged in the movie then you don't even bother to blink.The movie tales a twisted story in which every character has a grey shade.No one cares for the subjugation of a person due to their greed.This is a powerful story of temptation,greed,hate,desire and helplessness.The climax of the movie makes you uneasy.It contains a killer twist.It...

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