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Official Chukyagiri - is about an intern, and we see the corporate world from his eyes- like the ideals that he comes with after doing his MBA, and the real world out there and all the ...

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Official Chukyagiri is about Spandan Chukya ( now you know where the web series gets its name from) who has just moved to Mumbai to intern at an organisation called Analog. He is an excited person who aspires to become successful, learn a lot, and show his seniors how good and talented he is at his work, but what he comes to realise is that 'yahan jagah milti nahi, banani padti hai'. Which is actually how it works in the real world. You need to earn a place for yourself, since you won't be handed it over a silver platter. Spandan goes through immense challenges in order to sustain himself, and...

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